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Call me on the office switchboard...said no one ever!

It's time to stop calling the gatekeeper and reach your contact immediately. Learn more about how to do this with direct dials and mobiles.

Outbound at Scale - Webinar - High-Performance Outbound Sales V1-06

Webinar: Outbound at Scale

Watch this recording to hear from three expert sales leaders on how their teams generate revenue from outbound channels - including how to structure your team, hire new talent, and motivate them to succeed.


Cold Calling Live Episode 3 with Morgan Ingram

David Bentham and Morgan Ingram offered LIVE cold calling training, including live feedback on real SDR calls.


Making Data SaaS-y 

A tactical (not boring) guide to everything B2B contact and account data

The 6-step guide to optimising email nurture conversions_Linkedin Ad 5-1

The 6-step guide to optimising email nurture conversions 

You’re not entirely happy with your email nurture conversions. We get it. So here are 6 steps to take your emails to the next level and help a ton more prospects through the buying process.

The revenue-driven email marketing checklist_Linkedin Ad 1-1

The revenue-driven email marketing checklist

Could your email marketing campaigns do more to impact your bottom line? Here’s a handy checklist on what to switch on and off when you’re working on your next campaign.


Sales Enablement Playbook

In this guide for sales leaders, we unpack the best tactics, processes and advice for enabling B2B sales and fueling the growth of your business.


How to Build Cadences that Convert

Register for our webinar with Tom Bailey (Salesloft), Chloe Muggleston (Varicent) and Tim Miller (Cognism).

Speed to lead webinar image for fran-01-01

Speed to Lead: How to Ramp SDRs Quickly and Effectively

In this session, three SDR managers chatted all things enablement, coaching and motivation—and how to get your SDRs up to speed!

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The most overlooked elements of a winning sales culture that scales

Here's the replay of our open, honest conversation with two experienced sales leaders who shared with us what they’ve learned are the most commonly overlooked techniques to building an enduring culture of winning.

josh braun cold calling without a net-01

Cold Calling Without A Net with Josh Braun

Check this replay and get to see exactly how Josh Braun crafts a cold-call script, handles objections in real time, and brings a completely cold prospect to “yes”.


Next Level Data: How Top Companies are Driving Growth

Learn how top companies get more with Cognism. Featuring case studies across different industries.


Cold Calling Workshop: LIVE training

In this live cold calling workshop,  join Morgan Ingram for his method on making effective cold calls, crafting cold-calling scripts, handling objections, and ultimately take prospects from cold to meeting booked.  


Webinar: Pitch, to Demo, to Deal

Selling SaaS isn't easy. You've got your solution, product, or tool - now how do you pitch it? In this webinar, three senior leaders in SaaS share their tips for converting opportunities - and closing them - from new prospects.


'Mutual Success' Deal Timeline for AEs

Close deals faster with this shared deal timeline, mapping out how AEs will achieve mutual success with the account.

The ANYTHING BUT BASIC guide to email marketing V1 FINAL-02

The Anything But Basic Guide to Email Marketing

Learn everything you need to know about email marketing, including the benefits of email marketing, how to craft emails that convert and top email marketing tools your team can use.


The SaaS Cold Calling Cheat-Sheet

SaaS leaders: want to book more meetings from cold calls? Focus on pain points, and convert more outbound leads.


The Ultimate Go-To-Market Template

Marketing leaders: expanding into new regions? Map out your new market strategy and win buy-in from the C-Suite and beyond.


Tech Sales - Case Study Playbook

SaaS leaders: want to learn from real SaaS tech companies? Faster prospecting, new leads, more SQLs. How do they do it?

SDR training schedule Banners_Linkedin Ad 1

SDR Training Schedule Template

Download our 2-week SDR training plan to speed up your new reps' ramp time, and results!  

Build your Own Hype - A Masterclass in Personal Branding V1_Social media banner copy 14-1

Build your Own Hype - A Masterclass in Personal Branding 

Join and Greig and Oscar from Cognism's Content Team as they discuss how to build a personal brand, keeping up momentum, overcoming imposter syndrome and so much more!

Growth Across Borders - How not to be a naive tourist V1-02

Growth Across Borders: How not to be a naive tourist

In this webinar our speakers will be sharing their GTM secrets as well as practical advice on how to set yourself up for success and stand out from the crowd – in the right way!

European GTM 101 - The honest guide to nailing your strategy V1 FINAL-03

European GTM 101: The honest guide to nailing your strategy

In this guide we reveal the GTM secrets from sales, marketing and product leaders, inspired by real-world European launches to help you nail your European GTM strategy. 

VP Cadence Banners V1 FINAL-04

The Ultimate Cadence for VPs

Struggling to connect with VPs during your pitch? Get Cognism's winning cadence that is used by our sales team. Learn what VPs really want to hear!

SEO Checklist Banner Designs V1 FINAL-02

The Ultimate On-page SEO Checklist

Learn more about SEO with our latest checklist that will help you ensure you are using every necessary feature to improve your SEO rankings.

Chris Walker Live The Dark Funnel & What It Means for Marketers V1_Social media banner copy 16

The Dark Funnel & what it means for Marketers

In this live Q&A, Cognism's CMO, Alice de Courcy was joined by Chris Walker, CEO @ Refine Labs for a deep dive discussion on the 'Dark Funnel' (a phrase coined by 6sense). They evaluated what it is and the practical ways marketers can use it to capture the attention of their buyers in the places they actually buy.

Revenue marketing: What do top marketers measure and why?

Revenue marketing: What do top marketers measure and why?

In this webinar, our speakers shared their expert opinions on the marketing metrics you need to be tracking and why.


Frame The Way You Scale: A RevOps Guide

We spoke to Ruth Oyeyiola, our very own Revenue Operations Analyst. Her insights will give you everything you need to know about implementing a winning RevOps strategy.

Marketing Template LinkedIn Banners_Linkedin Ad 8-2

Marketing template - CMO Growth Hacking 

Learn what you need to do to run successful paid growth experiments with our latest marketing template. 

Marketing Template LinkedIn Banners_Linkedin Ad 2-2

Marketing template - Content Scheduling

Are you struggling to keep up with your existing content calendar? Take your efforts to the next level with our latest Content Scheduling template! 

Marketing Template LinkedIn Banners_Linkedin Ad 4-1

Marketing Template - Social Media Performance 

It's time to simply your social media reporting every month with our latest Social Media Performance template. Take control of your social media data with our help!

Marketing Template LinkedIn Banners_Linkedin Ad 6-1

Marketing Template - Content Management

Do you need to streamline your content management and planning processes? Make the most of your SEO efforts with our interactive template to make your content management more efficient!

Ultimate Inbound Cadence for MDRs

Learn how to quickly engage with your prospects all the way down the funnel with our latest guide.

Sales marketing 2021 survey report  V1 FINAL-01

Industry Research Report

This one's for all the revenue leaders out there. Cognism has worked together with Turtl, Leadfeeder and Reachdesk to interview Sales and Marketing teams over the past year. You'll find out our predictions for 2021, too. 


Webinar: The Art of Closing a Deal

We shared some of our best practices in B2B business development, unmissable for any sales leader, account exec, or BDM.

Breaking down Silos - Integrating Sales and Marketing V1-02

Breaking Down Silos: Integrating Sales and Marketing

In this webinar, our expert panel discusses how to better align your sales and marketing teams through meeting targets, MDRs, using RevOps, creating content and more.

The Evolving Role of Data in RevOps V1_Social media banner copy 22-1

The Evolving Role of RevOps

In this webinar, our expert panel shared actionable advice on how they are leveraging data to drive their lead to cash flow.

The 3 Secrets to CMO Success (in B2B SaaS)

The 3 Secrets to CMO Success

Content. Campaigns and Demand Gen. Performance marketing. These are the three pillars that prop you up as CMO. 

In this eBook, Cognism's CMO, Alice de Courcy outlines the secrets to her success in the role to date. 

Explore your Growth - Banners_2-2 (1)

5 Scaling Superpowers For Marketing Agencies

Often wonder how can you better serve your clients while maximizing your own growth? This guide is full of actionable strategies you can hand straight over to your clients. You’ll also get next level tactics you can use to propel your scale-up journey. 


The Sales Leader's Guide To Scaling A Sales Strategy

Grab these actionable insights on how to navigate the sales journey and build a predictable and scalable revenue engine.

thumbnail_The no stone unturned guide to sales strategy x3 LinkedIn Banner V1 FINAL-03

The No Stone Unturned Guide to Sales Strategy

Upgrade your sales strategy for 2021 with our latest guide, explaining how to optimise your team's outreach and debunking the latest tech in sales.


The B2B Cold Calling Handbook

In this guide we’re sharing the latest and greatest cold calling tips which we’re sure will help your SDRs perfect their skills.


The Sales Process Handbook

The best salespeople aren't artists - they're scientists. They use data to form insights and optimise their work, and the right B2B sales process enables this way of working.

Exceeding targets from home - the ultimate guide to remote sales management

Exceeding Targets from Home: The ultimate guide to remote sales management

Level-up your remote management skills with this guide and get the best out of your team even from afar! 

Data Driven Marketing - The Path to Predictable Growth BANNERS V9 FINAL-01

Data Driven Marketing Playbook

In this guide, we offer revenue leaders all the knowledge they need to implement a data-focused marketing strategy at their company.


B2B Prospecting: The 2021 Compliance Landscape

Get ahead this year and make sure you're compliant with all data privacy regulations whilst also maximising the opportunities available to you, now and going forward.  


Cold Calling: The Next Generation of Outbound in 2021

Pick up the phone, start a conversation, drive interest - it's not always that simple. In this recorded webinar, you'll hear tips from top B2B salespeople to upgrade your cold calling.

Revenue Engines V1_Social media banner copy 26

Revenue Engines: How you can build success in sales

In this webinar, we'll approach sales in a scientific way. Modern teams need to gather data, measure performance, and optimize processes. Our panel of experts will share how to achieve that in 2021.

How MDRs increase conversion rates-2

Turning MQLs into SQLs: How MDR’s increase conversion rates

In this webinar, we’ll explore how having a specialised salesperson, called an MDR, can bridge the gap between marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs)


2 cadences for content leads

We asked our MDRs - Marketing Development Representatives - to provide us with their winning cadences for content leads.

Designed to share knowledge and insight, rather than push product features and benefits, these are the cadences of choice for scaling content leads to closed-won deals.

Listen on demand-2
The secret formula to a winning cadence 

Creating an outbound sales cadence that converts is critical to the success of any growing business. However, developing the right cadences for the right personas, isn’t always easy.

In this webinar, we speak to a panel of sales experts about the do's and don'ts of creating winning sales cadences.

A new prospecting landscape - arm your sales reps to thrive V1 FINAL-06 (1)

A new prospecting landscape:
arm your sales reps to thrive 

Sales leaders! How are you enabling your team to build pipeline and hit quota? In this live session we reveal the processes, and tactics that are keeping our sales team busy, and our CEO happy.


5 top metrics for B2B SaaS sales

Today, like never before, it's imperative to focus on sales in a logical manner. To assemble information, measure execution, and optimise processes. We are here to provide you with the answers! Where should you start? What are the really vital metrics that you should be looking at? 

The Lead Generation Bible for Management Consultancies

The Lead Generation Bible for Management Consultancies

Today’s businesses can source new customers through a combination of automation, personalization and data-driven decision-making.

We think it’s time that management consultancies took advantage of these latest lead gen tactics. 

Kill the MQL - How to promote paid content to generate opportunities V1 FINAL_Social media banner copy-1

Kill the MQL! How to promote paid content to generate opportunities

Let's rethink your paid ad strategy.
In this webinar, three expert B2B marketers share how to create revenue from ads across LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Ads.

Sales Webinar Creatives V1 FINAL_Social media banner-07[1]-1

LinkedIn Prospecting: How social selling can fuel your pipeline

In this webinar, our speakers shared the steps they take to prospect effectively on LinkedIn and how you can transform LinkedIn into a B2B lead generation powerhouse!

B2B prospecting: The untapped gold mine

B2B prospecting: The Untapped Gold Mine

In this guide, we identify and explore several factors that demonstrate the importance of B2B prospecting for sales and marketing teams, as well as the wider business. Providing practical advice for getting it started at your business today.

No Fluff Inbound Marketing guide

The 'No Fluff' Guide to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing attracts, engages and converts customers. In this guide, we share our secrets to inbound success with you - uncovering the processes, tactics and resources we used to predictably grow revenue from $2.5M to $7M ARR in a year.

The Outbound Prospecting Playbook BANNERS V1 FINAL-02-1

The Complete Outbound Prospecting Playbook

Outbound prospecting can be hard. But, when done well, it can form the foundation of a predictable revenue model and can fuel the growth of your business. In this comprehensive playbook we unpack the best tactics, processes and advice for building a predictable outbound machine.


Complete Content Marketing Playbook

Today’s content marketers aren’t just mere bloggers - they have to adopt many different guises and learn many different skills.
Our playbook was written in collaboration with some of the brightest minds currently working in B2B content marketing.


How to sell SaaS: Cognism's Guide

In our latest whitepaper, we’re opening our B2B sales treasure chest and sharing our secrets. We’ve outlined 3 simple ideas that will help you formulate a winning sales strategy for SaaS and enable your sales team to outsell the competition at every turn.

Cold Calling - A 2020 Masterclass - Learn from the best V1 FINAL_Email banner copy 4-1

Cold Calling: A 2020 Masterclass

In this webinar, we provide cold calling best practices, discuss various tried & tested approaches and share all the tips & tricks our panel have learnt along the way.

Cognism Demand Generation Guides

Demand Generation: How to create demand that drives growth

Looking for new ways to drive, nurture and retain key prospects?

B2B Outbound: Building Predictable Growth

B2B outbound: Building an engine for predictable growth

Uncover the processes, tactics and resources you need to start scaling outbound predictably.


Back from the Dead? Email marketing to drive revenue growth

Email isn't dead. We can prove it. Our next webinar features two experts in demand gen, looking at real cases of email marketing to prove how it drives revenue growth.

The ultimate cold calling script

The ultimate cold calling script for B2B sales

Knowing what to say on a cold call can be difficult. We have taken all our knowledge to create this template for you. Get started today.

8 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy BANNERS V1-18

8 ways to improve your cold calling strategy

Get the modern cold calling playbook, with templates, scripts and real-world advice.

Live webinar- Prospecting in the new normal

Prospecting in the new normal

How do you adapt your prospecting strategy during these uncertain times?

B2B Growth Marketing Webinar: Cognism

B2B growth marketing: hacking your way to predictability

How do you build a marketing engine that can drive qualified demand that converts at a predictable rate.

B2B outbound: How to build a high-performing sales team

B2B Outbound: how to build a high-performing sales team

How do you create an outbound engine that can lower costs, speed up the sales process and ultimately result in higher-quality, better qualified leads?

Scaling Sales Live Webinar

Scaling sales: key lessons from our journey from 2.5 to 7M

A webinar filled with practical tips, tricks and processes for building a predictable sales growth engine.

ABM beyond the hype live webinar

ABM beyond the hype: how to get started today

There is a lot written about ABM theory, but this webinar is all about real-world ABM best practices.

Cognism ABM Playbook

The complete ABM playbook

Top tips and actionable advice from an all-star cast of ABM experts.

Cognism Objection Handling Guide

Cold call objection handling

Get the template for dealing with the most frequent objections you face in sales.

Cognism cadence for sales leaders

A winning cadence for sales leaders

This cadence is designed to be fast and hard-hitting with the ultimate goal of getting the prospect to convert to a meeting in 15 days.

Ultimate cadence for targeting CEO's: Cognism

Your cadence template for CEOs

Find out how to start booking meetings with CEO's today.

The ultimate guide to B2B technology: Cognism

B2B technology: tools to power your lead gen

How do you know what tech is right for your business and growth stage, how do you set it up to scale, and how do you make sure the tech you buy gets adopted?

Marketing Playbook LinkedIn Adverts V2-01

5 metrics B2B SaaS marketers should measure

Being a data-driven marketer is vital to creating a predictable engine. So what should you be measuring?

Product Differentiation Guide: Cognism

How to sell without product differentiation

Learn how to increase your sales effectiveness, without primarily worrying about product differentiation.

Perfect Sales Tech Stack: Cognism

How to build the perfect sales tech stack

Real-world examples of technologies that are making a huge difference to the way sales teams operate.

5 sales emails that get responses: Cognism

5 sales emails that get responses

How can yo get responses from your outbound emails? We've testes it and given you the answers.

Building your ideal customer profile: Cognsim

Your guide to building your ideal customer profile

In this playbook, we give you the tools and methods to define your ideal customer profile, bringing them to life.

B2B Data Cognism Guide

B2B data: the fuel for your growth

B2B data is a vital component for fuelling business growth so we've created a guide with everything you need to know.

ABM: beyond the hype - a Cognism guide

ABM: Beyond the hype

This guide will take you beyond the ABM hype and provide you with clear, practical advice on how to add to, or advance, your ABM efforts today.

The Ultimate Guide to Hacking B2B Lead Generation

Your guide to building a predictable lead generation engine

Practical insights and advice from those at the top of their lead generation game.

5 strategies for improving lead gen in recruitment

5 strategies for improving lead gen in recruitment

Templates, tactics, infographics and data to drive high-quality leads that convert quickly.

How to build a B2B outbound engine

B2B Outbound: how to create a scalable and repeatable engine

Learn how to develop and perfect a repeatable sales process to drive predictable revenue growth for your business. 

Employee Spotlight: Augustinas Tarabilda

Employee Spotlight: Augustinas Tarabilda

Learn more about Cognism's Campaign Marketing Executive and what his role entails. 

SDR Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Saif Khan

Learn more about Saif Khan, Senior SDR at Cognism. 

Sales Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Ilett

Learn more about Jonathan Ilett, Sales Director at Cognism! 

BDM Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Brahm Jagpal

Learn more about Brahm Jagpal, Business Development Manager (BDM) at Cognism. 

Sales Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: David Bentham

Learn more about Inside Sales Director at Cognism, David Bentham. 

Andy Culligan Headshot

Interview with Andy Culligan, CMO at Leadfeeder

We sat down with Andy to discuss how Leadfeeder has adapted their marketing efforts as a result of COVID-19. 


Cognism's Sales Team's WFH Top Tips

As we all adapt to the WFH life, we caught up with our sales team who shared their advice for staying productive whilst working remotely.


5 Top Tips for Google Ads

Join Augustinas Tarabilda to learn his actionable top tips for better performance on Google Ads.

What is B2B lead generation LI

B2B Fundamentals

Understand some B2B basics, including: B2B lead generation, prospecting and data-driven marketing.

Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 15.03.41

Top Tips from Cognism's Sales Team

We've compiled a few top tips from our expert SDR's, BDM's and MDR's. 

Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 16.15.08

How to Use Content to Close Deals

Cognism's Global Head of Demand Generation, Liam Bartholomew, shares his steps for success in using content to drive sales. 


LinkedIn Ads: Do's and Don'ts

Find out what to do and what to avoid when it comes to LinkedIn Ads with Cognism's CMO, Alice De Courcy. 

Screenshot 2021-04-09 at 16.47.47

Dude, Where's my Leads? Episode 1

Watch Cognism CEO James Isilay and his staff grow a SaaS business and navigate the world of B2B sales. 

Cold Calling Day

Cadence for Sales Leaders

Find out how to engage busy sales leaders for success from our Sales Team Lead, Andrew Main. We're also covering Cognism's Cold Calling Day! 

B2B prospecting Cadences

The Ultimate B2B Prospecting Cadence

Learn from senior BDM Saif Khan about how Cognism improved our engagement rates with actionable advice. 

Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 09.06.32-1

The Ultimate Cold Calling Script for B2B Sales

Learn more from Cognism MDR Ben Ward as he discusses what the ultimate cold calling script should look like when it comes to B2B sales. 

Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 09.14.12

5 Emails that get Responses

Learn more from Alex Shorthose, senior BDM at Cognism. With his advice, you may start seeing better response rates from your emails!

Violet Text-heavy Personality Development Webinar Education LinkedIn Single Image Ad-3

The Top 10 Ways That AI is Transforming Sales

One area of business where AI is having the most immediate effect is sales. Traditionally a skillset that relies on human interaction and persuasion, nevertheless it is being gradually transformed by technology.

Sales tech stack_WEB BANNER2

Building the perfect sales tech stack

Old tech just won't cut it anymore. Find out what you should be using for your business. 


10 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy

Cold calling has fallen out of fashion in the era of tech-enabled convenience.But thanks to modern tools, salespeople can breathe warmth into their cold-calling strategy without slowing down the process.


The SaaS Demand Generation Playbook

We've pulled back the veil on SaaS demand generation to give you all the information you need!


The Top 5 Metrics for B2B SaaS Sales

We'll help you start focusing on sales in a logical manner when it comes to B2B selling!

Demandism newsletter graphic 2021

Demandism Newsletter

Demand marketing is an ever-changing field. Sign up for our actionable demand gen newsletter and keep up to date with ease.

Rev Champs graphic for resources page

Revenue Champions Podcast

The ultimate B2B podcast, brought to you by Cognism and hosted by CMO, Alice De Courcy, and Sales Director, Jonathon Ilett. Featuring guest leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs in the B2B sales and marketing space.

content digest resources graphic 2021

Content Digest

Our content newsletter will keep you entertained with the latest trends every two weeks. Take a break from Google Search and get your insights delivered directly to your inbox.

Sales leaders resources graphic 2021

Sales Leaders Digest

The latest sales leadership topics and trends delivered directly to your inbox. Our actionable newsletter provides an enjoyable read that will keep you informed.

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