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World-leading compliance

Cognism is committed to full compliance with international data regulations. Our database addresses all B2B consent requirements, enabling thousands of teams across the globe to access secure & compliant data with ease.

✓GDPR   ✓CCPA   ✓Notified database   ✓Opt-outs

The compliant way to prospect.

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Where does Cognism get its data?

We maintain a notified database of 5.6 billion data points, including 400M business profiles and 15M companies. This data is acquired from a variety of public and private high-quality sources, all ingested and enriched to enable complete global coverage.

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Find your TAM! Generate a compliant target account AND contact list.

Conduct in-depth TAM analysis. Build and segment lists with verified emails and fully compliant contact numbers, checked against do-not-call registries.

Enriched data = better compliance

  • Gain a competitive edge with unrivalled data quality and compliance. Populate missing data points at account and contact level.
  • Enrich your database using our pioneering AI-powered technology.
  • Keep your lead data up-to-date & compliant, made accessible with our global opt-out API.

Email and call with confidence

  • Enable your revenue team with a globally compliant, notified B2B database.
  • Access verified emails, direct dials and safe-to-call mobile numbers for your target prospects.

Our data

Business Profiles

Covering everything B2B from small to mid-market to enterprise. Offering complete global coverage.

European Profiles

The leading, strongest European dataset in the industry.

Data points

Providing a comprehensive overview of your target persona.

Direct Dials

Coverage across both Europe and the United States.

Data Points updated daily

Fresh data updated every day to ensure you get the most up-to-date and actionable data.

Technologies mapped

Smarter targeting enabled for smarter prospecting.

Strengthened by seamless integrations

With Cognism’s suite of integrations you can deploy compliant data with minimal friction.

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1000+ teams drive predictable revenue with Cognism

“I A/B tested Cognism against a market leader, and checked the results on LinkedIn. Nine times out of ten, Cognism’s data was accurate and error-free, and the market leader’s wasn’t.

That tells you everything you need to know - Cognism isn’t just a great data provider, it’s the absolute best on the market.”

Tom Andrews, Revenue Operations Manager, PassFort

“We receive results daily. Out of all the responses in a given day, approximately 3-4 are favourable, and by favourable I mean the prospects are interested in booking a meeting or ask for more information. With Cognism, we were able to 3x our number of calls every week. Now we’re closing deals all day and we’re able to do a lot more with a lot smaller staff.”

Arrend Jelsma, VP of Recruiting Operations

“In the first 30 days we won new business using Cognism. The tool proved its value right off the bat and we made our money back instantly.

At this point, we're having 15-20 serious conversations per month, all sourced from Cognism’s database and we get a 5X return on our Cognism investment.”

Brian Scanlon, Owner and CEO

See how our platform delivers compliant data to empower 1000+ revenue teams across the globe.

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