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The ultimate guide to hacking b2b lead generation

Whether you’re an established business looking to build out your lead generation efforts, or a start-up moving into scale-up mode, you’ll benefit from our comprehensive guide. In this book, we cover the latest techniques across inbound and outbound and share insights from some of the most successful B2B businesses today.

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The Ultimate guide to hacking B2B Lead Generation: Cognism
Kill the MQL - How to promote paid content to generate opportunities V1 FINAL_Social media banner copy-1

Kill the MQL! How to promote paid content to generate opportunities

Let's rethink your paid ad strategy.
In this webinar, three expert B2B marketers share how to create revenue from ads across LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Ads.

Sales Webinar Creatives V1 FINAL_Social media banner-07[1]-1

LinkedIn Prospecting: How social selling can fuel your pipeline

In this webinar, our speakers shared the steps they take to prospect effectively on LinkedIn and how you can transform LinkedIn into a B2B lead generation powerhouse!

B2B prospecting: The untapped gold mine

B2B prospecting: The Untapped Gold Mine

In this guide we identify and explore several factors that demonstrate the importance of B2B prospecting for sales and marketing teams, as well as the wider business. Providing practical advice for getting it started at your business today.

No Fluff Inbound Marketing guide

The 'No Fluff' Guide to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing attracts, engages and converts customers. In this guide, we share our secrets to inbound success with you - uncovering the processes, tactics and resources we used to predictably grow revenue from $2.5M to $7M ARR in a year.


B2B Marketing Hub

Marketers: discover the power to save your pipeline, with our free 14-day course.

Check out our Marketing Hub for all of our latest insights to optimise your B2B marketing.

The Outbound Prospecting Playbook BANNERS V1 FINAL-02-1

The Complete Outbound Prospecting Playbook

Outbound prospecting can be hard. But, when done well, it can form the foundation of a predictable revenue model and can fuel the growth of your business. In this comprehensive playbook we unpack the best tactics, processes and advice for building a predictable outbound machine.

Sales Academy Resource creative

B2B outbound sales academy

Sales Professionals – we’ve created our Sales Academy to host all our top B2B sales content.


Split into key areas including, cold calling, building cadences, scaling sales and performance, it’s filled with sales best practices, current trends and strategic advice for you to explore.


Complete Content Marketing Playbook

Today’s content marketers aren’t just mere bloggers - they have to adopt many different guises and learn many different skills.
Our playbook was written in collaboration with some of the brightest minds currently working in B2B content marketing.


Back from the Dead? Email marketing to drive revenue growth

Email isn't dead. We can prove it. Our next webinar features two experts in demand gen, looking at real cases of email marketing to prove how it drives revenue growth.


How to sell SaaS: Cognism's Guide

In our latest whitepaper, we’re opening our B2B sales treasure chest and sharing our secrets. We’ve outlined 3 simple ideas that will help you formulate a winning sales strategy for SaaS and enable your sales team to outsell the competition at every turn.

Cold Calling - A 2020 Masterclass - Learn from the best V1 FINAL_Email banner copy 4-1

Cold Calling: A 2020 Masterclass

In this webinar, we provide cold calling best practices, discuss various tried & tested approaches and share all the tips & tricks our panel have learnt along the way.

Cognism Demand Generation Guides

Demand Generation: How to create demand that drives growth

Looking for new ways to drive, nurture and retain key prospects?

B2B Outbound: Building Predictable Growth

B2B outbound: Building an engine for predictable growth

Uncover the processes, tactics and resources you need to start scaling outbound predictably.

The ultimate cold calling script

The ultimate cold calling script for B2B sales

Knowing what to say on a cold call can be difficult. We have taken all our knowledge to create this template for you. Get started today.

8 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy LI

8 ways to improve your cold calling strategy

Get the modern cold calling playbook, with templates, scripts and real-world advice.

Live webinar- Prospecting in the new normal

Prospecting in the new normal

How do you adapt your prospecting strategy during these uncertain times?

B2B Growth Marketing Webinar: Cognism

B2B growth marketing: hacking your way to predictability

How do you build a marketing engine that can drive qualified demand that converts at a predictable rate.

B2B outbound: How to build a high-performing sales team

B2B Outbound: how to build a high-performing sales team

How do you create an outbound engine that can lower costs, speed up the sales process and ultimately result in higher-quality, better qualified leads?

Scaling Sales Live Webinar

Scaling sales: key lessons from our journey from 2.5 to 7M

A webinar filled with practical tips, tricks and processes for building a predictable sales growth engine.

ABM beyond the hype live webinar

ABM beyond the hype: how to get started today

There is a lot written about ABM theory, but this webinar is all about real-world ABM best practices.

Cognism ABM Playbook

The complete ABM playbook

Top tips and actionable advice from an all-star cast of ABM experts.

Cognism Objection Handling Guide

Cold call objection handling

Get the template for dealing with the most frequent objections you face in sales.

Cognism cadence for sales leaders

A winning cadence for sales leaders

This cadence is designed to be fast and hard-hitting with the ultimate goal of getting the prospect to convert to a meeting in 15 days.

Ultimate cadence for targeting CEO's: Cognism

Your cadence template for CEOs

Find out how to start booking meetings with CEO's today.

The ultimate guide to B2B technology: Cognism

B2B technology: tools to power your lead gen

How do you know what tech is right for your business and growth stage, how do you set it up to scale, and how do you make sure the tech you buy gets adopted?

Marketing Playbook LinkedIn Adverts V2-01

5 metrics B2B SaaS marketers should measure

Being a data-driven marketer is vital to creating a predictable engine. So what should you be measuring?

Product Differentiation Guide: Cognism

How to sell without product differentiation

Learn how to increase your sales effectiveness, without primarily worrying about product differentiation.

Perfect Sales Tech Stack: Cognism

How to build the perfect sales tech stack

Real-world examples of technologies that are making a huge difference to the way sales teams operate.

5 sales emails that get responses: Cognism

5 sales emails that get responses

How can yo get responses from your outbound emails? We've testes it and given you the answers.

Building your ideal customer profile: Cognsim

Your guide to building your ideal customer profile

In this playbook, we give you the tools and methods to define your ideal customer profile, bringing them to life.

B2B Data Cognism Guide

B2B data: the fuel for your growth

B2B data is a vital component for fuelling business growth so we've created a guide with everything you need to know.

ABM: beyond the hype - a Cognism guide

ABM: Beyond the hype

This guide will take you beyond the ABM hype and provide you with clear, practical advice on how to add to, or advance, your ABM efforts today.

The Ultimate Guide to Hacking B2B Lead Generation

Your guide to building a predictable lead generation engine

Practical insights and advice from those at the top of their lead generation game.

5 strategies for improving lead gen in recruitment

5 strategies for improving lead gen in recruitment

Templates, tactics, infographics and data to drive high-quality leads that convert quickly.

How to build a B2B outbound engine

B2B Outbound: how to create a scalable and repeatable engine

Learn how to develop and perfect a repeatable sales process to drive predictable revenue growth for your business. 

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