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About the platform

Cognism is a powerful sales intelligence platform that helps revenue teams find and connect with people they want to do business with.

Cognism does this by providing fresh, relevant, accurate company and contact-level data including business emails and mobile numbers for decision-makers in EMEA, US, and APAC.


  • Salespeople use Cognism to find mobile numbers and emails and identify decision-makers in companies they want to do business with.
  • Marketers use Cognism to build lead lists on-demand and supercharge their outbound marketing campaigns.
  • Revenue Operations teams use Cognism to plan and manage territories, research ICP-fit accounts, power their lead grading models, and give their sales and marketing teams a shortcut to repeatable success.

Yes, the Cognism browser extension can be used to prospect on LinkedIn and also supports bulk exporting using Sales Navigator.

The Cognism extension gives your sales reps:

  • quick access to actionable contact data like emails and mobile numbers
  • an easy way to export prospect and account data directly to your CRM or sales engagement tool

Yes, the Cognism browser extension works on corporate websites. 

Simply open the extension and navigate to the employee tab where you will find relevant decision-makers and their contact information.

Cognism integrates with the most widely used CRMs including Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Yes, Cognism integrates with both Outreach and SalesLoft.

In addition to the basic integration, the Chrome Extension works over Outreach as well, allowing sales reps to prospect and find/update contact and account data without leaving Outreach.

The Cognism platform allows you to manually upload a CSV for multiple filters like company domain, company name, country and more, making it easy to prospect into ICP-fit accounts.

Additionally, if you're a Salesforce user, the Cognism x Salesforce integration allows you to import Salesforce data so you can use the Cognism CRM filter to easily find decision-makers in your owned accounts.

Cognism allows multiple ways of exporting your data.

If you have your integrations set up, you can export account and contact-level data directly to your CRM or sales engagement tool by clicking the export button.

Cognism also provides the option to export the data into a CSV format, to support manual uploads into different systems.

A profile view is counted when a full profile is viewed or data on the contact is accessed in a search result.

All Cognism packages offer unrestricted views, as well as individual (1 record at a time) and page-level exporting (25 records at a time).

This means that sales users can browse the database with no limitations and choose the best decision-makers and data to export to their systems without worrying about credits. 

Our goal is to help salespeople overcome the scarcity mindset and shift their focus to having better conversations.

For marketing users that need to build large lists using Cognism we also offer the option to purchase credits that enable bulk exporting of data (more than 25 records at a time).

While profile views have been created to support individual prospecting workflows, credits enable operational workflow where one person or a few users generate data for other users.

  • Credits allow you to save more than 25 records to a list at once as well as use Cognism APIs.

  • 1 Credit is used per profile. Once a credit is used on a profile, a credit will not be used again if you access the profile at a later date.

  • Credits are distributed on the account level and shared across all users, but admins have the option to limit credits for individual users.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to build account and prospect lists but doesn't provide contact data. 

Cognism, on the other hand is a B2B data provider and sales intelligence platform.

You can use Cognism:

  • to replace your LinkedIn Sales Nav workflow - our web app provides basic and advanced filters that you can use to build lists on-demand
  • to complement and supercharge your Sales Nav workflow - the Cognism browser extension generates data for your Sales Nav lists and allows you to export this data directly to your CRM or sales engagement tool

About Cognism's data

We pride ourselves on our commitment to data quality and accuracy.

To ensure industry-leading accuracy, we've developed proprietary data validation methodologies, which also include manual data verification.

Diamond Data® is phone-verified data.

Diamond Data® is manually validated by our data research team through several proprietary methods that ensure a mobile phone is 98% accurate.

Cognism can provide you with data for companies and decision-makers in:

  • EMEA
  • NAM
  • APAC

Cognism has an extensive global database of hundreds of millions of company and contact profiles.

We don't usually make general coverage claims as we know that what you're truly interested in is the coverage Cognism can provide for your target market and specific filtering criteria.

The best way to get this tailored estimate is to book a 1:1, no-obligation call with one of our reps HERE.


Cognism sources data from proprietary sources, such as Cognism Signatures, and fill in gaps from third-party data providers, publicly available sources, manual research, and strategic partnerships.  

We use machine learning to process millions of data points daily to build and maintain our Person and Company profiles and ensure the quality and currency of our records.  

In addition to this we have a data research team that manually verifies our customers’ most desired contacts. Diamond Verified Phone Data® comes with the highest accuracy on the market: 98%. 

1. Manual research

Cognism has a data research team who focus their efforts in two areas.   

First, the team manually verify mobile phone numbers – a process through which we create our Diamond Data® asset. This includes contacts specifically requested by our customers leveraging the Diamonds-on-Demand® service.  

Second, to ensure the data we source meets our stringent quality standards, the research team continuously audit our customers’ most desired company and contact profiles, including the information collected via our programmatic primary data capture methods.  

2. Daily database updates

We also perform millions of daily updates to our database.

Apart from keeping our data fresh, these updates enable us to track important person events such as specific people joining a new company or key roles leaving.

This can be crucial for rekindling relationships with former users or connecting with new decision-makers before your competition catches up with the job update.

Data privacy, security and compliance

Founded and headquartered in the UK, Cognism has GDPR compliance baked into our data acquisition and maintenance processes.

Once Cognism raw records have been processed, a large amount of post-processing begins to check for regional compliance and minimize our customer’s risk.

All business contacts are notified of their entrance into our database and monitored against Global Do Not Call and TPS lists.

Cognism then allows its customers to choose how their sales reps can interact with this data, removing it, flagging it, or leaving it untouched in our platform.

Do Not Call registries around the world were created to stop unwanted sales & marketing calls, giving individuals the opportunity to register their phone numbers and express their desire not to be contacted.

DNC Registries and requirements to register vary around the world, but it is usually free for individuals to register in such DNC lists, and most of the times individuals can register their mobile and/or home numbers.

Each country has a different Registry or List which people can register on. We match the phone numbers in our database to Do Not Call Registries and lists in multiple regions to ensure we provide you with the most compliant data possible. These are marked as DNC in the platform.

At Cognism we have the most extensive global coverage of DNC registries. 

We currently scrub our data against DNC registries in the US, Canada, Australia and UK (TPS/CTPS), France, Germany and other European countries (the full list of countries we check DNC lists in is available upon request).

Our team actively works to add more countries to the platform.

To request your data to be removed from Cognism's database, fill in the form on our data opt-out page.

Have more questions about our product?

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