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13 of the Top Cognism Competitors and Alternatives for 2024

So you’re looking for Cognism competitors? 

That’s okay. We won’t take it to heart 💔 (grabs ice cream and plays Taylor Swift on repeat.)

We want what’s best for you. That’s why we’ve created this article. It compares the best Cognism competitors on the market so you can make an informed decision when choosing a  B2B data provider.

Scroll 👇 to compare thirteen alternatives to Cognism, including features, pricing, and reviews.

Cognism - why there’s really no comparison

We know you’re looking for a Cognism alternative, but hear us out - there’s no other B2B sales intelligence solution like Cognism.

Here’s why:

It offers accurate and compliant B2B data so sales and marketing teams can connect with the right buyers at the best time. Plus, it beats the scarcity mindset with unrestricted data views.*

Cognism aims to give businesses the tools they need to exceed quota month-on-month. It supplies an accurate global B2B database compliant with applicable data laws. Features include:

  • Accurate and up-to-date global contact database. 
  • Diamond Verified Phone Data®, which arms sales teams with phone-validated, factually-correct mobile numbers.
  • A leader in US mobile phone number coverage (2x more than other providers.)
  • The most complete data in the EMEA.
  • Intent data powered by Bombora.
  • Unrestricted views and individual and page-level exporting.*
  • Advanced contextual data points and sales trigger alerts.
  • CRM and sales engagement integration tools are included in every package.

What data coverage does Cognism have? 

Cognism has research teams in the EU and the US, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to find highly-targeted leads on both continents. 

Quality is of utmost importance to Cognism, with phone-verified numbers, the most complete data in Europe, and one of the leaders in mobile number coverage in the United States.

Where does Cognism get its data? 

Cognism gathers data via its proprietary sources and fills in the gaps from third-party data providers, publicly available sources, manual research and strategic partnerships. 

Cognism ensures data accuracy via machine learning processes that check millions of data points daily. The data is verified by a team of researchers, ensuring accuracy and compliance. This stringent verification process applies to Cognism’s entire database.

Cognism takes data verification to the next level through its exclusive data asset, Diamond Data®.

Diamond Data® comprises phone-verified mobile numbers that make it 3x more likely you’ll connect with your ideal customer. The team verify mobile phone numbers and includes contacts specifically requested by customers leveraging the Diamonds-on-Demand® service.

Diamond Data® gives sales teams the ability to connect with 87% of prospecting lists. With companies seeing a 54% increase in mobile coverage and ROI increasing due to 70% of outbound meetings booked from Cognism mobiles. 

How much does Cognism cost? 

Cognism has a few data license types that are priced per user. However, its sales reps are available to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve from the tool so you can be provided with a proposal you’re comfortable with.

Cognism pricing plans

Cognism includes the following in all its packages:

Cognism grants its users access to the following:

  • The Cognism web app.
  • The Cognism Chrome Extension.
  • All available integrations.
*Subject to fair usage policy

In addition to this, users can add intent data and Diamonds-on-Demand® to their package.

Why not take a chance on Cognism? Let us treat you to 25 free leads👇

Increased conversations with decision makers and revenue growth - no other provider comes close to what Cognism can offer you. Click to test our data!

Is Cognism GDPR compliant? 

Cognism is  GDPR and CCPA compliant and scrubs all mobile numbers against:

  • TPS/CTPS lists in the UK.
  • Do-Not-Call lists in the USA, Canada, Australia and European countries, including Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Croatia, Portugal, Sweden and more.

If a number is marked as TPS or DNC, the user has opted out of receiving unsolicited phone calls by applying to the national do-not-call registry. 

Cognism allows admins to choose whether to hide or show contacts on DNC lists from reps. This means that its customers have complete confidence in the legality of its outreach.

The platform follows these compliance-based actions: 

  • A stringent B2B data verification process. 
  • Ensures all data is legally sourced and of the utmost quality.
  • Provides users with a notified database.
  • ISO 27001 & ISO 27701 certified.

Customers like Corporate Traveller praise Cognism for its commitment to compliance:

“Compliance is a major factor when considering how best to access prospect data, and choosing a partner that can combine GDPR conformity, great coverage of the UK market and deliver constantly updated qualified mobile numbers and contact details meant Cognism was the right choice for us.”

Remember, choosing a provider serious about compliance isn’t only about ensuring you don’t incur a hefty fine but also that your teams can prospect confidently. 

Henderson Scott saw the effects of having quality, compliant data when they invested in Cognism: 

“Cognism is our comfort blanket when it comes to compliance.” 

“Whenever a prospect asks where we get their data from, we can confidently say that we’ve sourced their information from a reputable ISO 27001 and SOC Type II certification data company.” 

“With Cognism, you aren’t snowing yourself under with ICO complaints. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

The ‘okayest’ Cognism competitors on the market right now

Still not convinced Cognism is the better choice? Let’s look at the list of Cognism competitors:

1. Kaspr

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: Kaspr)

A  good alternative to Cognism is Kaspr. You can use this tool to access emails with unlimited email credits*, phone numbers, and the relevant data you need to convert leads into long-lasting partnerships. 

Most notable features: 

  • Accurate, real-time contact data.
  • GDPR and CCPA-aligned.
  • Chrome extension that works over different areas of LinkedIn.


Up-to-date Kaspr pricing can be found on the website. Package options include Free, Start Up, Enterprise, and Custom.

How does Cognism compare? 

Cognism and Kaspr are family. However, Diamond Data®, intent data, and other premium data points are only available on the Cognism platform.

Additionally, the Cognism platform was built to support revenue teams in achieving their target, while Kaspr mainly supports individual contributors working in sales or recruitment.

2. ZoomInfo

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!


Another Cognism competitor is ZoomInfo. Its suite of business intelligence tools includes detailed company profile insights, including revenue, technology usage, number of employees, and more. 

Most notable features: 

  • Suite of tools and add-on packages.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Intent data.


You can request ZoomInfo pricing from the website. The packages follow individual pricing tiers for sales, marketing, and recruitment. Seats, credits, and supplementary tools play a factor in cost.

How does Cognism compare? 

The main difference is ZoomInfo requires users to buy a ‘Global Data Passport’ for $10,000 to prospect outside the US, whereas Cognism offers free unrestricted global data access. 

Cognism is known as the provider of choice for teams that need high-quality, complete EMEA data that’s otherwise hard to maintain. Plus, its support team is highly rated with a great sales process.

Here’s what Cognism customers say: 

“Having accurate data combined with the best tools is key for outbound sales. After using ZoomInfo for a few years, I became deeply frustrated with the lack of high-quality, compliant leads in Europe.”

- Cloudreach

3. Lusha

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: Lusha)

Lusha is a Cognism competitor that gives teams contact information for prospects. Its analytics capabilities help identify leads and measure performance.

You may have to pay more for a package with the features your business requires. For example, there is no prospecting list export on Lusha’s free plan, and integration with certain CRMs requires a higher-tier plan.

Most notable features: 

  • Free option available.
  • Contact exports on paid plans.
  • Intent data.


Packages include Free, Solo, Premium and Scale. Pricing is based on credits per user. You can find up-to-date pricing information on the Lusha website.

How does Cognism compare? 

There’s no complexity when it comes to Cognism’s pricing. It offers unrestricted views* and integrations on all plans. It also has a large quality-based mobile database with vast coverage. 

Lusha has a credit-based pricing model that limits capabilities depending on the plan you are on. It doesn’t offer phone-verified mobiles or a verification on-demand service - which Cognism does. 

Here’s what Cognism customers say: 

“When I joined the company over two years ago, the tech stack was cluttered with mediocre lead generation tools. Lusha was amongst the tech stack. It’s a large player in the US market and consequently, the platform had much less data coverage in EMEA - our core target market.” 

“The Cognism sales team helped build out a use case tremendously. We compared a data sample against Cognism and Lusha. Price is irrelevant, it’s all about ROI, and Cognism won the battle. The decision to move from Lusha was a very easy one.”

- Louis Vandommele, Head of Demand Generation at Team Sunday


Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: g2) is a Cognism alternative that helps teams uncover leads quickly and efficiently. It may be unsuitable for dial-heavy users as the tool has a dual credit system whereby users are charged once per mobile and once per email. 

Most notable features: 

  • Free account option.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Automated persona lists.
  • Call recordings.

Pricing: pricing is set per user per month. While it has Free, Basic, Professional, and Custom packages, you’ll need credits for data access, and mobiles are only included in Professional and Custom packages. Accurate Apollo pricing information can be found on the website.

How does Cognism compare? 

Cognism prides itself on being GDPR compliant. This includes DNC list cleaning, which Cognism does. Apollo doesn’t mention whether they do or not.

What’s more, Cognism has had zero data breaches, while Apollo had two - one in 2018 and one in 2021

If you’re a dial-heavy user, then Apollo might not be the best fit, as they charge credits for an email and mobile for each contact. What’s more, plans range from 300 mobile credits a year to 1500 - which makes adding additional credits a must. Cognism offers more value for money as it does not require credits and offers unlimited views.*

Here’s what Cognism customers say: 

“We trialled Apollo using a test data sample which didn’t produce adequate results. We proceeded to evaluate ZoomInfo but found the data to be too US-centric. This didn’t fit our ICP of targeting UK companies.”

“Cognism is essential to our tech stack and for influencing our deals. The superb data quality has instilled a unique level of confidence in the SDRs.“

“We are very proud to be using Cognism!“

- OneUp Sales

5. Seamless.AI

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!


Cognism alternative, Seamless.AI, identifies and qualifies leads in real-time. While it offers unlimited integrations, these are only available on higher-tier plans, and it restricts access to contact data via its credit-based pricing structure. 

Most notable features: 

  • Enterprise security.
  • Job change functions.
  • Data enrichment add-on.


Seamless packages include Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The pricing is based on credits and the number of user seats required, depending on the plan.

How does Cognism compare? 

While Seamless is CCPA compliant, Cognism is GDPR & CCPA compliant. Cognism also scrubs numbers against DNC lists, which Seamless doesn’t do. When it comes to datasets, Seamless is predominantly US-focused. 

In fact, the Seamless.AI Terms of Use state that they cannot represent that the services (including data) are appropriate for locations outside the United States. Cognism has research teams in the EU and the US, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to find highly-targeted leads on both continents.

Here’s what Cognism customers say:

“When bringing Cognism into the stack, we also looked at other prospective companies that operate in the space, such as Seamless.AI and SalesIntel. However, we decided to partner with Cognism due to the vast quality and coverage of the dataset for our target segments.”

“When investigating Cognism and testing its data, we found it to be very strong on coverage and telephone numbers in our core markets. So we made the decision to bring Cognism in and double down on it.”

- ComplyAdvantage

6. LeadIQ

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: LeadIQ)

The next Cognism competitor is LeadIQ - a lead generation platform for sales that simplifies prospecting activities with automation. LeadIQ integrates with all major CRM platforms like Salesforce but may not be suitable for marketing or RevOps as it’s built for SaaS sales

Most notable features: 

  • Sales trigger tracking.
  • Personalised sales messages.
  • Outreach sequence sync.


LeadIQ has a free version and individual pricing plans, including Starter, Pro and Enterprise.

How does Cognism compare? 

While LeadIQ integrations are good, LeadIQ may not be fully compliant as they require users to ensure all data is GDPR compliant

Cognism is GDPR compliant, and it offers phone verification for contact numbers. This ensures you’re always connecting with the people you want to do business with. 

Here’s what Cognism customers say: 

“In my former role, I used Lusha and LeadIQ to source outbound leads, but the mobile phone connect rates were abysmal. When I joined Holistic AI, I was interested in helping pick the best SDR tools to fill our sales funnel with top-quality data.”

“Cognism’s phone-verified Diamond Data® is the cream of the crop for successful cold calling.

If a contact is diamond verified before I call, I’m eventually guaranteed a connection. Last week, I booked a meeting straight away on the phone from a diamond-verified number.

Having access to a surplus amount of valid mobiles at your fingertips gives me a lot of trust in the database.”

- Holistic AI

7. Clearbit

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: G2)

Cognism alternative, Clearbit is a marketing-first data tool that offers data enrichment, email verification, and reverse IP lookup. 

Most notable features: 


Choose from Free, Business and Powered by Clearbit. Each package fits a specific goal, such as email enrichment or flexible plans for a go-to-market team with intent-based outreach and conversion targeting.

Precise pricing information for Clearbit can be requested directly from the seller.

How does Cognism compare? 

Clearbit is another data controller that follows a lawful basis for processing, such as legitimate interest. Moreover, unlike Cognism, Clearbit does not scrub against DNC lists in Europe and the US, and they do not offer data verification or LinkedIn integration.

See the Cognism vs Clearbit page for more.

Cognism pricing plans offer more value! Tangible ROI, unlimited credits*, quality data and more! Click to book your demo.

8. DiscoverOrg

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: DiscoverOrg)

Despite merging with ZoomInfo in 2019, DiscoverOrg makes this list of Cognism alternatives because it stands apart from ZoomInfo regarding some features. It allows businesses to connect with executives via its database that’s community-verified and GDPR aligned.

Most notable features:

  • Website visitor tracking.
  • Intent data sourced from devices across the United States.
  • Department-level org charts.


DiscoverOrg has multiple plans at different price points. You must submit a form to get a quote.

How does Cognism compare? 

While DiscoverOrg has intent data, it is sourced from devices in the United States. Cognism gets its intent data from Bombora, which is GDPR and CCPA-compliant and includes global intent data sources.

9. UpLead

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: Uplead)

UpLead is a Cognism alternative used by sales teams to find accurate B2B contact data. Contacts are filtered by job title, location, company size, and industry. However, only one user can log in on lower pricing tiers. 

Most notable features: 


Uplead provides annual single-user pricing tiers, including Essential and Plus, and a multi-user package called Professional.

Precise pricing information for UpLead can be requested directly from the website.

How does Cognism compare? 

Uplead spotlights the size of its database, as opposed to Cognism, which is dedicated to providing great coverage in NAM, EMEA and APAC. When data is of the utmost quality, compliant and actionable, the more valuable the information is for sales and marketing teams.

10. SalesIntel

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: SalesIntel)

SalesIntel is a Cognism competitor that helps sales and marketing teams find the contact information of key decision-makers in B2B. 

Most notable features: 

  • Website visitor tracking.
  • Technographic, firmographic and advanced company search.
  • Intent data.


SalesIntel offers Individual, Teams and Professional - a custom Unlimited package. Accurate costs can be found on the website. 

How does Cognism compare? 

Cognism checks all numbers against DNC lists. It’s unclear whether SalesIntel does this too. What's more, Cognism offers a global leads database, including EMEA, NAM and APAC coverage.

SalesIntel is primarily US-focused. In its Privacy Policy, it states that the “SalesIntel Leads database profiles decision-makers and key influencers that are based in the United States.” Plus, users mention a lack of UK data and EU, APAC and LATAM data.

11. Lead411

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: Lead411)

B2B data platform and Cognism alternative, Lead411, provides accurate and verified contact and account information for lead generation.

Using Lead411 may get expensive due to the need to buy credits on plans other than its custom Unlimited package. 

Most notable features:


Lead411 has monthly and annual plans - Basic, Pro and Unlimited. Up-to-date pricing can be found on the website. 

How does Cognism compare? 

Something to consider when comparing this tool to Cognism is that it may get quite expensive. Cognism offers unrestricted data views* on page level/individual exports, which lessens the need for more credits. You’ll have to pay extra for this with Lead411 unless you choose the Unlimited plan that includes unlimited exports.

12. LeadGenius

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: LeadGenius)

LeadGenius is a Cognism alternative that offers personalised datasets and account and contact insights. LeadGenius doesn’t offer set datasets. Instead, data is sourced on-demand.

Most notable features: 

  • Contact address verification for gift sending.
  • Contact tracker. 
  • Duplication removal.


There is no pricing information for LeadGenius on its website. Instead, you’ll need to fill in a form to request more information on package structure and costs.  

How does Cognism compare? 

LeadGenius offers a service where they can find data on your request, but there is no guarantee of accuracy. Cognism offers Diamond Verified Phone Data®, which arms teams with phone-validated, factually-correct mobile numbers that are GDPR compliant. 

13. RocketReach

Cognism competitors - there's no comparison!

(Source: g2)

The last Cognism competitor is RocketReach - a sales intelligence tool that provides teams with prospect information and activity tracking. 

Most notable features: 

  • Simplified billing and invoicing.
  • Salesforce and Zapier integrations.
  • Technographics.


Choose from Essentials, Pro and Ultimate. Packages offer unlimited emails and numbers (depending on the plan), subject to a fair usage policy. 

Up-to-date pricing information for RocketReach can be requested from the provider.

How does Cognism compare? 

Cognism offers a variety of features to ensure your sales team has everything they need to secure a deal. This includes intent data, enrichment, sales triggers, and verified direct dials. RocketReach offers a B2B database, Org charts and CRM enrichment. 

Unlimited contact data subject to fair usage policies is a selling point for both tools, but what sets Cognism apart is a generous fair usage policy and integrations across all plans. RocketReach limits integrations depending on the plan. 

Looking for more alternatives? See our Alternative Hub

How B2B sales and marketing teams say they use Cognism

Why Cognism? Safe data, diamond data, quality data, award-winning support, intent data, more coverage, more mobile numbers!

Enough about Cognism’s competitors. 

What do actual Cognism customers have to say about the tool? 

Moonhub saw ROI in three months. They said:


“In just three months, we’ve closed two deals worth our two-year contract value. We’ve already made back what we spent and couldn’t be happier.”

Vinh Ly
CTO and Co-Founder

While StoreForce has seen its best-ever number of pre-booked meetings:


“Our marketing department is in Canada, and they use Cognism occasionally for pulling mass lists into HubSpot. The team creates a persona in the WebApp and exports the data to HubSpot to run a campaign. Overall, the read rates are far higher than they were before. The campaigns have been a success, and this wouldn’t have been made possible without Cognism’s data.”

Harvey Jaggard-Hawkins
Business Development Director

Lastly, OneUp Sales closed 60% of its deals with Cognism’s mobile numbers. They said: 


“Pulling numbers from the Cognism database has brought the SDRs in front of decision-makers that they wouldn’t normally be able to reach. This added touch point has been transformative to our overall outreach. The honesty around deliveries and pricing was really reassuring. In a world of deal cowboys, having a fun sales process was refreshing. Cognism does exactly what it says on the tin.”

Marc Parsons
SDR Manager
@OneUp Sales

Which Cognism competitor is the best? 

If you’re looking for a Cognism competitor that gives you:

✔️ More mobile numbers that go through to the right contacts. 

✔️ More confidence when prospecting. 

✔️ More targeted leads.

✔️ And more incoming revenue.

Then there’s comparison - Cognism is the best data provider for your business!

Ready to switch to Cognism? Click to test our data!

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