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We give you mobiles and B2B emails of people you want to do business with

+ some other cool stuff.


Unrestricted access to person and company-level data, so you always have enough prospects to go after and contact data to connect with them

International coverage, so you can break into local and global markets: UK, Europe, Europe Nordics, DACH, North America, Global

Easy platform setup and integrations, so you get all this data on-demand and in the systems you work in

1800+ revenue teams' favourite sales intelligence provider

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You deserve MORE live conversations

Most reps spend 20% of their time researching prospects and an additional 30% of their time is wasted
because of bad data.

Imagine how much more you could achieve if your reps worked with accurate, phone-verified mobiles
and had a conversation every time they pick up the phone.

Here’s how that could look:

increase in reach
increase in conversation rate
less calls needed for better results
less attempts to get through a cold call list
increase in reach
increase in conversation rate
less attempts to get through a cold call list
less calls needed for better results

B2B Data that ticks all the right boxes


Spend less time dialing wrong or non-existing numbers and more time talking to people.

Get validated emails and phone-verified mobiles for key prospects in your target accounts. 

Phone-verified means we’ve called the contact to ensure the number is correct and connects you to the right person.

Why are phone-verified mobiles a game changer in sales?


Find the buyers who are most likely to buy from you and use contextual data to have better conversations.

Combine hiring, funding and job join triggers with intent data (powered by Bombora) and technologies to get a head start on your competition and build strong relationships that win you the business. 

How can contextual data help you improve your close rate?


Most providers don't check Do Not Call lists. And out of the ones that do, only Cognism checks Do Not Call lists in multiple European countries (including the UK) and notifies you which prospects are on them.

We take the compliance burden off your shoulders and help you prospect in accordance with the law.

With Cognism, not only do you get access to a notified database, but you also see which prospects have opted out from receiving phone calls in their national do not call lists. 

How does Cognism stay compliant?
Want to see how it works?

Made to serve your entire revenue team

GTM Leaders
It used to take 10 dials to have 1 live conversation. Now, with Cognism’s phone-verified mobile data, it takes 3-4.
Before we were only calling switchboards and an SDR would be lucky to have two conversations a day. Now using Cognism mobiles, we consistently have eight to ten conversations, resulting in three to four meetings booked.
Result: 5x increase in conversions
diamond data conversations
Forget about leads that aren’t reachable or don’t want to talk to your sales team. Use Cognism to generate sales-ready opportunities that turn into conversations ⮕ meetings booked ⮕ revenue.
We have a big marketing engine, but the problem is turning leads from an MQL to an SQL. With Cognism you can turn them into actionable conversations and opportunities. It’s improved the overall outcome of our B2B sales function.
Result: ROI in 8 weeks
intent data email-1
Make achieving quota less hard work and give your revenue team individual, on-demand access to premium B2B data and integrations to their favourite tools.
Today we’re able to measure bad data trends over time. These trends show that Cognism is our most consistent provider of quality phone numbers without any degradation.
Result: Attain ROI in record time
GTM Leaders
Create informed, unified go-to-market strategies and align your sales and marketing teams’ efforts with accurate, up-to-date data.
I’ve used Cognism to find contacts in companies I thought weren’t qualified, but it turns out they are! Search filters like team size and company revenue are very good for expanding your target audience and prospecting to companies you would’ve previously dismissed.
Result: ROI in 2 days
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Here’s how you can use Cognism to hit quota EVERY month


Identify ideal fit accounts

Use advanced contact, firmographic, technographic, sales trigger event and intent filters to uncover your best target buyer in seconds.


Bypass the gatekeeper

Reach the buying committee in target accounts with validated emails and 98% accurate phone-verified mobile numbers.


Prioritise buyers who are ready to buy

Use buyer intent signals to understand when buyers are in the market for your solution and intercept them earlier in their journey (before your competitors do).


Find net new leads AND enrich existing contacts

Enrich and update your database with fresh, accurate and compliant people and account intelligence. 

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Why Cognism?

Are you using or evaluating a different provider and wondering why you should add Cognism to your evaluation mix? 

From enterprises to small businesses, global companies who have been in your shoes have chosen Cognism for a variety of reasons. 

Data coverage
Data accuracy
Best-in-class partnerships
Commitment to compliance
Ease of use and adoption
Sales process and support

Don't take our word for it

Is Cognism the right solution for your business? 

Cognism is not for you if:
You’re a B2C business or a sole trader
We provide B2B sales intelligence for sales and marketing teams in EMEA, US and DACH regions
You’re looking for freelancers
Cognism is focused on helping businesses make meaningful connections with other businesses
You’re looking for an all-in-one platform
We focus on quality B2B data. For everything else we form best-in-class partnerships so you always get the best the market can offer

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The proof is in the pudding

Ready to see Cognism for yourself? We’d love to learn more about what you’re trying to achieve, show you the platform and explore if and how Cognism can fit your workflows.

98% accuracy

Have more live conversations with mobile numbers  manually verified by our data research team.

Connect with confidence

We notify our database and clean our numbers cleaned against global Do Not Call lists, so you can worry less and sell more.