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13 ZoomInfo Competitors and Best Alternative Tools [2023]

ZoomInfo has a great volume of company profiles and contact data. But the company expanded their core offering to the point where it “dug their own grave”—as one sales leader said in a Pavilion interview.

He added that “the functionality, utility, and usability of [ZoomInfo’s] platform itself has degraded significantly” as a result of “trying to play in categories that, historically, they have not lived in”. Other interviewees mentioned other challenges ZoomInfo faces, from lack of product innovation to pricing, especially for additional services.

At the same time, the sales intelligence market is growing fast, providing plenty of ZoomInfo alternatives. But only a few solutions can compete with ZoomInfo in terms of data quality, coverage, and best-in-class integrations with other sales tools.

1. Cognism

Cognism is the best ZoomInfo alternative if you want to replace ZoomInfo’s credits and paid data add-ons with unrestricted access to high-quality data in the US and markets in EMEA, NAM, and APAC.

ZoomInfo competitor, Cognism offers the largest and the most accurate database of cell phone numbers called Diamond Data®, besides B2B emails and direct dials.

What makes Cognism the best ZoomInfo alternative?

Cognism is the best ZoomInfo alternative if you’re looking for:

  • Best European data: Cognism has more contacts in Europe than other providers
  • Manually-verified mobile data with 98% accuracy and verification service on request vs. ZoomInfo’s community-verified numbers
  • 2x more cell phone numbers than other providers (with 47 million mobiles in the US alone) 
  • Unrestricted access to viewing and page-level exporting global data in all packages (subject to fair use)
  • CCPA, GDPR compliance and broader DNC lists scrubbing, notified emails
  • Sales triggers and firmographics
  • Seamless integrations with Salesforce, Outreach, and HubSpot
  • Intent data powered by Bombora
Thinking of switching from ZoomInfo?
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Cognism pricing


Packages suitable for individual prospecting with unrestricted views and individual & page-level exporting (up to 25 records at a time)* in all packages.

Flexible workflows

Custom packages with add-on credits for teams with operational workflows which need bulk-list building and exporting.

Global data

No extra charge for access to global and regional data — NAM, EMEA, and APAC included in all packages.

Premium add-ons

Manually verified cell phone numbers (Diamond Data®) with 98% accuracy and intent data powered by Bombora as add-ons.

Before Cognism

From Zoominfo & LeadIQ to Cognism

The biggest challenge that the teams were facing was data coverage and quality:

“We used ZoomInfo and LeadIQ across all of our sales teams. However, finding correct mobile numbers in these databases was like finding a needle in a haystack.”  

“Cognism defeated all the other lead generation providers by a huge amount. Its database had an 80% accuracy rate and the highest coverage of mobile numbers.”
Michael Iannuzzi, Director of Marketing & Sales Development at Drift 
“Cognism yielded more accurate mobile numbers and email addresses than ZoomInfo. We were sold from that point onwards.”
Joe Allsopp, BDM at Evalian
Before Cognism

Evaluating Zoominfo vs Cognism

The company needed a strong data supplier to ramp up prospecting efforts rather than acquiring leads through LinkedIn.

“I evaluated Cognism with my previous employer and was eager to check out the platform for Evalian. We assessed Cognism against ZoomInfo in an identical one-week data test sample for UK data."

Not convinced Cognism is the best ZoomInfo alternative yet? 👀

Scroll down to find out about:

  • Other ZoomInfo competitors you can use instead of ZoomInfo’s platform
  • Reliable providers to complement ZoomInfo's data in areas where you find gaps
  •  The best ZoomInfo alternatives for just getting mobile numbers

2. competes with ZoomInfo in terms of email and phone database sizes. It costs less vs. sites like ZoomInfo but an independent survey of GTM leaders found’s data is weaker than ZoomInfo’s (email, cell phone numbers, account industry clustering).

According to Apollo’s T&Cs, the company can use customer-submitted data to supplement the data they already have and then sell their services which include this incorporated data. Also, two data breaches in 2018 and 2021 undermined some customers’ trust in the provider.


(Source: G2)

Key features

  • Large contact database
  • Sequences for emails, calls, and tasks
  • Email automation with email templates and A/B tests
  • Simpler end-to-end solution compared to ZoomInfo
💡 Here'a a comparison of alternatives and Cognism vs direct comparison page.


  • Apollo pricing changes frequently, so it’s uncertain which one they will adopt
  • Feature-limited free plan 
  • Paid packages are based on credits which may lead to a scarcity mindset in the sales team 
  • The hidden cost of using Apollo instead of ZoomInfo is that you grant them a license to access and use your customer-submitted data to improve’s data assets

What do our customers say about Apollo?

Hear from leading sales executives who evaluated ZoomInfo alternatives.

ZoomInfo and Apollo were used by all global sales teams. While these vendors were valuable in North America, it became apparent that we needed an EMEA market leader for prospecting in this region.” 

“Our CMO knew of Cognism from a previous role. After an initial demonstration, she was sold by the slick Chrome Extension and its high-quality, compliant EMEA data.” 

Beatriz Bastos, Business Development Representative at Promon

"Firstly, we trialled Apollo using a test data sample which didn’t produce adequate results.” 

“We proceeded to evaluate ZoomInfo but found the data to be too US-centric. This didn’t fit our ICP of targeting UK companies.”

Marc Parsons, SDR Team Lead, at OneUpSales

Is EMEA expansion keeping you up at night?We provide compliant contact data in Europe.

3. LeadIQ  

LeadIQ is a free ZoomInfo alternative that you can set up within a few minutes. It uses a proprietary algorithm to collect B2B data from public and private sources, such as social media sites, search engines, and job boards.

Every LeadIQ plan limits the number of mobile numbers (max. 120 /mo in the Enterprise plan), so it won’t suit heavy dialer teams.

See Cognism vs LeadIQ direct comparison page.


(Source: LeadIQ)

Key features


  • Limited free plan
  • Paid plans start at $75 per month per user
  • Custom plan for enterprises 
  • Some features are available as add-ons for annual plans and/or multiple users

4. Lusha

Like many of ZoomInfo’s competitors, Lusha is generally considered to be a cheaper and easier-to-use alternative.

Lusha's monthly subscription plans with the cost shown upfront can suit SMBs and startups better than ZoomInfo's upmarket pricing model.

Lusha hides all the advanced features in its custom plan which has to be negotiated with the sales team. 

Check out Lusha vs Cognism page.

Screenshot 2023-07-15 at 00.21.58

(Source: Lusha)

Key features

  • Allows prospecting with basic data types and filters
  • Email finder tool (includes personal emails, though)
  • Intent signals for enterprise clients
  • CCPA compliant and GDPR aligned (full GDPR compliance available for enterprise users)


  • Free trial with access to a very basic platform
  • Paid monthly plans with limited credits per user
  • Custom plan with advanced features (i.e. bulk load)

Looking for a global provider?

We have coverage across NAM, EMEA & APAC.

What do our customers say about Lusha and LeadIQ?

Hear from leading sales executives who evaluated different ZoomInfo competitors.

“Cognism yielded 26% more emails and 54% more mobiles than ZoomInfo and Lusha. Cognism also provided four types of phone data: cell phone numbers, office, HQ and direct dials whereas the other two databases didn’t.”

“The high coverage of mobiles gives the SDRs the opportunity to spend more time getting through to decision-makers and less time guessing HQ numbers.”

“Overall, we chose Cognism for its fair price point, reliable sales data and seamless integration with HubSpot and its LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extension.”

 Laura Hayward, Head of Internal CRM and Data at Epik8

“We used ZoomInfo and LeadIQ across all of our sales teams. However, finding correct mobile numbers in these databases was like finding a needle in a haystack.”  

Cognism defeated all the other lead generation providers by a huge amount. Its database had an 80% accuracy rate and the highest coverage of mobile numbers.” 

“Our decision to move from ZoomInfo and LeadIQ to Cognism was an easy one. The platform surpassed all our expectations.” 

Michael Iannuzzi, Director of Marketing & Sales Development at Drift

5. Kaspr

Kaspr is an all-in-one sales prospecting tool and an affordable ZoomInfo competitor for recruiters and SDRs. It lets you find B2B contact data and build LinkedIn sequences fast. It’s best for individual users and SMBs.

Kaspr doesn't have a platform so it doesn't allow for list building. It's a point solution that operates primarily on LinkedIn. Cognism acquired it in 2022.

Compare Kaspr vs Cognism.


Key features

  • Enrichment workflows to automatically enrich B2B contact data directly from LinkedIn
  • Enrich and extract data from LinkedIn lists, a group, an event, or a post
  • Engage prospects automated messages and follow-ups directly from Kaspr’s dashboard 
  • Automation workflows to send LinkedIn invitations, export prospect information to a CRM, send automated follow-ups, and more
  • Lead management and team collaboration features


  • A free plan with 50 credits/mo
  • Monthly subscriptions start at 30€/mo per user
  • Custom plan for 20+ users

Check out our manually-verified cell phone numbers.

Our data research team checks the numbers’ accuracy by calling the prospects. The result?

  • 98% accuracy.
  • 20% connect rate (vs 3% industry standard).
  • 7x increase in connect rate.
  • 5x increase in reach.
HubSpot Video

What do our customers say about Diamond Data®?

Hear from leading sales executives who evaluated different ZoomInfo alternatives for getting cell phone numebrs.

“Before Cognism, the record number of meetings booked in one day was 26.” 

“With Cognism, our record is 30 meetings booked in a day and 33% of these meetings are with C-Suite Executives!”

“On that day alone, the team generated £5.8 million pounds of revenue.”

Sales Operations Executive at a fast-growing EdTech company 

“Our exact pipeline from Cognism’s data is $125k.”

“A great example of the accuracy of Cognism’s data is a $50k deal we won. I simply rang the prospect, booked a demo and now they are a client.”

Paul Donnachie, Sales Manager of EMEA at Keboola

6. Clearbit 

 Clearbit is one of the ZoomInfo competitors in the marketing intelligence space. It's best suited for marketing and operations teams looking for company data and IP intelligence.

It focuses on collecting and analyzing data about prospects, customers, website visitors, and their behavior. 


(Source: G2)

Key features

  • Tools for identifying and segmenting your audience
  • Data enrichment with ​​firmographics and technographic data
  • GDPR-aligned and its CCPA status can be found here
  • Simple open-source tools at no extra cost


  • Clearbit’s pricing is not public
  • Clearbit for Business plan is volume-based and can be customized with add-ons

7. Seamless.AI 

Seamles.AI claims to be a real-time search engine, not a database like ZoomInfo. It uses AI to crawl the web and discover lead generation data. This is one of the ZoomInfo competitors offering free credits to users who want to test the platform before committing. But they collect customer-submitted data to improve their database.

Due to its unknown GDPR compliance status, it might not be a preferred choice for companies that value compliance. 

Check out B2B data compliance guide.


Key features


  • Pricing is based on number of seats and contact downloads
  • Paid plans start at $147 per month with annual billing
  • Custom plans for enterprises

8. SalesIntel

SalesIntel is a SaaS solution that helps larger sales and marketing teams identify ABM data and find contact information for B2B SaaS decision-makers.

This company claims its cost is similar to ZoomInfo, but unlike ZoomInfo, it doesn’t segment its database for specific functions.


(Source: Capterra)

Key features

  • Claims to have 90-day re-verification processes
  • Technographic and intent data
  • Easier to set up and straightforward interface
  • Chrome extension for real-time prospecting on LinkedIn


  • Fill out a form on the official website to get a quote for your business
  • The pricing depends on credit usage for data export, research, or enrichment, extra modules, and the number of user licenses
  • Cost estimates position it towards the higher end of the market

9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a prospecting tool for building prospect lists on LinkedIn. It has one of the largest professional databases for recruiters and SDRs.

Users can research prospects and companies in their target markets and send them InMails. But it doesn’t provide contact information.

You can use a data provider like Cognism to enrich LinkedIn profiles and Sales Nav lists with actionable contact data.

Key features

  • Advanced search filters such as job title, company size, location, and industry
  • Personalized lead recommendations based on a user's search history and LinkedIn activity
  • InMail messaging to reach prospects outside your network
  • Buyer interest alerts 


  • A monthly subscription to Sales Navigator starts at $79.99 per user
  • Enterprise pricing available upon request

💡 ZoomInfo Chrome Extension not working? See how to fix it.

10. Lead411

Lead411 is one of the more flexible and affordable competitors to ZoomInfo, with licenses for single users and teams.

It offers company, employee, and growth intent data as well as features for sales and marketing.

Like ZoomInfo, Lead441’s data is US-centered, but it claims to reverify emails more often than ZoomInfo.


(Source: Capterra)

Key features

  • Sequencing and email automation
  • Email verification via SMTP, manual methods, and email open validation
  • Built-in sales enablement email/SMS campaigns
  • Location match for direct dials


  • The cheapest license is $900 per year per user in the US only
  • Extra credits cost between $0.40 and $0.50 per credit
  • Email and SMS automation add-on paid extra

11. Demandbase

Businesses choose this ZoomInfo alternative to identify and target high-value accounts. Demandbase uses AI technology to leverage account based marketing and drive revenue growth.

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 16.33.28

(Source: G2)

Key features

  • Account-based marketing platform
  • AI powered insights to understand target audience better
  • Tools for omnichannel account-based advertising
  • Advanced analytics (site, engagement, account journeys) and customizable reports


  • Exact pricing is not disclosed
  • Various pricing packages and options based on the number of accounts, users, ad spend, or data records 

12. UpLead

UpLead is sometimes considered a ZoomInfo alternative by SMBs and mid-market companies because of its transparent fixed-pricing on the website and its no-commitment plans.

It collects data by analyzing public domains and supplementing it with data from third-party vendors.

Check out a full list of UpLead’s competitors and UpLead vs ZoomInfo comparison page.


(Source: Crozdesk)

Key features:

  • This ZoomInfo competitor uses a combination of AI and human verification to ensure data accuracy
  • Firmographic and technographic filters
  • API access to enrich companies and contacts’ information
  • Simpler interface


  • Paid plans start at $74/mo for a limited number of credits
  • Additional credits cost extra which often leads to scarcity mindset in the sales team
  • Custom plan for enterprises


Hunter isn’t a website like ZoomInfo, but it could be a good alternative if you want to find email addresses related to a domain. It’s an email finder tool that validates company employee emails from various sources.

It works by crawling webpages and indexing emails disclosed in public sources. It means Hunter collects personal data as well.

See the best websites for purchasing email lists.


Key features

  • Use an email finder and a confidence score for each email address
  • Verify email addresses in real-time to ensure that they are deliverable and not bouncing
  • Search for email addresses associated with a particular website domain
  • Built-in email campaigns features 


  • Limited free plan
  • Paid plans cost between 49€ and 399€ per user per month


Cognism is a sales intelligence platform that makes for one of the best ZoomInfo alternatives. Be it sales, marketers, RevOps, or GTM leaders, this B2B data provider prides itself on its global data coverage and compliance, data accuracy, and the best integrations with leading CRMs and sales engagement tools. The integrations are easy to set up and don’t cost extra.

Some of the reasons why businesses are looking for alternatives to ZoomInfo are limited contact data coverage in Europe, limited DNC coverage, unpredictable and complex pricing due to limited number of credits and data add-ons. Some companies don’t want to be locked into ZoomInfo technology and prefer competitive solutions that are easier to set up and quicker to adopt. Check out how Cognism stacks up against ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo’s credits are consumed when you export the data. Monthly credits automatically refresh at the start of each calendar month, while bulk credits require allocation by an internal admin. 

ZoomInfo has different credit types for different roles. Bulk credits are typically reserved for users who need to build and export large lists. Admins can assign bulk credits from the available pool as needed.

Credit-based models often create a scarcity mindset among sales reps. That’s why at Cognism, we don’t restrict viewing and exporting data with credits or geographically on all plans. Speak to our team to learn more!

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