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Diamond Data®

Spend less time calling incorrect numbers

...and connect with 87% of your list.

Tired of not meeting your quota because your calls just won't connect?

Phone-verified data delivers you what your competitors can't reach. Connections with decision-makers.

Join 2000+ revenue teams exceeding targets daily

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Phone-verified data delivers ROI, fast

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Phone-verified numbers = 3X more likely to connect

Connect with more than the 'standard' with phone-verified data.

independent study results

* The study was conducted by an independent organization calling 1,000 contacts' mobiles

Get phone-verified numbers

Data that delivers

Phone-verified contact numbers mean more conversations.

Phone-verified mobile numbers help your team connect with more decision makers - meaning less time dealing with dead dial tones, and more time delivering deals.

Struggling to get through to that key contact? Let our team verify their mobile number, in less than 48 hours.

Coverage, wherever you are

A truly global reach...

With over 10m+ phone-verified contacts globally, expect to connect with your ideal contact every 8 dials.

Our database is brimming with more than 2x the volume of mobile numbers than other providers - giving you more connections to contacts, and more meetings booked.

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Cognsim compliance

Data you can trust

Complete compliance. It's a Cognism thing.

Prospect in confidence with a GDPR & CCPA-compliant contact list.

With DNC lists in a growing number of territories, your choice of prospecting location has never been broader. 

Don't let country barriers dictate your next move, we've got you covered.

Still got questions?

At Cognism, we make prospecting work for you. If your outreach is more than mobile, we've got you covered there, too.

We've made significant improvements to our Email database this year alone - empowering your campaigns from start to finish.

Our Browser Extension makes multi-threading a dream and works over a vast amount of websites, so you can reach exactly the right person - however you see fit.

When we say phone-verified, it means that we have a routine process in place that calls the numbers and confirms that it is the right person who picks up the phone - so you don't have to.

Our Diamond Data asset minimises the time it takes for sales teams to meet, and exceed, their sales quota.

Phone-verified mobiles allow you to make connections faster, with the right contact, every time.

At Cognism we have the most extensive global coverage of DNC registries. 

We currently scrub our data against DNC registries in the US, Canada, Australia and UK (TPS/CTPS), France, Germany and other European countries (the full list of countries we check DNC lists in is available upon request).

Our team actively works to add more countries to the platform.

It's best you hear it from them...

Learn how phone-verified mobiles will accelerate your pipeline.