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The compliant answer to growing your business with pinpoint accuracy and speed.

✓100% compliant   ✓Unrivalled access to decision makers   ✓Premium data quality   ✓Leaders in European data

Specialists in compliant Sales Intelligence.

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1000+ revenue teams use Cognism to consistently MEET and BEAT their performance targets

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Why Sales Intelligence?

Your revenue team needs complete, intelligent, actionable, compliant data to source more prospects, create high-performing campaigns, and close more deals.

Cognism allows you to search through a dynamic database comprising:

15M accounts 400M business profiles 7000 intent topics

so you can identify best-fit accounts and find B2B decision makers’ direct contact information in seconds.

All that in a 100% compliant way.

A platform made for revenue teams:

Go-to-market Leaders

Calculate your TAM, expand into new verticals and increase market share. Create informed go-to-market strategies and build qualified target account lists to drive your sales and marketing engines.

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Sales Teams

Focus on highly targeted prospecting over manual research and data entry. Prioritise accounts using intent intelligence, find the contact-level data you need in seconds, and sync it to the tools you use every day.

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Growth Marketers

Enhance your existing database, find new audiences, and spend your time and budget on highly targeted campaigns that result in more qualified leads and marketing revenue.

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Revenue Operations

Ensure your revenue teams work with the latest data. Keep your database fresh and actionable, so sales and marketing can focus their efforts on high-value activities, accounts and contacts.

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Trusted by Revenue Teams Worldwide

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Robust workflows for scalable growth


Building a qualified B2B database doesn’t have to be hard.

  • Find verified emails and direct dial phone numbers for decision makers in accounts that match your criteria.
  • Evaluate the number of unique records, geographies, seniority and more, in every list you generate.
  • Make sure the B2B data you get is the B2B data you need. Move beyond ‘WHO’ to ‘WHEN’ with REAL sales intelligence.

Chrome Extension

Power up your social selling.

  • Use Cognism’s Chrome Extension to extract fully compliant B2B data from LinkedIn.
  • Easily enrich individual profiles or Sales Navigator account lists and export the data in CSV, Cognism, or to your preferred CRM.

Intent Data

Identify in-market accounts and sales-ready prospects.

  • Track the online behaviour of ICP-fit accounts and identify significant spikes in interest in your product or solution.
  • Enrich the accounts with the right decision makers’ emails and direct dials - so you can immediately activate the latest buyer intent intelligence across different channels.


Don’t let bad data tank your revenue goals.

  • Perform a CRM health check, refresh stale data, enrich missing values, and add additional data points.
  • Work with a current, enriched database to improve segmentation, reduce bounce rates, and boost match rates across advertising platforms.
  • Minimise the time spent on unproductive prospecting.


Organise and launch outbound campaigns effortlessly.

  • Engage with your ideal buyers from the first interaction all the way to meeting booked.
  • Create hyper-targeted, multi-touchpoint cadences including email, phone and LinkedIn steps.
  • Optimise performance with valuable insights into emails sent, calls made and the sentiment of your prospects’ replies.
  • Run outbound email effortlessly.

Easy integration with your favourite tools and into your existing workflows

Cognism communicates seamlessly with the tools you use every day.

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Why Cognism & Why Sales Intelligence

The largest global B2B database

400M contacts. 15M global companies. SMEs & mid-market companies included.

Safe-to-action contact information

CCPA & GDPR compliant. Notified database. Straightforward opt-out process.

Industry-leading customer support

Fast and smooth onboarding. Customer Success and Service team for ongoing support.

Intelligent data

Move beyond simply ‘WHO’ to target, to ‘WHEN’ to target.

Finding and engaging niche audiences with ease.

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“In terms of the data it offers and the expertise and diligence of its staff, Cognism is the best lead generation platform I’ve worked with.”

Jeff Locke,  North American Operations Team Leader

Prospecting at lightning speed.

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“Since using Cognism, the number of meetings rose to 3.8 per week, which we thought was too good to be true and wouldn’t last! We were proven wrong very quickly”

Ciaran North,  Head of Business Development

Turning data into revenue.

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“We looked into using other tools but Cognism performed the best and provided the biggest ROI... Cognism has really assisted us in breaking through to those hard-to-reach markets”

Alana Paton,  Marketing and Events Manager

#1 In data coverage & quality. #1 In compliance. #1 In support.

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