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Lusha Pricing 

Discover a better pricing model with Cognism:

  • Pricing depends on the number of seats and licence type (Platinum or Diamond).
  • All licences include emails, mobile numbers, firmographic data, technologies, and sales trigger events.
  • No extra charge for access to global contact and company data — NAM, EMEA, and APAC.
  • Unrestricted views and individual and page-level exporting within a generous fair-use policy.
  • Access to the Cognism Web App, browser extension, and integrations included.
  • Access to one of the largest mobile numbers databases (47 million numbers in the US alone).
  • The Diamond licence includes everything above, as well as access to accurate phone-verified mobiles, on-demand mobile enrichment, and intent data.
For accurate pricing info or to take Cognism for a test drive, get in touch!

Overview of Lusha pricing

When considering a sales intelligence tool, cost is a major factor. 

Understanding data vendor pricing can be perplexing, with confusing jargon, complicated fine print and unclear subscriptions.

So much so that some Lusha users regret not reading the fine print before signing up after discovering undisclosed costs

In this article, we break down how much Lusha costs and explain what you get when you sign up in a way everyone can understand 👇

How much does Lusha cost?

Lusha pricing starts from $0 to $51 per user, per month if you choose to be billed annually. This gives you a 25% discount. If you choose to be billed monthly, pricing starts from $0 to $69 per user. There are four pricing plans to choose from:


  • $0/user/month.
  • 5 credits each month.
  • No option to add extra users. 
  • Sign up via site.


  • $39/user/month.
  • $29/user/month if billed annually.
  • 480 annual credits per user (40 a month).
  • Add up to 5 users for an additional fee.
  • Sign up via site.


  • $69/user/month.
  • $51/user/month if billed annually.
  • 960 annual credits per user (80 a month)
  • Add Up to 5 users for an additional fee.
  • Sign up via site.


  • Customised billing. 
  • Unlimited contacts, manual shows of up to 25 contacts (Subject to fair usage policy).
  • Speak to sales to sign up.

Each base package includes:

  • Direct phone numbers.
  • Landline phone numbers.
  • Email addresses.
  • Basic prospecting platform.
  • Lusha Chrome extension.
The main factors that influence Lusha pricing are the credits you need, the features and capabilities you require and the number of users/licenses needed.

You’ll have to pay more for additional users and credits, CSV enrichment and a bulk show of 25 contacts.

Intent signals, job changes, technologies, Salesforce data enrichment, and the Lusha API are all add-ons.  

Note: this pricing is up-to-date at the time of publishing. Lusha may show different pricing on its website depending on your region.

What is Lusha pricing based on?

Lusha pricing is based on a credit system, save for its custom Scale package, which offers unlimited contacts subject to a fair use policy. When signing up for a Lusha subscription, you can choose the number of users you would like with a set number of credits automatically added.

For example, if you choose a Pro plan billed annually for three users, Lusha will provide you with 1440 annual credits (in total) and increase the price to $87 per month without any extra add-ons.  

If you require more in-depth data, such as technographics, job change triggers and alerts, intent signals, and bulk show, you will need to opt for one of the higher tier plans.

What are the disadvantages of Lusha pricing?

Lusha’s credit-based pricing system, with limits on viewing and exporting data, monthly caps, and resets, forces you to decide where to allocate resources and may lead to unexpected costs. If reps consume allocated credits too fast, you may have to purchase additional credits. 

This credit-based pricing method has left a few users unhappy. Especially since, if you downgrade your contract, you lose all credits you have already paid for. What’s more, users find the pricing and contract structure inflexible

This methodology of thinking may lead to a scarcity mindset - taking the focus of prospecting away from your reps and grinding your sales and marketing operations to a halt. 

Cognism removes pain points with Lusha pricing

We offer licences priced per user for more efficient prospecting:

  • No unexpected costs.
  • No scarcity mindset.
  • Access to global data at no extra cost.

Costs differ depending on the license type and the needs of your sales team. All license types include unrestricted access to data and individual & page-level exports (up to 25 profiles at a time). It’s subject to a generous fair usage policy

Unlike other vendors, integrations are included in every package. Cognism integrates with popular CRMs and Sales Engagement tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and SalesLoft.

We've got something better for you!

We offer you a free data sample comprising of 25 leads based on your ICP. 

Claim your data sample here

(You’ll need to chat with a data expert when claiming your sample to ensure you get data that matches your ICP.)

How do Lusha credits work?

One credit is used every time you hit the show contact button. 

This will show you all of the phone numbers and email addresses Lusha has for that contact. 

Once you use all of your allocated credits, you’ll need to purchase more. Credits will roll over each month for up to 12 months as long as you’re subscribed to Lusha. On annual plans, all credits will be provided upon purchase, and any unused credits will be reset at the end of the annual cycle.

Additionally, enriching your database will cost you one credit per enriched record. 

Lusha also uses bulk credits which are intended for large-scale business contact list building that may be used on Lusha’s bulk products (available on Premium and Scale plans). 

Should you not be happy with the quality or amount of records received when using a credit, you cannot get a replacement or refund

For the custom Scale package, credits are unlimited. However, they are subject to a fair usage policy. Many data providers offering unlimited credits will do this to ensure customers do not abuse the use of the service. To prohibit excessive use, excessive downloads or screen views, Lusha may use technological means to implement these restrictions. 

The unlimited credit limitations are as follows:

  • Unlimited email credits - limited to 2000 email credits per month per paid plan.
  • Unlimited credits - 2000 to 5000 unlimited credits/month/user, depending on the contract.
  • Bulk credits - up to 1000, depending on the contract. End-user must use bulk credits to continue to bulk select and reveal business contacts using the bulk select widget (End-user can still select up to 25 contacts one by one and reveal them using unlimited credits).
  • Lusha Engage - limit of 200 emails per day due to the limitation imposed by Gmail. An unlimited number of sequences can be created, but only 5 sequences may be active at any given time.

How much are Lusha’s features and integrations?

Lusha costs increase when you add certain features and integrations to the platform, and many are only available on the Scale package. 

Bulk show with the Lusha Chrome Extension and a credit usage overview are not included in the Free or Pro subscriptions. 

The following features are only included with Scale:

  • Intent signals.
  • Job change alerts and filters.
  • Ideal customer profiles.
  • CSV enrichment.
  • Connection to the Lusha API.
  • CRM enrichment.
  • DNC list filtering.
  • SSO with Okta, Azure, Custom SAML 2.0.
  • Tailored onboarding.
  • Customer success manager.

CRM integrations include Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, Salesloft, Outreach, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive and Bullhorn. Integrations are only included in the custom Lusha plan.

While, the Scale package comes at a price customised to suit your business needs. A standard enterprise license is estimated to cost around $95/user/month if billed annually. However, this information was published before Lusha changed this plan over to unlimited credits and may be outdated. 

Is Lusha pricing suitable for individual prospecting?

Yes, many users sign up for the Lusha Free subscription, and there are options to have only one user on all plans save for the custom Scale package. It is a good tool for individuals to consider if you do not wish to commit to annual payments or test for supplemental use. However, the five-credit limit can make it difficult to find quality data for prospecting. 

If you are looking for complaint, quality data with more credits, features and integrations you should investigate Lusha alternatives.

Looking for a more flexible pricing model?

Cognism offers two license types: Platinum & Diamond.

Psst... Our Diamond licence with phone-verified mobile numbers and intent data helps companies get more results with fewer calls.

Cognism pricing packages vs ZoomInfo pricing

Does Lusha offer a free trial?

When considering a Lusha subscription, it’s only fair to want to test the platform’s data. Lusha’s free trial is considered the Free subscription. Many prospects use it first to test Lusha’s data before upgrading to higher-tier plans. 

However, the 5-credit limit may not be enough to truly test the data. 

At Cognism, you can get 25 free leads to test our data! All you need to do is chat with one of our data experts so they can be tailored to fit your ICP. 

How to cancel the Lusha contract?

If you’re a Lusha customer and want to terminate your contract, you can cancel the renewal of your plan at any time for any reason.

It works like most subscription services. All you need to do is click on your account tab and select cancel. 

Your subscription will be cancelled as soon as your term ends. Meaning, that if you’ve signed up and paid for an annual plan, your plan will only terminate at the end of that term. If you are paying on a month-to-month basis, your plan will terminate at the end of the month. 

Lusha suggests users submit the cancellation request at least fourteen days prior to the expiration of the then-current service period. This is to avoid the next automatic renewal and respective charges.

How is Lusha cost calculated?

How much is Lusha? It’s a complicated question, even though it shouldn’t be! Lusha pricing depends on many variables, such as the number of licenses, credit usage, and whether you require extra features and integrations.

If you’re looking for a provider with simpler and more transparent pricing with unlimited credits subject to a generous fair usage policy, check out the Cognism vs Lusha comparison page.

Is Lusha worth the price?

Lusha is a good tool for marketing, sales, RevOps and recruiting teams looking to prospect in the US and Europe. However, it might not be worth it if your teams require unlimited credits, integrations and DNC list filters as these are only offered on the most expensive Lusha plan.

If you’re looking for a tool that makes it easier to cold call globally without limited credits and expensive add-ons, then Cognism is for you. 

Here’s what makes Cognism different to Lusha:

  • Phone-verified data (Diamond Data), which increases dial-to-connect rates by 3x.
  • Research on demand service (Diamonds-on-Demand.)
  • A global leader in US mobile data.
  • DNC filtering is included on all plans and covers 12 countries, compared to Lusha’s 2 (UK & US), which is only available on the most expensive package. 
  • Unrestricted views & page level exports* 
  • All Cognism plans include key capabilities and features designed to make prospecting as efficient as possible. Only Intent data and Diamonds-on-Demand® require an additional cost.
  • Lusha reserves key features for higher-tier packages or add-ons at an additional cost. These include contact search, credits, technologies and more.

But don’t take our word for it!

Holistic AI compared Lusha and Cognism:

“We compared Cognism against LeadIQ, Lusha, ZoomInfo and Apollo with a large emphasis placed on connection rate and data accuracy. We tested email and mobile phone quality in EMEA and the US across all databases.” 

“When we previously used them, Lusha and LeadIQ didn’t flag if a contact was from the DNC list. Understandably, these individuals were very irritated when we called them. Cognism’s database marks all the contacts under the DNC, and these are updated very frequently, which gives us reassurance.” 

Here’s why they chose Cognism:

“The Diamond verification feature and the platform’s ease of use were the determining factors for signing with Cognism.”

“Cognism’s connection rates are night and day. As a team, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in connection rate over LeadIQ, Lusha and ZoomInfo. I’ve personally doubled the connections with significantly less dials needed.” 

“If you can’t get through to people on the phone, it’s nearly impossible to practise your sales pitch. With Cognism, you can speak to more people and improve your craft at the same time. This, in turn, helps you, if you’re in Sales, to book more meetings and earn more money!” 

“If you don’t have the right B2B data provider in your tech stack, your job will become a drain, and you’ll earn less commission as a result. Cognism is a must-have!”

Put Cognism to the test

Cognism is dedicated to powering global sales funnels by providing the most accurate and compliant data. We’ve helped B2B businesses:

  • Increase qualified leads by 60%
  • Decrease speed to lead time by 93%
  • Increase meetings booked by 70%
  • A 240% increase in opportunity creation.
  • A 51% increase in retention and growth.

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