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Start meaningful conversations with target accounts & contacts with the most premium sales intelligence on the market.

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We help 1000+ revenue teams connect with confidence & exceed targets.

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You deserve MORE

✔️5X increase in reach ✔️7x increase in conversation rate ✔️80% less calls needed for better results

We help revenue leaders, teams & individual contributors drive business by connecting with those that matter the most

Create informed, unified go-to-market strategies

“I’ve used Cognism to find contacts in companies I thought weren’t qualified, but it turns out they are! Search filters like team size and company revenue are very good for expanding your target audience and prospecting to companies you would’ve previously dismissed”, Alexander Porter, Devo

Cognism for GTM leaders

Increase speed to connect and start having more conversations today

“Before we were only calling switchboards and an SDR would be lucky to have two conversations a day. Now using Cognism mobiles, we consistently have eight to ten conversations, resulting in three to four meetings booked”, Elliot Mitchell, Gradfuel

Cognism for sales

Attract qualified leads your sales team will love

"We have a big marketing engine, but the problem is turning leads from an MQL to an SQL. With Cognism you can turn them into actionable conversations and opportunities. It’s improved the overall outcome of our B2B sales function," George Mckenna, Ultima

Cognism for marketers

Revenue Operations

“We wanted to focus on more than just great inbound leads. We wanted to pick the companies we went after. It’s great that we could build out the platform to suit the needs of each team and that they could use it differently. Now everyone can find the companies they’re looking for", Josh Silvera, GWI

Cognism for RevOps

Trusted by revenue teams worldwide

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Setting a new standard for data accuracy and compliance

A degree of quality you can’t find anywhere else

Reach the accounts & contacts you need to grow your pipeline with pinpoint accuracy and speed.

Call phone-verified contacts who pick up the phone and free up your team to do what they do best: talk to people.

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Find buyers who are ready to buy 

Move beyond "who" to "when" and identify ideal-fit accounts that are searching for a solution like yours right now. Get your foot in the door earlier in their buyer journey, and connect to the buying team before your competitors have a chance to chime in. 

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Advanced targeting

Combine contact, account and event data to gain a 360 view of your next best customer. Use advanced filters like technologies and event triggers to identify companies that are most likely to buy from you.

Then use this intelligence to add context to your conversations, so you can build high-value relationships with the right people at the right time.

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Flexible workflows

Regardless of whether you're looking to...

  • Build lists & find contact details for ideal-fit future customers
  • Qualify target accounts and identify the buying committee
  • Refresh and enhance stale or incomplete data
  • Enrich your Sales Navigator search with actionable information

... we've got you covered.

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No more compliance headaches

Connect with complete confidence.

From database notifications projects and 3rd party data audits to cross-checking our mobile numbers against global DNC lists, we ensure you get globally compliant contact data. 

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Integrations with your favourite tools

Cognism communicates seamlessly with the tools you use every day.

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Why Cognism & why Sales Intelligence


Cognism gives you access to a global database and a wealth of data points.


Never hit a dead end. Access Diamond Verified Phone Data® at scale.


GDPR & CCPA compliant. Notified database. DNC lists. Straightforward opt-out process.


Easy to use and fast to adopt, you can start using Cognism on day 1.

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Generated ROI in 8 weeks with intent data & direct dials

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"Our sales cycle is typically 6-8 months long. At Cognism, we saw ROI in 8 weeks from intent data and direct dials. One deal pays for a year’s Cognism subscription."

George Mckenna ,  Head of Cloud Sales at Ultima

Delivered ROI in 2 days

See our case studies

“Cognism’s GDPR compliant data is a really big thing for us. It takes the pressure off us to justify where we got our contact data from. And that means we can prospect in complete confidence.”

Alexander Porter ,  Senior Business Development & Inside Sales Lead at Devo

Tripled sales in 6 months

See our case studies

“We saw full ROI after seven weeks of using Cognism. It takes our SDRs five minutes to build a list and start generating data. They use the Chrome Extension directly over SalesNav and export into both Hubspot and SalesLoft.”

Elliot Mitchell,  CEO and Founder of Gradfuel

#1 in coverage. #1 in correctness. #1 in compliance.

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