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ZoomInfo Pricing 

Discover a better pricing model with Cognism:

  • Pricing depends on the number of seats and licence type (Platinum or Diamond).
  • All licences include emails, mobile numbers, firmographic data, technologies, and sales trigger events.
  • No extra charge for access to global contact and company data — NAM, EMEA, and APAC.
  • Unrestricted views and individual and page-level exporting within a generous fair-use policy.
  • Access the Cognism Web App, browser extension, and integrations included.
  • Access to one of the largest mobile numbers databases (47 million numbers in the US alone).
  • The Diamond licence includes everything above as well as access to accurate phone-verified mobiles, on-demand mobile enrichment, and intent data.
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Overview of ZoomInfo pricing

In the increasingly competitive landscape, lower price-point vendors challenge ZoomInfo’s pricing model and data.

Some ZoomInfo users are dissatisfied with ZoomInfo’s lack of innovation and failure to follow industry trends. For example, ZoomInfo’s upmarket pricing and contract model aren’t aligned with organisations in the growth stages, leaving the market open for ZoomInfo alternatives to fill that space.

In this article, we won’t speculate about how much ZoomInfo is. But we’ll focus on explaining what determines the platform’s cost.

How much does ZoomInfo cost?

ZoomInfo’s pricing isn’t available on its website. You need to schedule a call with the sales team to learn the exact ZoomInfo licence cost.

Reddit users report the entry-level ZoomInfo price is $15,000 for three seats when signing up for a 2-year contract. However, the ZoomInfo cost increases depending on a variety of factors. The main factors that influence ZoomInfo pricing are:

  • Credit usage.
  • Features and capabilities.
  • Number of licenses.

What is ZoomInfo pricing based on?

ZoomInfo pricing is based on a credit system. Each plan includes a set number of monthly credits. ZoomInfo’s basic package includes credits with traditional demographic and firmographic details.

If you require more in-depth data, such as technographics, department budgets, org charts, and real-time alerts related to company events, like funding rounds and product launches, you will need to opt for one of the higher tier plans.

What are the disadvantages of ZoomInfo pricing?

Credit-based pricing, like ZoomInfo’s, with limits on viewing and exporting data, monthly caps, and resets, forces you to decide where to allocate resources and may lead to unexpected costs. If reps consume allocated credits too fast, you may have to purchase additional credits.

Sales reps focus on tracing credit consumption and developing best practices for credit usage instead of prospecting and finding new opportunities. It also limits reps’ ability to create multi-thread conversations with company decision-makers, which may lead to lost opportunities.

Also, ZoomInfo plans charge a credit for every company and contact export. It means users may use double the credits without realising if the account isn’t already in their CRM. 

Additionally, when you expand to a new region, you will have to buy ‘data add-ons’, such as Global Data Passports (Global, Europe, North America Plus). Higher costs often restrict your market research and testing of new audiences, which may lead to lost revenue. Learn more about ZoomInfo's international data.

Cognism removes pain points with ZoomInfo pricing

We offer licences priced per user for more efficient prospecting:

  • No unexpected costs.
  • No scarcity mindset.
  • Access to global data at no extra cost.

Costs differ depending on the license type and the needs of your sales team. All license types include unrestricted access to data and individual & page-level exports (up to 25 profiles at a time). It’s subject to a generous fair usage policy

Unlike other vendors, integrations are included in every package. Cognism integrates with popular CRMs and Sales Engagement tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and SalesLoft.

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We offer you a free data sample comprising of 25 leads based on your ICP. 

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How do ZoomInfo credits work?

Credits are consumed when you export:

  • Company.
  • And/or contact information.

Each export costs one credit so if the account isn’t already in your CRM, you’ll use double the credits. Consequently, you may consume credits at double the rate. It may lead to unexpected costs if your team needs to buy extra credits. 

How much are ZoomInfo’s features and integrations?

ZoomInfo costs increase when you add integrations and extra solutions to the platform. Out-of-the-box integrations such as CRM, sales automation software, and marketing automation tools have a base cost to use and install.

According to ZoomInfo’s pricing page, pre-packaged integrations usually require a minimum purchase of bulk credits for immediate use upon installation. You will need to buy additional credits if you consume more credits than you originally purchased.

Adding extra features also increases the price of your ZoomInfo package. 

For example, if you want real-time visibility into when companies are actively searching for your products and services, you can add Streaming Intent data to your package. ZoomInfo pricing is based on expected usage—around the volume of keywords you’re tracking.

Is ZoomInfo pricing suitable for individual prospecting?

ZoomInfo pricing isn’t designed for solo prospectors or companies on a budget. They don’t offer single licences. ZoomInfo’s entry-level pricing might be too high for many SMBs, and midsize businesses might struggle to see the return on investment.

Looking for a more flexible pricing model?

Cognism offers two license types: Platinum & Diamond.

Psst... Our Diamond licence with phone-verified mobile numbers and intent data helps companies get more results with fewer calls.

Cognism pricing packages vs ZoomInfo pricing

How much is ZoomInfo per month?

The vendor doesn’t offer monthly subscriptions. ZoomInfo's overall monthly cost may vary depending on how many credits your team consumes. For example, if credits burn out too quickly, you can purchase additional bulk credits for an extra cost.

The company requires signing long-term contracts. But you can negotiate different payment options and frequency (e.g. quarterly) depending on your package, add-on features, and the number of users with its sales team.

Does ZoomInfo offer a free trial?

When considering a ZoomInfo subscription, it’s only fair to want to test the platform’s data. While ZoomInfo offers a free trial on all plans, they don’t mention the trial duration on their website. Users have confirmed that the ZoomInfo trial period lasts for three to five days, with a license given to two or three people.

How to cancel the ZoomInfo contract?

If you’re a ZoomInfo customer and want to terminate your contract, you need to provide notice that you wish to cancel at least 60 days before the end of the term. Otherwise, you will be forced to renew for another year.

Like many companies, ZoomInfo uses evergreen renewal policies. But G2 ZoomInfo reviewers warn that ZoomInfo didn’t notify them before being locked into another contract term.

ZoomInfo reviews on G2 from 2023 suggest ZoomInfo contracts may be auto-renewed with 20% increase. Therefore, any pricing you secure with ZoomInfo may be different at renewal.

Another G2 reviewer suggests your renewed contract will require you to order what you did last year, including any additions you added through the year.

How is ZoomInfo cost calculated?

How much is ZoomInfo? It’s a complicated question, even though it shouldn’t be! ZoomInfo pricing depends on many variables, such as the number of licenses, credit usage, whether you require global data, and extra features you require (e.g. chat, form complete, etc) and integrations.

If you’re looking for a provider with simpler and more transparent pricing and access to global data, check out the Cognism vs ZoomInfo comparison page.

Is ZoomInfo worth the price?

According to the latest findings from CB Insights survey, it appears customer sentiments about ZoomInfo are beginning to change. The prospective buyers mention different challenges like ZoomInfo pricing and lack of product innovation. Here are some quotes:

A VP of a Fortune 500 subsidiary surveyed by CB Insights said:

”The biggest challenge ZoomInfo faces each and every year when it comes to renewal is the price tag; especially for the additional intent services, which are in the five-digit range. Pricing is definitely the highest challenge.”

Another Pavilion member cited in the CB Insights survey said:

“We know ZoomInfo has been busy on big acquisitions and integrations, offering different capabilities. However, the core product we bought from them has stood still.”

We interviewed Michael Iannuzzi, Director of Marketing & Sales Development at Drift, who used ZoomInfo and LeadIQ before switching to Cognism:

“Enriching data points through other tools takes forever with ZoomInfo being one. The business tries to do everything to accommodate everyone. For a lot of companies that makes sense but in our case, we just want accurate information fast.

Cognism is like a lightning bolt when it comes to keeping information up-to-date. Here’s an example: when a lead moves roles or gets a promotion, other providers often delay updating this in the system. Whereas Cognism’s updates this instantly and most of the time the information is spot on.”

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