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Better data means better marketing

Find new audiences, enrich your data with valuable audience insights and be more consistent in delivering qualified opportunities to your sales team.

Never worry about finding ‘net new’ contacts again.

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Build your ideal customer profile

  • Calculate your TAM and find new audiences that weren’t even on your radar.
  • Use our range of filters to create a profile of your perfect customer including: company size, industry, job title, and more.
  • Find contact information of ICP-fit accounts and individuals and deliver targeted campaigns that generate qualified leads for your sales team.

Clean and enhance your data

  • Clean up and refresh the stale data in your CRM, transforming it into actionable business intelligence.
  • Enrich your database with missing values and new fields for more accurate segmentation, tailored campaigns and better audience match rates.
  • Improve campaign effectiveness and boost email deliverability and response rates with the latest real-time people, event, and company data.

69% of Cognism users see ROI in 6 months or less

Execute campaigns with ease

  • Deploy sales triggers and intent data to reach out at the most optimal times with relevant messages.
  • Set up automated outbound email sequences and measure the success of your campaigns using Cognism’s outbound email automation tool.
  • Easily export the data to your CRM.

Move beyond ‘WHO’ to target to ‘WHEN’ to target

  • Identify companies actively searching for your product or service.
  • Prioritise audiences based on buyer intent and how interested they are in your product.
  • Know your buyers’ pain points and interests before you make contact.
  • Deliver hyper-personalised content and build brand recognition across channels.

Better matched audiences and outbound email

  • Run outbound email campaigns using Cognism Engage, protecting the domain health of your marketing automation tool.
  • Take advantage of multiple data point mapping to build out targeted audiences with higher match rates on social advertising platforms.

World-leading compliance

  • Ensure your data complies with the letter of the law, wherever you operate.
  • Cognism is committed to full compliance with international data regulations. Our database addresses all B2B consent requirements, enabling marketers across the globe to access secure & compliant data with ease.

We can help you:

Target smarter

Identify and target not only ‘WHO’ you want to prospect to, but more importantly ‘WHEN’.

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Increase campaign reach

Never worry about finding net new contacts again. Boost match rates across social ad platforms.

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Execute multi-channel

Execute true multi-channel campaigns with an outbound email tool and powerful matched audience rates.

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Become a revenue-driven marketer with our marketing solutions


Build powerful lists with leads that match your ICP using a range of intuitive filters.

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Intent Data

Identify active companies searching for your solution and target key decision-makers when they’re ready to buy.

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Refresh your stale records, fill in missing data gaps, and get the latest, validated, compliant B2B contact data.

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Turn your employees’ email signatures into a strong, measurable marketing tool.

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1000+ teams drive predictable revenue with Cognism

“I use the persona search functions to drill down and create different campaign lists. I input specific search criteria like company type, industry, job title, size, revenue and so on, and the tool provides me with a list of contacts who match that criteria. It’s great, I love that functionality.”

Becky Smith, B2B Strategist, Huggg

“When our marketing team publishes a new piece of content, like a report, we gather data on who’s downloading the piece. This data, however, can be incomplete and that’s where marketing uses Cognism to gather all the data we need.”

Joshua Silvera, Sales Enablement Manager, GWI

“The best thing about Cognism’s data is its versatility - we were able to find many decision-makers and influencers for bulk emails, as well as develop highly targeted lists for ABM campaigns.”

Graham Reed, New Business Director, Ice Blue Sky

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