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Comparing Cognism vs DiscoverOrg in 2024

Is your current data provider letting you down? 

Perhaps you want to generate more leads with less fuss.

Or maybe you’re looking to enter a new market.

DiscoverOrg is a good option, but Cognism might fit your business better. 

Like DiscoverOrg, Cognism is a sales intelligence solution designed to give B2B businesses an edge over their competition. It offers up-to-date, accurate B2B data with an easy-to-use interface.

In this article, we’ll explain how Cognism compares to DiscoverOrg so you can make an informed decision when selecting your data providers. 

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Key features of Cognism vs DiscoverOrg


Cognism aims to give businesses the tools they need to exceed quota month-on-month by focusing on supplying an accurate global B2B database that fully complies with international data laws. Features include:

  • Accurate and up-to-date global contact database. 
  • Diamond Verified Phone Data®, which arms sales teams with phone-validated, factually-correct mobile numbers.
  • Next-level mobile phone number coverage in the US.
  • The most complete data in the EMEA.
  • Intent data powered by Bombora (It’s not siphoned or scraped — it’s directly collected, with consent, from their proprietary data source.)
  • Unlimited views, plus unrestricted individual and page-level exports.*
  • Advanced contextual data points and sales trigger alerts.
  • CRM and sales engagement integration tools are included in every package.
*Subject to generous fair usage policy


DiscoverOrg powered by ZoomInfo, offer a suite of features to help businesses connect directly with C-Suite executives or decision-makers. These include:

  • US-centred database that’s community verified and GDPR aligned.
  • Intent data sourced from devices across the United States.
  • Real-time buying signals.
  • Website visitor tracking.

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What’s the difference between DiscoverOrg and Cognism?

The first thing to be aware of when comparing Cognism to DiscoverOrg is that DiscoverOrg is part of ZoomInfo. In 2019 the two data providers merged to become ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg. 

Meaning that when you choose DiscoverOrg, you’re choosing ZoomInfo

But how does the new, improved DiscoverOrg platform compare to Cognism?

Packages to suit business size
Chrome extension
Web app
Intent data
Phone-verification/ research on-demand service
Unrestricted views/ individual and page-level exporting
Do-not-call lists in US and Europe
Phone-verified mobile numbers
Community verified
Compliance status
GDPR & CCPA compliant
CCPA compliant, GDPR aligned
High Value B2B Data
Global DNC lists check
Phone Verification
Verified Identity
Accurate Mobile

Cognism vs DiscoverOrg: Databases

When looking at DiscoverOrg data, the website does not directly state where its data coverage lies, only which industries its database includes. 

Meanwhile, Cognism has research teams in the EU and the US, making it a great option for anyone looking to find highly-targeted leads on both continents. 

Quality is of utmost importance to Cognism, with phone-verified data, the most complete records in Europe, and quality mobile coverage in the US.

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Where do Cognism and DiscoverOrg get their data?

According to the Privacy Policy on the ZoomInfo site, it collects data from the following sources:

  • Search technology scans the web and gathers publicly-available information.
  • Information licensed from other companies.
  • A community of contributors who validate new and existing data and add contacts.
  • Community software that extracts business data from email clients and signatures.
  • Through market research surveys and phone interviews conducted by an in-house research team.

Cognism gathers data via its proprietary sources and fills in the gaps from third-party data providers, publicly available sources, manual research and strategic partnerships. 

Cognism ensures data accuracy and currency via machine learning processes that check millions of data points daily. The data is verified by a team of researchers, ensuring accuracy and compliance. This stringent verification process applies to Cognism’s entire database.

However, Cognism takes data verification to the next level through its exclusive data asset, Diamond Data®.

Diamond Data® comprises phone-verified mobile numbers that make it 3x more likely you'll connect with your ideal customer. The team phone verifies mobile numbers and includes contacts specifically requested by customers leveraging the Diamonds-on-Demand® service.

Diamond Data® gives sales teams the ability to connect with 87% of prospecting lists. With companies seeing a 54% increase in mobile coverage and ROI increasing due to 70% of outbound meetings booked from Cognism mobiles. 

Here’s an infographic detailing the difference that calling factually correct, phone-verified mobiles can make 👇

more live conversations
of your list contactable
more mobiles than other providers
chance of reaching decision-makers
more live conversations
of your list contactable
chance of reaching decision-makers
more mobiles than other providers
Diamond Data®

More results from fewer calls

Break performance records with Cognism's phone-verified data for 3x connect rates and complete GDPR compliance.

Diamond Data® ensures your team connect with the right people, in their current role, at the correct company.

Comparing the pricing of DiscoverOrg and Cognism**

DiscoverOrg pricing

According to its website, DiscoverOrg pricing includes multiple plans at different price points. Every package includes: 

  • Department-level org charts.
  • Direct dials, email addresses, and physical location data.
  • Intent data.

Cognism pricing

Cognism’s pricing model follows a similar structure with a few data license types that are priced per user. However, its sales reps are available to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve from the tool; they will provide you with a proposal you’re comfortable with.

Cognism includes the following in all its packages::

  • Unrestricted access to contact and company data.*
  • Technologies.
  • Sales event triggers.

Cognism grants all its users access to the following:

  • The Cognism web app.
  • The Cognism Chrome Extension.
  • All available integrations.

In addition, users can add intent data,  Diamond Data® and Diamonds-on-Demand® to their package.

Don’t hesitate to test each platform to see which works best for your business. 

**Pricing information for DiscoverOrg and Cognism is dependent on your company's needs. For accurate pricing, please contact your preferred data provider.


Packages suitable for individual prospecting with unrestricted views and individual & page-level exporting (up to 25 records at a time)* in all packages.

Flexible workflows

Custom packages with add-on credits for teams with operational workflows which need bulk-list building and exporting.

Global data

No extra charge for access to global and regional data — NAM, EMEA, and APAC included in all packages.

Premium add-ons

Manually verified cell phone numbers (Diamond Data®) and intent data powered by Bombora as add-ons.

DiscoverOrg vs Cognism: Usability

DiscoverOrg offers a straightforward platform with a wide range of supported integrations and add-ons. 

Cognism customers speak highly of the Cognism  interface and usability:

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DiscoverOrg versus Cognism: Compliance

DiscoverOrg does not indicate what data protection laws it follows. However, since the DiscoverOrg ZoomInfo merger, DiscoverOrg’s legal policies have redirected to ZoomInfo’s. Thus,  it’s sufficient to say they both follow the same privacy laws. 

According to ZoomInfo’s website, the solution complies with global and domestic privacy standards whereby customers can access data that complies with CCPA in the US and the GDPR in Europe.

Cognism is a GDPR-compliant B2B data provider that monitors global regulations. Customers praise its commitment to compliance.

Cognism follows these compliance-based actions:

  • A stringent B2B data verification process. 
  • Ensures all data is legally sourced and of the utmost quality.
  • Is regulated by the ICO and provides users with a notified database.

One key difference between Cognism and other providers is that Cognism is the only provider that scrubs mobile numbers against many DNCs, including:

The USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Croatia, Portugal, Sweden, and more!
Cognism also scrubs against TPS/CTPS lists in the UK.

If a number is marked as TPS or DNC, it means the user has applied to the national do-not-call registry to opt out of receiving unsolicited phone calls.

Cognism allows admins to choose whether to hide or show contacts that are on DNC lists from reps. Meaning that its customers have complete confidence in the legality of its outreach.

compliance image

Customers like Corporate Traveller praise Cognism for its commitment to compliance:

“Compliance is a major factor when considering how best to access prospect data, and choosing a partner that can combine GDPR conformity, great coverage of the UK market and deliver constantly updated qualified mobile numbers and contact details meant Cognism was the right choice for us.”

Remember, choosing a provider serious about compliance isn’t only about ensuring you don’t incur a hefty fine but also that your teams can prospect confidently. 

Henderson Scott saw the effects of having quality, compliant data when they invested in Cognism: 

“Cognism is our comfort blanket when it comes to compliance.” 

“Whenever a prospect asks where we get their data from, we can confidently say that we’ve sourced their information from a reputable ISO 27001 and SOC Type II certification data company.” 

“With Cognism, you aren’t snowing yourself under with ICO complaints. I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

FAQs about DiscoverOrg vs Cognism

Cognism is the better choice for businesses looking for a lead generation platform that offers up-to-date, accurate data in an easy-to-use interface. Its unrestricted access to data and Chrome Extension is unmatched by DiscoverOrg, as is its user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. 

So if you’re looking for the best tool to help you reach out to potential leads and target customers, Cognism is the clear winner.

There’s no such thing as DiscoverOrg vs ZoomInfo! The merged business intelligence platform is officially known as ZoomInfo, powered by DiscoverOrg. Following DiscoverOrg's acquisition of ZoomInfo, the two brands merged to offer clients a combined software with the best features from both applications.

Yes, DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo are the same product. DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo on 4 February 2019. The two platforms merged in September 2019 to be called ZoomInfo, Powered by DiscoverOrg. However, the name has since been changed and is now called DiscoverOrg, a ZoomInfo Company.

Yes, Cognism is an excellent alternative when comparing DiscoverOrg competitors. DiscoverOrg pricing is considerably more expensive than Cognism, and Cognism provides highly accurate and up-to-date contact information that helps sales and marketing teams find the information they need to make fewer calls, contact the most relevant people, and hit quota faster.

Furthermore, DiscoverOrg reviews show the tools has had its share of complaints about slow response times and customer service issues, whereas Cognism has received overwhelmingly positive user reviews. In particular, many users praise its user-friendly interface, accurate data and excellent customer service.


DiscoverOrg is a sales intelligence solution. B2B businesses use it to identify business opportunities, discover new clients and monitor market trends.  

DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo on 4 February 2019, and the two platforms merged in September 2019.

Yes, DiscoverOrg is legal. It is CCPA compliant & GDPR aligned and follows a process to collect business-related data, such as work email addresses or the job titles of a company's employees. 

If you’re worried about compliance you should choose a provider like Cognism. It is both GDPR & CCPA Compliant. 

How B2B sales and marketing teams say they use Cognism

Enough about Cognism vs DiscoverOrg. 

Here's what actual Cognism customers have to say about the tool👇

Choose Cognism, a DiscoverOrg alternative

Cognism vs DiscoverOrg - who to choose? 

Cognism is a DiscoverOrg alternative with the most complete data in the EMEA and a mobile coverage leader in the US. Even better, it’s the only data provider actively phone-verifying mobile numbers, making it a great choice for global prospecting.

With Cognism, you get more:

✔️ More calls that go through to the right contacts 

✔️ More confidence when prospecting 

✔️ More targeted leads 

✔️ And more incoming revenue 

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