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Cold Calling

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Find CEOs’ Phone Numbers in Your Target Accounts [Guide]
Call CEOs legally and efficiently with Cognism's phone-verified mobile numbers. It's the best way to source CEO phone numbers in the US, UK and Europe.
cold-calling- success-rates-seo-resource-card
The Top Cold Calling Success Rates for 2023 Explained
Does cold calling still work? How effective is it in 2023? What are the cold calling success rates? Click to discover the answers to these questions & more
Can You Still Cold Call Under GDPR?
Can You Still Cold Call Under GDPR?
The GDPR isn’t here to ban B2B cold calling. Instead, it aims to make it more responsible, which is good news for us all. Click to find out more.


CISO cold calling script graphics_Resource card
The Ultimate CISO Cold Calling Script: Book Meetings With CISOs
What keeps a CISO up at night? When should you call them? Find out the answers to this, plus more in our tailored cold calling script.
CIO cold calling script graphics_Resource card
Selling To The CIO: The Ultimate CIO Cold Calling Script
If you’re struggling to dial and book meetings with CIOs, it’s because your outreach isn’t personalised enough. Find out more in our cold calling script.
How to find chief executive officers' email addresses?
9 Ways to Find CEO Email Addresses [2023]
If you're trying to find a CEO’s email address, look no further. Here are all the solutions that let you create C-level execs and CEO email lists.
Cold Calling Live Episode 4 pullthrough


Real world examples from live cold calls.

Live coaching and training from Morgan and Dave.

Demand Generation

How to Plan and Execute the Perfect Marketing Experiment
How to Plan and Execute the Perfect Marketing Experiment
The best way to see if your marketing idea works is to try it! Read this blog to find out how to plan and execute the perfect marketing experiment.
Demand generation vs lead generation
Demand Generation vs Lead Generation: The Main Difference
Learn the main differences between demand generation vs lead generation and how to implement both strategies to achieve the best marketing results.
Illuminating the Dark Funnel of B2B Marketing
Illuminating the Dark Funnel of B2B Marketing
We’re shining a light on the dark funnel of B2B marketing. Click to learn how your team can increase conversions, shorten the funnel and free up time.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Cost
How Much Does Lead Generation Cost? [+How to Optimize It]
Learn to calculate and optimise lead generation cost and compare it with the average cost per lead in your industry. Click to find out how.
Lead gen strategies and techniques.
13 Lead Generation Strategies & Tactics That Work
Learn how to generate leads with top sales lead generation strategies and actionable techniques. Find out new trends to fill your pipeline with leads.
10 Ways to Generate Leads in Logistics & Transportation_Card (1)
10 Ways to Generate Logistics Sales Leads [2023]
From cold calling to intent data, discover how to generate sales logistics and transportation leads in 2023.

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