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Discover why more B2B companies win with Cognism

Cognism is dedicated to powering global sales funnels by providing the most accurate and compliant data. We’ve helped B2B businesses:

  • Increase qualified leads by 60%
  • Decrease speed to lead time by 93%
  • Increase meetings booked by 70%
  • A 240% increase in opportunity creation.
  • A 51% increase in retention and growth.

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How is Cognism different to ZoomInfo?

  • Leading EMEA dataset.
  • Verified mobile numbers in less than 48 hours with Diamond Data.
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant (includes intent data) with wider DNC coverage.
  • Unrestricted credits* 
  • ZoomInfo requires users to buy a 'Global Data Passport' for $10,000 to prospect outside the US, whereas Cognism offers free unrestricted global data access.

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Cognism vs ZoomInfo Data, Pricing, Features 2023-01
“ZoomInfo’s plug-in took approximately 20 seconds to load a lead, and more often than not, the contact details were incorrect. This was a productivity drain. With Cognism, it’s either instant or takes four seconds. The plug-in’s velocity enables quick-fire prospecting.”
faster LinkedIn prospecting
Michael Iannuzzi
Director of Marketing & Sales Development @Drift

How is Cognism different to Lusha?

  • Global leader in US mobile data. 
  • 4X more contact data.
  • Over 10m+ phone-verified contacts globally.
  • Research on demand service (Diamonds-on-Demand.)
  • Unrestricted views & page level exports* 
  • Both GDPR & CCPA compliant with global DNC list filtering across all packages. (Lusha offers DNC filtering as part of the highest-paid package & does not scrub against European DNCs.)
  • All Cognism plans include key capabilities and features designed to make prospecting as efficient as possible. Only intent data and Diamonds-on-Demand® require an additional cost.
  • Lusha reserves key features for higher-tier packages or as add-ons at an additional cost. These include contact search, credits, technologies and more.

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Cognism vs Lusha Infographic

Avoid a compliance nightmare

The ICO fines companies hundreds of thousands every year for calling numbers on DNC lists.

Cognism’s database marks all contacts under the DNC and is updated frequently. It covers twelve countries and is both GDPR and CCPA-compliant. 

Give your team the confidence they need to prospect efficiently 👇

What's the difference between Cognism and

  • Phone-verified mobile numbers for the contacts you really want to reach. Plus, a 16-step email verification process. 
  • Mobile number accuracy with Diamond Data for efficient use of time that increases connect rates by 3x.
  • 2x the number of B2B contacts.
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant with comprehensive DNC screening.
  • A spotless record with zero data breaches. Apollo, has experienced two substantial data breaches (2018 & 2021), compromising over 130 million records.
  • The most complete EMEA data.
  • Straightforward pricing structure with unrestricted access to mobiles*

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Cognism vs
“Diamond Data® is a game-changer because Cognism’s data team manually checks and validates the mobile numbers on our behalf. It’s reassuring to know that the data I’m exporting to our internal database is on point.”
MQLs come from Cognism data
Barbara Collins
Marketing Database Manager @Kinaxis

What's the difference between Cognism and Seamless AI?

  • Diamond Verified Phone Data® - phone-validated, factually-correct mobile numbers to help you connect with 87% of your list.
  • 2x more mobile phone number coverage in the US.
  • The most complete data in the EMEA.
  • Unrestricted views and individual and page-level exports.*
  • Intent data powered by Bombora.
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant with DNC list filtering.
  • Cognism doesn’t extract user data via our browser extension to supplement our database. (As Seamless does here.)

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Cognism vs Seamless Infographic
“We tested a US competitor vs Cognism for EU data. Cognism converted 60% better.”
better conversion rates
Paul Thomas
CEO @Lead Forensics

Want 93% more time to sell?

No one can sell you more time. But with Cognism, it will feel like it!

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