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14 Best Seamless.AI Competitors and Alternatives for 2024

Seamless.AI is a search engine for B2B sales leads. The tool helps sales teams find ideal customers, build prospecting lists and build a pipeline in real-time.  

But is it the best option for your business? 

This article compares the best Seamless.AI competitors on the market so you can make an informed decision when choosing your next B2B data provider.

Scroll 👇 to compare fourteen alternatives to Seamless, including features, pricing, and reviews. 

The top Seamless.AI competitors on the market right now

1. Cognism

Cognism vs Seamless Infographic

Find the information you need to make fewer calls, contact the most relevant people, and hit quota faster with Cognism.

Most sales reps spend 20% of their time researching prospects, and bad data causes them to waste another 30%. Cognism solves this with the most accurate and GDPR-compliant database in EMEA, combined with the highest volume of mobile phone numbers in the US.

How does Cognism compare to Seamless.AI? 

If you’re focused on expanding into Europe or want to win more deals there, then you need Cognism.

The major difference between Cognism and Seamless.AI is that Seamless states its services are not appropriate for use outside of the US. 

Unlike Seamless.AI, Cognism was built for the European market and prides itself on being GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

Its data is checked against DNC lists in 12 countries - which is more than most other data providers, including Seamless, which doesn’t mention DNC list filtering on its site. 

What’s more, Seamless.AI collects user-submitted data through its Chrome Extension to resell. This includes personal emails. While having personal email addresses can be exciting, it can require different levels of consent and compliance obligations. 

Cognism does not extract user data from its browser extension and only supplies B2B emails to ensure compliance. 

Top features: 

  • International coverage, specialising in European contact data.
  • Real-time and scheduled data enrichment for a more reliable and actionable CRM.
  • Phone-verified mobile number accuracy to help you connect with 87% of your list.
  • Exclusive on-demand verified mobile data set Diamond Data®.
  • Unrestricted access to person and company-level data.*
  • Intent data by Bombora.
  • Easy platform setup.
  • Integrations with CRMs and sales engagement tools.
  • Focus on quality GDPR and CCPA-compliant data. 
  • Database checked and cleaned against global DNC lists.
  • Fast and friendly support team.

*Subject to fair usage policy

What customers say: 

“Our sales managers used to make 100-150 calls per day. Now, they can achieve their targets with 30 calls a day because prospects actually pick up the phone. That’s more results, fewer calls.” - Ultima 


While pricing is a key factor when shopping for a SeamlessAI alternative, Cognism wants to factor in your desired workflow and company goals before providing a proposal you’re comfortable with. 

What’s more, Cognism offers packages for individual contributors with unrestricted views and page-level exporting. 

For more information, check out the Cognism pricing page, or skip ahead and start with 25 free leads 👇

data-sample-leads CTA-high-res-mobile-friendly


Apollo, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: g2) is a Seamless.AI alternative that helps teams uncover leads quickly and efficiently.

While the tool includes valuable features like automated persona lists, it also shares commonalities with Seamless in that data enrichment is only available on higher-tier plans.

What’s more, has a dual credit system that charges users once per mobile and once per email. This is something to consider when choosing an alternative, as Seamless.AI also restricts access to contact data via its credit-based pricing structure. 

Top features: 

  • Free account option.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Automated persona lists.
  • Call recordings.

Pricing: pricing is set per user per month, and you’ll need credits for access to data. You can choose between Free, Basic, Professional, and Custom packages. 

You’ll find accurate Apollo pricing information on the website.

3. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.


ZoomInfo is a Seamless.AI competitor that provides real-time access to account and contact data. Its suite of business intelligence tools includes detailed company profile insights, including revenue, technology usage, number of employees, and more. 

Like Seamless, certain features and credits to view data come at higher-priced packages. Moreover, while they have many features, phone verification or a research on-demand service is not an option. 

Top features: 

  • Suite of tools and add-on packages.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Intent data.


You can request ZoomInfo pricing from its website. ZoomInfo’s packages follow individual pricing tiers for sales, marketing, and recruitment. Seats, credits, and supplementary tools play a factor in cost.

4. Kaspr

Kaspr, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: Kaspr)

Kaspr is another good alternative to Seamless.AI. You can use this tool to access emails with unlimited email credits*, phone numbers, and the relevant data you need to convert leads into long-lasting partnerships. 

Top features: 


You’ll find up-to-date Kaspr pricing on its website. Package options include Free, Start Up, Enterprise, and Custom. 

5. RocketReach

RocketReach, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: g2)

RocketReach is a sales intelligence platform similar to Seamless, providing access to a database of emails and direct dials. 

Integrations and the type of data you get are based on the package you choose, and the tool does not offer a phone verification service.

Top features: 

  • Simplified billing and invoicing.
  • Salesforce & Zapier integrations.
  • Technographics.
  • Tools to manage team usage.


Choose from Essentials (email only), Pro and Ultimate. 

Request up-to-date pricing information direct from RocketReach.

6., a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: is an email and domain finder that lists publicly available email addresses and automates email campaigns. It does not offer direct dials or intent data.  

While its contact data is not the predominant focus, it’s a good Seamless alternative if you want to automate your email outreach. 

Top features: 

  • Email searches and verifications.
  • Domain search.
  • CSV exports.
  • Cold email scheduling and tracking.


Choose from Free, Starter, Growth and Business plans. Subscriptions include unlimited team members who share common quotas.

You’ll find up-to-date pricing information on’s website.

7. Lusha

Lusha, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: Lusha)

Lusha is a Seamless.AI alternative that helps teams find contact information for prospects. Its analytics capabilities make it easy to identify leads and measure performance.

Lusha’s features are limited, and you’ll have to pay more for a package with the features you’re business requires. 

For example, there is no prospecting list export on the free plan and integration with certain CRMs requires a higher-tier plan.

Top features: 

  • Free option available.
  • Contact exports on paid plans.
  • Intent data.


Packages include Free, Solo, Premium and Scale. Pricing is based on credits per user. 

You can find up-to-date Lusha pricing information on the website.

Contact data to fuel your EMEA expansion. Hear from Cognism customers 👇

8. UpLead

Uplead, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: UpLead)

Another alternative to Seamless.AI is UpLead - a B2B prospecting platform where you can find B2B contact data. Contacts are filtered by job title, location, company size, and industry. However, lower pricing tiers only allow one user to log in at a time.

Top features: 


UpLead provides annual single-user pricing tiers, including Essential and Plus, and a multi-user package called Professional.

Request precise pricing information for UpLead directly from its website.

9. LeadIQ

LeadIQ, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: LeadIQ)

Another Seamless.AI competitor is LeadIQ - a lead generation platform that simplifies prospecting activities with automation. LeadIQ integrates with all major CRM platforms like Salesforce.

While integrations are top-notch, LeadIQ may not fully compliant as it is up to you to ensure all data is GDPR compliant

Top features: 

  • Sales trigger tracking.
  • File enrichment on higher-tier plans.
  • Personalised sales messages.
  • Outreach sequence sync.


LeadIQ has a free version and individual pricing plans, including Starter, Pro and Enterprise.

For accurate pricing information, request it directly from LeadIQ’s website. 

10. Adapt

Adapt, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: is a data provider and one of many Seamless.AI competitors that provide B2B data via easy-to-use software. This tool does not include intent data, and its GDPR compliance status is unclear. 

Top features: 

  • CSV and CRM export.
  • Lead scoring.
  • Data enrichment.
  • Chrome extension.


You’ll need to fill in a form on the Adapt website to request pricing information. 


11. Lead411

Lead411, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: Lead411)

B2B data platform and Seamless.AI competitor, Lead411, provides accurate and verified contact and account information for lead generation.

Something to consider when comparing this tool to Seamless is that it may get expensive due to the need to buy credits on plans other than its custom Unlimited package. 

Top features:


Lead411 has monthly and annual plans - Basic, Pro and Unlimited. You’ll find up-to-date pricing on its website.

12. ProspectDaddy

ProspectDaddy, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: ProspectDaddy)

ProspectDaddy is a free email finder that helps automate workflows across LinkedIn, Gmail, and

While it makes this list as an affordable Seamless.AI alternative, it may not be GDPR compliant, and any information you submit to the tool can be used to supplement its database. 

What’s more, its data accuracy cannot be guaranteed. 

Top features:

  • Chrome extension.
  • Free to use.
  • Download outreach-ready prospect lists.


ProspectDaddy is free to use with 50 email credits per day, and if you’re a user, the limit is 150 emails per day.

13. Clearbit

Clearbit, a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.

(Source: G2)

Clearbit simplifies marketing by offering data enrichment, email verification, and reverse IP lookup.

If you’re considering this tool as a Seamless.AI  alternative, be aware that its compliance status is unclear, and it doesn’t offer a phone verification/research on-demand service for guaranteed accurate contacts. 

Top features: 

  • Option for free account.
  • Intent-based outreach.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Domain and email enrichment.


Choose from  Free, Business and Powered by Clearbit. Each package fits a specific goal, such as email enrichment or flexible plans for a go-to-market team with intent-based outreach and conversion targeting.

You can request precise pricing information direct from Clearbit.

14., a Seamless Ai alternative. See the list.


The last Seamless.AI alternative is - an email finder for B2B sales and marketing teams. Its database comprises publicly scraped data and information collected from its users. 

While the email finder is free, you’ll need to purchase a monthly package to take advantage of features that are free on the other tools that make up this list. 

Top features: 

  • Free email finder.
  • Email verifier.
  • Chrome extension.
  • CSV export.


Choose the free email finder tool or sign up for a Starter, Seeker, Enterprise or Global plan that’s billed monthly. 

Request accurate pricing direct from the seller.

Make the switch. Choose Cognism over Seamless AI. Click to book a demo.

Tips for choosing a quality Seamless.AI competitor 

When looking at Seamless.AI alternatives, consider if your favourite tool has all the features that are important to your business. 

It’s also a good idea to compare pricing. 

Some sales tools cost more than others but offer better data coverage and features, while some are more affordable but might lack the product your business requires for success. 

For example, intent data helps teams discover customers searching for a service or product like yours and are ready to enter the sales funnel. 

This might not be an important part of prospecting for you. Instead, you might want a prospecting tool serious about accurate mobile numbers or contact data that’s GDPR compliant. Something Seamless is not focused on currently. 

You might also discover that some Seamless.AI competitors, like Cognism, have unrestricted access to data on all plans, while tools like Seamless have credit limits on all but the most expensive custom plan.  

Don’t forget to check out customer reviews and case studies to better understand how each platform works in the real world and how it compares to Seamless.

Which Seamless.AI competitor is the best? 

If you’re looking for a Seamless competitor that gives you:

✔️ More mobile numbers that go through to the right contacts. 

✔️ More confidence when prospecting. 

✔️ More targeted leads.

✔️ And more incoming revenue.

Then Cognism is the best alternative to Seamless.AI. Click 👇 to book your demo today! 

Choose Cognism as your new data provider. Click to book a demo.


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