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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cognism?

Cognism is a powerful sales acceleration platform that uses Revenue AI technology to help companies grow by engaging their next greatest business opportunities.

Is Cognism GDPR Compliant?

Yes, Cognism is a fully GDPR-compliant sales acceleration and B2B lead generation solution.

What does Lead Generation Mean?

Lead generation is a process designed to stimulate organisational growth by bringing into the Sales Funnel qualified prospects, that have a high potential to become customers.

What’s the best Lead Generation Software?

We believe Cognism Prospector is the best Lead Generation and Outbound Sales software, as it uses the most up-to-date data on the market. It enables companies to accelerate their prospecting process while gaining actionable insights from their existing database through Sales Triggers.

What are B2B Lead Generation Tools?

B2B Lead Generation Tools are software solutions designed to help businesses reach and engage with their ideal prospects, aiming to transform them into clients. Cognism Prospector is a B2B Lead Generation Tool.

What does Sales SaaS Software mean?

Sales SaaS Software solutions are platforms that use technology to streamline and aid the Sales process in a business-to-business scenario. These are most often available in either a managed or a self-service offering. Cognism offers its Sales software both as SaaS or Fully-managed, through Cognism Interactive.

What is Revenue AI?

Revenue AI is Cognism’s innovative technology aimed to help businesses use Artificial Intelligence to drive sales, Lead Generation and gain Revenue Insights (actionable insights from their current B2B data).

What is an Outbound Sales Process?

An Outbound Sales Process refers to an organisation’s Sales team activities that drive Lead Generation by actively reaching out to prospects. Cognism enables organisations to use technology to streamline this process, accelerating Lead Prospecting and revenue generation.

What is Lead Generation Marketing?

Lead Generation Marketing describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. Use Cognism Prospector to generate sales and marketing leads.

Cognism Data & Business Intelligence

Cognism taps into 5.6 billion data points globally to ensure it provides the highest quality data on the market. Using technology, it then enables companies to gain actionable insight from this data and use it for B2B Lead Generation purposes - bringing Data Intelligence to life.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound Marketing brings together all Marketing activities designed to enhance the Inbound results - bringing prospects into the business. Cognism Prospector is an Outbound Marketing tool enabling organisations to accelerate and automate their processes, to increase effectiveness and results.

How to implement an Outbound Sales Strategy?

A modern Outbound Sales Strategy integrates the human resource with technology to streamline and automate processes, making use of Data Intelligence to reach ideal prospects and carry them through the buying journey.

How to use Data for Lead Generation or Lead Prospecting?

B2B Data is one of the most important resources for B2B Lead Generation and B2B Lead Prospecting - the quality of the data will have a direct impact on the Outbound Strategy results. Best practices of using Data for Lead Generation include combining multiple data points to ensure the data is as fresh and up-to-date as possible, while also using triggers to fuel actionable insight - such as Cognism’s Sales Triggers actionable through Prospector.