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Apollo Pricing 

Discover a better pricing model with Cognism:

  • Pricing depends on the number of seats and licence type (Platinum or Diamond).
  • All licences include emails, mobile numbers, firmographic data, technologies, and sales trigger events.
  • No extra charge for access to global contact and company data — NAM, EMEA, and APAC.
  • Unrestricted views and individual and page-level exporting within a generous fair-use policy.
  • Access to the Cognism Web App, browser extension, and integrations included.
  • Access to one of the largest mobile numbers databases (47 million numbers in the US alone).
  • The Diamond licence includes everything above and access to accurate phone-verified mobiles, on-demand mobile enrichment, and intent data.
For accurate pricing info or to take Cognism for a test drive, get in touch!

Overview of pricing

Cost is a major factor when considering a sales intelligence tool. 

You want the most affordable option with the best data, features and customer support.

But, understanding data vendor pricing can be perplexing, with confusing jargon, complicated fine print and unclear subscriptions. ticks the box when it comes to affordability, but customers complain about inconsistent pricing, constantly changing rates and inaccurate sales pitches.

Avoid being disappointed. Read this article for a detailed breakdown of how much costs in a way everyone can understand 👇

How much does cost?

If you choose to be billed annually, Apollo pricing starts from $0 to $99 per user per month. This gives you a 20% discount. If you choose to be billed monthly, pricing starts from $0 to $119 per user.

Each base package includes:

LinkedIn extension, CSV export, Basic filters, Buying intent, API access, Zapier integration & Salesforce extension.

There are four pricing plans to choose from:


  • $0/user/month.
  • 5 mobile credits each month/
  • 10 export credits each month.
  • Unlimited email credits (Subject to fair usage policy).
  • Sign up via site.

  • $59/user/month.
  • $49/user/month if billed annually.
  • 75 mobile credits each month.
  • 1,000 export credits each month.
  • Unlimited email credits (Subject to fair usage policy).
  • Sign up via site.

  • $119/user/month.
  • $99/user/month if billed annually.
  • 200 mobile credits each month.
  • 4,000 export credits each month.
  • Unlimited email credits (Subject to fair usage policy).
  • Sign up via site.


  • $99/user/month.
  • $79/user/month if billed annually.
  • 100 mobile credits each month.
  • 2,000 export credits each month.
  • Unlimited email credits (Subject to fair usage policy).
  • Sign up via site.

The main factors influencing pricing are the credits you need, the features and capabilities you require and the number of users/licenses needed.

You’ll have to pay more for additional users and credits, advanced filters and intent topics, SSO, advanced security configurations and more integration options. 

The advanced dialler, account-based automation, insight recommendations, advanced settings and security are only available on the Organizational (highest tier) plan. 

Note: The pricing on this page is up-to-date at the time of publishing. 

What is pricing based on?

Apollo pricing is based on a credit system for mobile data and exports. Email credits are unlimited and subject to a fair usage policy across packages. When signing up for an subscription, you can add the number of seats you need, and each seat comes with a set number of credits. However, you cannot reduce the number of seats until your payment term comes to an end. 

If you require advanced features and filters, such as technographics, hiring data, recent funding rounds, and revenue, you must opt for one of the higher-tier plans.

What are the disadvantages of Apollo pricing?

Apollo’s credit-based pricing system, with limits on viewing and exporting data, monthly caps, and resets, can be frustrating for users. Some complain that they have been blocked or restricted with little help from customer support. Combined with the limitation on credits, users find that they incur unexpected costs that double the price.

However, having to buy more credits is not the only issue with Apollo’s pricing model. Users are annoyed that they are charged credits when data is wrong or unavailable. While others are happy with the tool but use so many features, they pay more, regardless of what they signed up for. 

This methodology promotes scarcity thinking. An alternative like Cognism offers an unrestricted model that enables users to gather contacts or companies without worrying about extra costs.

Cognism removes pain points with Apollo pricing

We offer licences priced per user for more efficient prospecting:

  • No unexpected costs.
  • No scarcity mindset.
  • Access to global data at no extra cost.

Costs differ depending on the license type and the needs of your sales team. All license types include unrestricted access to data and individual & page-level exports (up to 25 profiles at a time). It’s subject to a generous fair usage policy

Unlike other vendors, integrations are included in every package. Cognism integrates with popular CRMs and Sales Engagement tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and SalesLoft.

We've got something better for you!

We offer you a free data sample comprising of 25 leads based on your ICP. 

Claim your data sample here

(You’ll need to chat with a data expert when claiming your sample to ensure you get data that matches your ICP.)

How do Apollo credits work? charges one credit for the following:

  • Per mobile.
  • Per mobile enriched.
  • For verification, even if the record is present.

One export credit is charged when you export a contact outside of Apollo, such as your CRM, or if you use CSV, API enrichment, or sync to Outreach or Salesloft.

Once you use all of your allocated credits, you’ll need to purchase more. Credits are charged monthly or annually at $0.20 a credit. However, you can only buy 250 monthly credits upwards or 2,500 annual credits upwards at a time.

For example, if you wanted to add 1,000 credits to your monthly plan, you’d be charged $170 extra for that month. If you choose 10,000 extra credits for the year, you’d be charged $1,700 extra for that year. 

All credits have an expiry date and you cannot get a refund or extensions for the credits you purchase.

Paid Apollo package credits expire at the end of the billing cycle.

Credits expire at the end of the monthly term for the free plan.

Now what about the promise of unlimited emails?

Like many data vendors, needs to protect its service from abuse. The fair usage policy makes this possible. Here’s how it works:

  • Free accounts using a corporate domain have an email credit limit of 10,000 per account per month.
  • Free accounts using an email address that isn’t a corporate domain have a limit of 100 email credits per account per month. 

Paid accounts have an email credit limit for the lesser of:

  • The dollar amount paid for the term of the subscription divided by $0.025.
  • 1 million email credits per account per year. 

How much are Apollo’s features and integrations?

You’ll need to upgrade your plan if you want more features and integrations. However, some users feel they have been misled by this pricing structure or discover the pricing changes after they sign up due to alleged ‘price testing.’ Others feel they could get more bang for their buck with the highest tier plan which is inclusive of all the features has to offer. 

Here are the extras you get with Apollo’s highest package: 

  •  Advanced dialler
  • Account-based automation
  • Insight recommendations
  • Advanced settings 
  • Advanced security 

Certain features like the Ai-assited email writing tool, intent data, email sending limit and the number of mailboxes a user can use increase as the plan costs increase.

CRM integrations include Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Salesloft, Outreach, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive and Bullhorn.

The Free and Basic plans only support Gmail and Microsoft integrations. The professional and Organizational subscriptions allow integrations with all email providers. 

While Zapier integration is available on all plans, you’ll need to pay more to integrate with Outreach, Salesloft, Mailgun and Sendgrid. 

Is pricing suitable for individual prospecting?

Yes, many users sign up for the Free subscription, and there are options to have only one user on all plans. It’s a decent tool for individuals to consider if they don’t wish to commit to annual payments or test for supplemental use.

However, a five-credit limit can make finding quality data for prospecting difficult. 

You should investigate Apollo alternatives if you’re looking for compliant, quality data with more credits, features, and integrations.

Looking for a more flexible pricing model?

Cognism offers two license types: Platinum & Diamond.

Psst... Our Diamond licence with phone-verified mobile numbers and intent data helps companies get more results with fewer calls.

Cognism pricing packages vs ZoomInfo pricing

Does Apollo offer a free trial?

When considering signing up for an plan, it’s only fair to want to test the platform’s data. Apollo offers a 14-day free trial of its paid packages, or you can sign up for the free version and upgrade to a higher-tier plan later. 

However, the 5 mobile credits and 10 export credit limits may not be enough to truly test the quality of Apollo’s mobile data.

Cognism is a leader in mobile data coverage with 2x more mobiles than other providers. It includes a premium phone-verified cell phone numbers database (Diamond Data®), so you don’t have to worry about not finding a prospect’s mobile number.

Even better - Cognism doesn’t limit users’ access to mobile data.

You can get 25 free leads to test the quality of Cognism’s data! All you need to do is chat with one of our data experts.

“Our bounce rate benchmark is 7%, Cognism comes in at 6%. Our conversion rate benchmark is 14%, and Cognism comes in at 29%. Having high-quality data is not a nice to have. It’s a must-have.” “Cognism is our lead platform in our lead gen stack.”
Comply Advantage - Jonny Fianu
Jonny Fianu
Global Head of Revenue Operations @ComplyAdvantage
increase in conversion rate

How to cancel the Apollo contract?

If you’re an customer and want to terminate your contract, you can only cancel the renewal of your plan if you:

  • Annual plans: Give notice 30 days prior to the end of the then-current term.
  • Monthly plans: Prior to 11:59 pm. Pacific Time on the day before your next recurring billing date.

You can’t cancel or get a refund for the term you’ve already paid for. 

Previous users state that the only way to cancel is to open and chat with the bot. This can be a problem should you need proof of your request to cancel, as this user experienced. 

Many reviews mention customers having difficulty cancelling due to poor customer support. Some signed up without realising that adds data from users’ CRMs to supplement their database. This leads to concerns about the privacy of their data and domain reputation. 

👋Pssst - Cognism doesn’t collect user data to enrich its database like, and the support team is phenomenal

“Approximately 4,000 leads each month are enriched by our SDR team using Cognism’s database. On average, 70% of monthly meetings are booked over the phone and every mobile number is pulled from Cognism.”
Michael Iannuzzi
Director of Marketing & Sales Development @Drift
data accuracy

How is cost calculated?

How much is It’s a complicated question, even though it shouldn’t be! Apollo pricing depends on many variables, such as the number of licenses, credit usage, and whether you require extra features and integrations.

If you’re looking for a provider with simpler and more transparent pricing with unlimited credits subject to a generous fair usage policy, check out the Cognism vs comparison page.

Is worth the price?

Apollo is best for SMB and commercial prospects with smaller budgets looking to prospect in the US. However, due to the way structures its pricing, it might not be worth it if your teams require unlimited credits, integrations, and wider coverage for DNC list screening. 

If you’re looking for a tool that makes it easier to cold call globally without limited credits, then Cognism is for you. 

Here’s what makes Cognism different from

  • Phone-verified mobile numbers for the contacts you really want to reach. Plus, a 16-step email verification process. 
  • Mobile number accuracy with Diamond Data® for efficient use of time that increases connect rates by 3x.
  • 2x the number of B2B contacts.
  • GDPR & CCPA-compliant with comprehensive DNC screening.
  • A spotless record with zero data breaches. Apollo has experienced two substantial data breaches (2018 & 2021), compromising over 130 million records.
  • The most complete EMEA data.
  • Straightforward pricing structure with unrestricted access to mobiles. (Subject to a generous fair usage policy)

In an independent survey of Pavilion members who compared sales prospecting tools, both and Cognism registered top scores.

Users praised Cognism for its high-quality cell phone numbers, UK/EU market data, GDPR compliance, and seamless integration. was praised for its affordable pricing and large contact database.

In the most recent Forrester Wave report, Cognism was rated above Apollo for contact data and Security and Compliance. 

But don’t take our word for it!

OneUp Sales compared vs ZoomInfo and Cognism:

“We trialled Apollo, which didn’t produce adequate results. We evaluated ZoomInfo but found the data to be too US-centric, which is why we went with Cognism”
Marc Parsons
SDR Manager @OneUp Sales
closed deals with Cognism’s mobile numbers

Here’s why they're proud to use Cognism:

“Our Account Executive (AE) at Cognism was astounding. He set us up on a trial and aligned expectations that the data will never be 100%. The clear-cut honesty was highly appreciated. After the trial, the data accuracy was second to none.” 

“The entire buying process was transparent and upfront. After the success of the trial, the AE helped me build an internal business case for the wider business. His variety of outreach was head and shoulders above the rest. As a result, he had buy-in from our CEO. We signed and never looked back!”

“Cognism is essential to our tech stack and for influencing our deals. The superb data quality has instilled a unique level of confidence in the SDRs.“

“We are very proud to be using Cognism!“

Put Cognism to the test

Cognism is dedicated to powering global sales funnels by providing the most accurate and compliant data. We’ve helped B2B businesses:

  • Increase qualified leads by 60%.
  • Decrease speed to lead time by 93%.
  • Increase meetings booked by 70%.
  • A 240% increase in opportunity creation.
  • A 51% increase in retention and growth.

Try it for yourself with a free data sample 👇