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Cognism for RevOps

The fuel for your revenue engine

Move the needle on your revenue team's potential with a united, data-backed strategy.

Calculate your TAM, plan territories and enrich your data for accurate segmentation, scoring, and routing.

We help 3000+ revenue teams connect with confidence & exceed targets

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Cognism Enrichment

Drive revenue team success & alignment with enriched CRM data

Enrich your database and evaluate your markets using real sales intelligence. 

There are 2 ways to enrich your data. Check them out below:

Vorteile von Cognism Enrich für RevOps

Scheduled Enrichment

Prevent stale and out of date data.

Keep your data clean and accurate to suit your cadence: 

  • Schedule for monthly, quarterly or annual cleanses.
  • Keep on top of key contacts that move companies. 
  • Maintain accuracy in seconds

Instant Enrichment

Enrich new leads the moment they touch Salesforce.

Clean and verify data as it enters your CRM to: 

  • Fill in any gaps in your new records
  • Prevent sales from chasing unsuitable leads
  • Maintain reporting accuracy

Ace territory planning & management

Enrich your database and evaluate your markets using real sales intelligence. 

Calculate your total addressable market and unearth insights that help you optimise your market coverage and increase conversations.

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Score with precision

Avoid the trap of false precision and don't let bad data break your scoring. 

Match and populate missing lead values in your database to make better data-backed decisions and set a more accurate lead scoring threshold.

Give your marketing team a shortcut to repeatable success

Free your marketing team from audience constraints. Never worry about how they’ll get their message in front of your ideal buyer again.

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Empower sales to have more conversations

Leave your sales team to do what they do best - have conversations.

Turn individual contributors into true revenue contributors by arming them with the most actionable and accurate B2B data on the market, right where and when they need it.

Loved by 3000+ revenue teams

With Cognism you can:

Enhance you customer segmentation strategy

Analyse market segments and build lists more effectively and efficiently.

Maintain a healthy database and ensure you score, prioritise, and route opportunities using clean, enriched data.

Make a measurable impact on the full funnel

Align sales & marketing with B2B sales intelligence you can trust.

From phone-verifying contacts, to ensuring our data meets evolving compliance laws - our goal is to provide you with actionable intelligence your team are confident in and want to use.

Enable your revenue team to have more focused conversations

Keep your pipeline full with ideal-fit, closable opportunities.

Equip your sales team with verified emails and modern-day data points like mobiles, so they can have more quality conversations regardless of whether your prospects work from home or the office.

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See how Cognism helps revenue teams find and close business predictably