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Your sales team want to enrich
Sales Navigator results with
actionable contact data &
export it directly to your
CRM/Sales Engagement Platform

The team

  • Uses Sales Navigator for prospecting
  • Wants to enrich Sales Nav records with contact data
  • Needs an easy way to push to CRM/ Sales Engagement tool

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What you'll need

  • Cognism Chrome Extension
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Enriched account and prospect profiles with advanced company and contact-level information.
  • Mobile numbers, direct dials and emails for your ideal prospects.

What you'll do 

  • Use Sales Navigator to find target accounts and prospects
  • Load the extension to enrich Sales Nav lists with contact data
  • Bulk-select and export data to your CRM or Sales Engagement Platform
  • Work through contacts to start a conversation

How you'll do it 

Who used it & real-life benefits

Approximately 4,000 leads each month are enriched by our SDR team using Cognism’s database.
Michael Iannuzzi, Director of Marketing & Sales Development
leads enriched
meetings booked

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