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Cognism Champions

The advocacy programme that celebrates sharing

Cognism Champions Advocacy Programme is a global community for passionate and dedicated advocates. It enables enthusiastic members to grow their profile, get rewarded for sharing their success and advocating for Cognism.

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What does being a Cognism Champion mean?

We want to see our customers succeed and hear about the value Cognism brings to their roles and organisations, so we've built an advocacy programme designed to celebrate and reward them for sharing and spreading their love for Cognism.

This advocacy program allows our customers to engage in a diverse range of activities, enabling them to showcase their achievements and share their experiences with us, either privately or publicly with others. The programme uses a point-based system whereby every completed activity will add points to your profile, and these can be used to redeem rewards.

Customers can get involved with what interests them most, whenever it works best for them, in three simple steps.

Step 1:

Sign up to Cognism Champions and register to activities you’re interested in. Participate whenever suits you!

Step 2:

Complete any activity to earn and accrue points.

Step 3:

Use your points to redeem rewards such as gift cards, team building activities, and more.

Ways to participate


Speak at Cognism’s events, on a podcast or webinar

  • Build your personal brand as an expert
  • Share your experience with others
  • Position your company as a leader in your field


Write reviews of Cognism on review websites

  • Share your experience with your peers
  • Help them choose the right solution


Provide user feedback through  product research sessions and BETA testing

  • Get early access to new product releases
  • Influence Cognism’s product roadmap
  • Impact Cognism’s customer experience


Create content with us such as case studies, blogs, videos

  • Share your success with others
  • Promote your company’s brand
  • Help others learn from your experience


Repost what Cognsim share on social media or create your own post and tag us in it

  • Build your personal brand as an expert
  • Highlight your successes
  • Share great tips and insights with your network


Refer Cognism to other organisations or take part in reference calls

  • Share your experience with your peers
  • Help them choose the right solution


Share your feedback on Cognism and any success you've had for potential use in our marketing materials

  • Show off your success 
  • Promote your company’s brand through quotes shared
  • Join calls for mutually beneficial research sessions with our marketing team

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Benefits & rewards

Customers can earn points for themselves or their organisation and use these to redeem a range of rewards.

Gift cards



Team building activities

Meet your Customer Marketing Team

Global Head of Customer Marketing, Cognism
Karin O'Grady

James Islay loves working with people, loves solving problems, and is obsessed with user experience. He's built multiple Marketing agencies, scaled google Ads brands, and is actively doing both of those things at Cognism.

If you’re a Cognism customer and want to become a Champion, login & sign up via our WebApp