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Buyer Intent Data

Discover buyers who are ready to buy

Cognism Intent Data helps you identify accounts actively searching for your product or service – and target key decision-makers when they’re ready to buy.

Combine "who" with "when" and convert in-market accounts effortlessly today.

Join 3000+ customers who are EXCEEDING targets using Cognism

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Prioritise & personalise
outreach to accounts that are in-market today

Provide your next buyer with the answers they are searching for right now. Anticipate their needs, problems, and questions with buyer intent data.

We’ve partnered with the intent data leader Bombora to give you insight into accounts searching for solutions like yours RIGHT NOW.

Immediately actionable

Operationalise buyer intent signals across marketing and sales. Surface key contacts in ready-to-buy accounts, enriched with the most accurate contact data on the market.


See why 3000+ revenue superstars choose Cognism

With Cognism you can

Capture warm opportunities

Identify opportunities earlier in their journey and reach them using phone, email, social media, or paid advertising. See which companies are researching solutions like yours and start conversations with the right decision-makers in key accounts.

Increase relevance with personalised engagement

Combine intent data with Cognism’s firmographic and technographic data to send more personalised messages, build relationships with the right prospects in your target accounts and find new targets you haven’t previously considered.

Speed up your sales cycle

Identify and grab the lowest hanging fruit and speed up your sales cycle. Always prioritise your hottest leads and stop wasting time chasing and persuading leads who have no intention to buy.

Make your cold outreach warmer with intent data