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UpLead vs ZoomInfo

How does Cognism compete with UpLead and ZoomInfo?

  • Access to global data without geographical restrictions (NAM, APAC, and leading EMEA coverage).
  • Unrestricted viewing and page-level exporting of emails & cell phone numbers. Subject to a generous fair usage policy. 
  • 2x more cell phone numbers than UpLead and other providers. 
  • 47+ million mobiles in the US alone.
  • Phone-verified cell phone database.
  • Research and verification service on demand.
  • CCPA & GDPR compliance with broader DNC list cleaning.
  • Intent data powered by Bombora.
  • Seamless integrations with best-in-class tools (Outreach, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Simple, predictable pricing.
  • Easy set-up.
For accurate pricing info or to take Cognism for a test drive, get in touch!

UpLead vs ZoomInfo: Data quantity and quality

ZoomInfo is an all-in-one platform with data for sales, marketing, and recruitment teams. UpLead is a lead-generation solution with real-time email verification. Buyers frequently compare the sizes of UpLead vs ZoomInfo’s databases. So let’s look at the numbers published on each vendor’s website:

  • The ZoomInfo contact database has 100 million published companies and 260 million published profiles.
  • In comparison, UpLead has 135 million contacts and 16 million global companies.
  • Both ZoomInfo and UpLead are based in the US.

Tired of hit-and-miss contact info?

Try Cognism’s contact database:

  • 2x more cell phone numbers than other providers.
  • 47+ million cell phone numbers in the US alone.
  • Most complete EMEA data.
  • Exclusive phone-verified mobile numbers dataset (Diamond Data®).
See why Cognism wins against UpLead vs ZoomInfo
Diamond Data is a game-changer for Kinaxis. Uplead vs ZoomInfo do not offer a similar service.

Diamond Data®

Diamond Data® is Cognism’s premium phone-verified cell phone numbers database.

  • Over 10m+ phone-verified contacts globally
  • Phone-verified mobile number accuracy to help you connect with 87% of your list.
  • 3x increase in connect rate.

Cognism’s data team can also source and verify cell phone numbers on demand.

Neither ZoomInfo nor UpLead offer similar services.

ZoomInfo vs UpLead cost

UpLead is generally considered to be more affordable than ZoomInfo and other B2B contact databases. Here are the main differences between UpLead vs ZoomInfo when comparing pricing:

  • ZoomInfo offers long-term contracts; UpLead has monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • To learn about ZoomInfo’s pricing and offering, you need to book a demo with the sales team. In contrast, UpLead has a self-service signup flow and single-user seats.

Despite these differences, ZoomInfo and UpLead’s prices are based on a credit system that limits viewing and exporting data. Monthly caps, resets, and expensive ‘add-ons’ may make forecasting budget spending challenging.

Other challenges with credit based pricings include:

  • Scarcity mindset among your team — reps are more focused on optimising credit consumption than developing best practices for prospecting.
  • Unexpected costs — e.g. ZoomInfo charges a credit for every company and contact export. This may consume double the credits if the account isn’t already in their CRM. With UpLead, if you enrich the same contact multiple times, it will charge you one credit for every contact enrichment.
  • Limited opportunities — companies with an international presence or trying to expand to new markets may find ZoomInfo’s price for its Data Passport for prospecting outside the US hard to justify.
  • Slow growth — despite relatively cheap plans, UpLead offers very limited access credits (e.g. 170 credits for $99/mo in its cheapest plan). It may become problematic for businesses with ambitious growth goals or companies in highly competitive markets.

Cognism solves these pain points by offering seat-based pricing. So you won’t have to justify additional budget spend to buy extra credits.

Try an alternative pricing model

Based on the number of seats and license type. Suitable for individual contributors and teams with operational workflows that require bulk-list building and exporting.

  • No extra charge for access to global data — NAM, EMEA, and APAC (vs ZoomInfo’s regional data add-ons).
  • All Cognism licences include unrestricted views and page-level contact exporting (up to 25 contacts at a time) within a generous fair use policy (vs UpLead’s export credits).

ZoomInfo versus UpLead: Compliance

ZoomInfo is CCPA and GDPR-compliant. The provider also checks do-not-call lists in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

However, UpLead’s website doesn’t mention CCPA, GDPR compliance or DNC list cleaning. Please refer to UpLead’s Privacy Policy to learn more about its compliance status.

Why is DNC list cleaning important?

If a salesperson reaches out to someone who has opted out of sales and marketing phone calls, they may be accused of not having “the legitimate interests” for contacting that person.

The Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) has issued fines totalling £180,000 for two companies that made more than 480,000 unlawful marketing calls to businesses signed up with the UK’s “Do not call” register.

Evalian chose Cognism for its fantastic compliance status. Click to read why.

Enrich data with GDPR-compliant mobile phone numbers

If compliant data is your number one priority, Cognism has the edge over ZoomInfo and UpLead. On top of being CCPA and GDPR compliant, we check more European DNC lists than ZoomInfo.

Cognism checks the DNC lists in the following countries to mitigate the risk of you breaching GDPR regulations:

  • TPS/CTPS in the UK.
  • DNCs in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Croatia, Portugal, and Sweden.

UpLead vs ZoomInfo: Platform and integrations

The main difference between ZoomInfo and UpLead is that ZoomInfo is an end-to-end sales intelligence platform that aims to consolidate tech solutions, whereas UpLead is a marketing automation platform with a smaller scope. 

When you compare UpLead vs ZoomInfo platforms, you’ll get more advanced proprietary technology with ZoomInfo, while UpLead focuses on integrations with other tools by using Zapier. 

But if you already use best-in-class solutions, like Salesforce and Outreach, don’t overlook Cognism.

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Looking for a provider with seamless integrations to your existing tech stack?

Cognism is investing in building robust integrations and workflows to allow your sales team to reduce unnecessary admin and manual work needed to get the data in their systems. All our packages include access to the Cognism Web App and integrations (including two-way Salesforce integration).

Discover why Cognism wins when it comes to ZoomInfo vs UpLead. Click to read.

Powerful browser extension

The Cognism browser extension is a game-changer in the SDR world. It helps reps to find prospects’ contact data, plus coworkers to facilitate multithread sales.

It works over Outreach, HubSpot, and Salesforce so that you can enrich prospect records without leaving the tools.

You can also use it to enrich LinkedIn profiles and Sales Navigator lists and find prospect's contact details over corporate websites. 

Intent data: ZoomInfo or UpLead?

ZoomInfo and UpLead provide intent data to reach prospects at the right time. But they source it differently.

ZoomInfo leverages proprietary machine-learning technology to recognise leads ready to buy. It collects intent data from a variety of sources, and it’s believed ZoomInfo relies on bidstream data

UpLead partners with the industry leader Bombora. But it’s only included in its highest plan at $3,590 per year.

You can also add Bombora’s intent data to Cognism’s package.

Cognism's intent data is a must for Kelly Services. See why it wins against UpLead vs ZoomInfo!

Bombora’s intent data

  • It’s consent-based and collected from a cooperative of 5,000 B2B sites, where B2B buyers actively research a topic when they’re ready to make a purchase. 
  • It considers the historical baseline or typical content consumption when calculating intent.
  • It considers the context and the length of each interaction.
  • Bombora’s dataset is 70% exclusive.
  • Tracks 12,000+ intent topics (vs ZoomInfo’s 4,000).

Still not sure which provider is better for you?

Visit our direct comparison pages to learn more about the differences between providers.

The single provider approach

"If you are looking for one B2B data provider to power the UK, Europe and North America. Cognism’s got you covered."

The regional provider approach

“We knew that Cognism would be the perfect fit for targeting the UK as it’s the market leader in EMEA and the results speak for themselves.”

Questions B2B sales teams ask when evaluating ZoomInfo vs UpLead

UpLead might be better than ZoomInfo if you’re looking for a low-commitment solution or have a smaller budget. The best way to evaluate UpLead vs ZoomInfo’s data is to sample it.

If you’d like to get a sample of Cognism data, our sales reps will run a live search in our database to source 25 leads that match your ICP. Book a call with our team and claim 25 free leads.

Some companies headquartered in the US use ZoomInfo or UpLead for their North American data. But if they have subsidiaries or customers in the UK and Europe, they turn to Cognism for better European coverage and compliance.

Cognism prides itself on the best European data and GDPR compliance. If you have offices in EMEA or APAC, you can use Cognism along with your existing NAM provider to complete and validate the data.

Learn more about ZoomInfo’s European data and GDPR compliance.

Cognism has two times more cell phone numbers than UpLead and other providers. Book your demo here.

UpLead shows its pricing on the website, and you need to book a consultation to learn ZoomInfo's cost. However, both providers use a credit-based pricing model, which may lead to unexpected costs and a scarcity mindset. 

The final cost of each platform will depend on how many contacts you want to reveal and export.

Put Cognism to the test

Cognism is dedicated to powering global sales funnels by providing the most accurate and compliant data. We’ve helped B2B businesses:

  • Increase qualified leads by 60%
  • Decrease speed to lead time by 93%
  • Increase meetings booked by 70%
  • A 240% increase in opportunity creation.
  • A 51% increase in retention and growth.

Try it for yourself! Click to get a free data sample 👇