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WIN in sales with the most accurate data on the market

Most sales teams spend 70% of their time on unproductive prospecting.

Be the exception. Spend less time on manual prospecting tasks and more time on engaging, qualifying, and nurturing your ideal prospects.

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Find key decision makers in best-fit accounts

  • Filter Cognism’s globally compliant database of 15M companies to find target accounts of the right size, in the right industry, using a specific technology.
  • Discover direct dials and emails of key decision makers and filter by email and phone number type to always focus on your top prospects.

Identify not only ‘WHO’ but ‘WHEN’ an account is ready to buy

  • Track the online behaviour of ideal accounts and identify companies who have shown increased interest in relevant topics and are now in buying mode.
  • Seamlessly enrich in market accounts with contact data for faster, smoother prospecting.

69% of Cognism users see ROI in 6 months or less

Prospect while browsing

  • Speed up your Linkedin prospecting efforts with Cognism’s Chrome Extension. Get access to the entire 400M database within your Chrome browser.
  • Export single contacts from LinkedIn or create targeted lead lists in Sales Navigator and export the enriched lists to CSV or your CRM.

Never miss a revenue opportunity

Identifying prospects when they are ready to buy is hard. Automated sales trigger events can make this easier. Get visibility of:

  • New job listings
  • Location moves
  • Event appearances
  • Job join/job move
  • Company funding rounds

Seamlessly integrated into your current workflows

  • With Cognism’s suite of integrations you can enhance your current workflows with minimal friction.
  • Start driving efficiencies in your technology and make your tech stack work harder for you with integrations built for revenue teams.
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World-leading compliance

  • Ensure your data complies with the letter of the law, wherever you operate.
  • Cognism is committed to full compliance with international data regulations. Our database addresses all B2B consent requirements, enabling marketers across the globe to access secure & compliant data with ease.

We can help you:

Reach decision-makers

Skip the gatekeepers and wrong contacts. Reach decision-makers directly even while working from home.

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Boost productivity

Increase response rates and close deals faster leveraging sales trigger events like company funding, hiring, or job change.

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Target faster

Speed up your Linkedin prospecting efforts. Export contacts from Linkedin or enriched lists from Sales Navigator to CSV or your CRM.

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Exceed your targets from anywhere with our sales solutions


Fuel up your revenue engine with real-time, accurate B2B contact and account data you can trust.

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Chrome Extension

The SDR’s secret weapon. The perfect contact and account enrichment tool for your LinkedIn prospecting.

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Intent Data

Gain a competitive advantage by moving beyond ‘WHO’ to target and focusing on ‘WHEN’.

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One place to schedule and manage outbound campaigns, and interact with your prospects via phone, Linkedin or email.

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1000+ teams drive predictable revenue with Cognism

“I’d recommend Cognism for lead generation when you need to grow your database - if you don’t have the data and you want to reach out to a new audience. And also if you want to test your target market.”

Becky Smith, B2B Strategist, Huggg

“When we were thinking about buying a B2B data platform, I A/B tested Cognism against a market leader, and checked the results on LinkedIn. 9 times out of 10, Cognism’s data was accurate and error-free, and the market leader’s wasn’t.

That tells you everything you need to know - Cognism isn’t just a great data provider, it’s the absolute best on the market.”

Tom Andrews, Revenue Operations Manager

“With Cognism, the volume of leads we get just continues to boom. I can actually say our leads are continuously getting better. It’s like the team found our sweet spot and the industries we’re targeting and provided us with those leads. Each time we do a new nationwide campaign, it’s never hitting the same people.”

Arrend Jelsma, VP of Recruiting Operations. Maintenance Recruiter

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