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Cognism for Sales

Increased revenue month-on-month

Find the information you need to make fewer calls, contact the most relevant people, and hit quota faster.

Join 1800+ customers who are EXCEEDING targets using Cognism

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We know you're shopping around and we like to keep it simple

Here's what you need to know about Cognism

Contact Data: More results from fewer calls

  • We have an exclusive mobile dataset called Diamond Data® that ups your dial-to-connect rate by 7x.
    The secret of
    Diamond Data®? We manually call each number to confirm it's correct.
  • We ensure you never hit a dead end and reach the people you need to talk to.
    Diamonds-on-Demand® is an exclusive feature that allows you to request Cognism to find and phone-verify your most valuable contacts on demand. 

Compliance: Prospect with confidence

We help you call and email with complete confidence in various regions.

  • We provide business emails
  • We notify our database
  • We check and clean our database against the telephone preference service (TPS/CTPS) in the UK and various European countries' Do-Not-Call lists


Pricing: Customised for your needs

  • Our pricing doesn't come in a simple table because we want to first understand your needs and draw up a proposal that works for YOU.
  • You will, however, get unrestricted views and individual and page-level exporting, our Web App and Chrome Extension
  • Every package includes contact, company data, technographics, and sales trigger events

Data access: Basic + Advanced data

  • We offer company + contact-level data.
  • This includes emails and mobile numbers so you can connect easily even if your prospects work from home.
  • It also includes contextual data like technographic data, sales event triggers and event data.

Coverage: Global

  • You probably know us as the provider of choice for teams prospecting into EMEA - we have the best coverage in the region.
  • But did you know we have the best mobile phone number coverage in the US too? If your US team needs MORE accurate mobiles so you can have MORE conversations, get in touch.
  • We cover the APAC region too.

Integrations: Connect your sales tech stack

Get all the data you need to do your job - whererever you need it.

  • Our platform integrates into a variety of existing sales solutions likely already in your tech stack. 
  • CRM and sales engagement integration tools are included in every package.

Contact data

Accuracy matters: 7x more live conversations

Reach decision-makers regardless of where they are.

Our exclusive dataset called Diamond Data® comes with 98% accuracy - we verify each Diamond number manually so you can:

  • Have a live conversation every 3-4 dials instead of every 8-10
  • Save time and make cold calling an activity your SDRs enjoy again


Intent Data

74% more wins!

Being the first one to turn a vision into a clear path of value can lead to a win rate upwards of 74%.*

Start conversations with accounts primed to buy and engage with buyer intent and sales trigger events from Cognism.

*Source: Forrester Research

Unrestricted Prospecting

No restrictions on the data you need 

Get unlimited views, plus unrestricted individual and page-level exports. We’ll give you the contact + contextual data you need to close your deals.

Data types

How does it work?

How to find net new, ideal-fit prospects in assigned verticals
How to find and reach decision-makers in target accounts
How to enrich SalesNav lead lists with actionable contact data

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