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The world's best global sales intelligence platform


Power up your lead generation engine. Identify and connect with your ideal customers right when they need you most.

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Struggling to find B2B leads? Pinpoint the best B2B prospects and reach out to them when they’re most likely to buy.

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Fire up your campaigns with actionable and accurate B2B data, delivered through advanced targeting and powerful automation.

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Grow your reach

Uncover and identify more of your ideal customers with access to over 400 million globally compliant B2B contacts.

Move beyond guesswork

Contact prospects at the moment they need you most using intelligent sales triggers.

All within a single platform

Execute integrated campaigns at scale. Delivered through the latest technology.

Delivered through seamless integrations

Cognism integrates with the tools you use every day, taking the hassle out of prospecting. Get your prospecting to work where you do.

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Finding and engaging niche audiences with ease.

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“In terms of the data it offers and the expertise and diligence of its staff, Cognism is the best lead generation platform I’ve worked with.”

Jeff Locke,  North American Operations Team Leader

Prospecting at lightning speed.

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“Since using Cognism, the number of meetings rose to 3.8 per week, which we thought was too good to be true and wouldn’t last! We were proven wrong very quickly”

Ciaran North,  Head of Business Development

Turning data into revenue.

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“We looked into using other tools but Cognism performed the best and provided the biggest ROI... Cognism has really assisted us in breaking through to those hard-to-reach markets”

Alana Paton,  Marketing and Events Manager

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Find and deliver new revenue, faster.

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Build campaigns on better data.