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Connect with your next best customer

Start meaningful conversations with target accounts & contacts with the most premium sales intelligence on the market.

1800+ revenue teams' favourite sales intelligence provider

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You deserve MORE

increase in reach
increase in conversation rate
less calls needed for better results
less attempts to get through a cold call list
increase in reach
increase in conversation rate
less attempts to get through a cold call list
less calls needed for better results

B2B Data that ticks all the right boxes


Reach the accounts & contacts you need to grow your pipeline with pinpoint accuracy and speed.

Call phone-verified contacts who pick up the phone and free up your team to do what they do best: talk to people.

What is phone-verified data?


Find the buyers who are most likely to buy from you and use contextual data to improve the quality of your conversations.

Combine growth triggers, intent data and technologies to get a head start on your competition and build strong relationships that net you the business.

Find out how buyer intent is everything in sales


Connect with complete confidence.

From database notifications and 3rd party data audits to cross-checking our mobile numbers against global do-not-call lists, we ensure you get globally compliant B2B data that meets all regulatory requirements.

How does Cognism stay compliant?
Ready to get started?

Connecting with your next best buyer has never been so easy

GTM Leaders
Increase speed to connect and start having more conversations today.
Before we were only calling switchboards and an SDR would be lucky to have two conversations a day. Now using Cognism mobiles, we consistently have eight to ten conversations, resulting in three to four meetings booked.
Result: 5x increase in conversions
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Attract qualified leads your sales team will love.
We have a big marketing engine, but the problem is turning leads from an MQL to an SQL. With Cognism you can turn them into actionable conversations and opportunities. It’s improved the overall outcome of our B2B sales function.
Result: ROI in 8 weeks
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Enable your revenue team and make achieving quota predictable.
Today we’re able to measure bad data trends over time. These trends show that Cognism is our most consistent provider of quality phone numbers without any degradation.
Result: Attain ROI in record time
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GTM Leaders
Create informed, unified go-to-market strategies.
I’ve used Cognism to find contacts in companies I thought weren’t qualified, but it turns out they are! Search filters like team size and company revenue are very good for expanding your target audience and prospecting to companies you would’ve previously dismissed.
Result: ROI in 2 days
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How Cognism can help you crush targets


Identify ideal fit accounts

Use advanced filters to uncover your next best buyer in seconds.


Connect with the buying team

Skip the gatekeeper and reach the buying committee in dream accounts with validated emails and 98% accurate mobile data.


Prioritise buyers who are ready to buy

Grab the low-hanging fruit and get on the radar of companies who are searching for your solution - before your competitors do.


Turn stale data into actionable insights

Make better decisions and take targeted action using complete, rich, reliable data.

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We’ll let the results speak for themselves

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Let's make every month your best month

Connect with confidence with real sales intelligence.

98% accuracy

Have more live conversations with phone-verified, 98% accurate mobile numbers. 


Connect with confidence

We notify our database and clean our numbers cleaned against global Do Not Call lists, so you can worry less and sell more.