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ZoomInfo’s European data?

Revenue teams choose Cognism for European contact data instead

Need a go-to-market platform for revenue teams that want to scale, expand and win more deals in Europe?

  • Make net new contact acquisition in Europe easy with 200+ million European contact records.
  • Connect with accuracy and confidence with the market's most accurate GDPR-compliant mobile dataset, scrubbed against 12 international DNC lists.
  • Consent-based Intent Data, powered by Bombora to find the contact information of decision-makers in ready-to-buy accounts.
  • Increase data completeness and accuracy by enriching CRM data in real-time or at the frequency of your choice.
  • Don't replace your existing tech stack to connect European B2B data thanks to seamless integrations.
To win more business in Europe, you need an expert in European contact data like Cognism.
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Sample our EMEA data and see how we beat ZoomInfo 👇

Does ZoomInfo cover Europe?

ZoomInfo, known for its US data, has recently invested in improving data coverage in Europe, Asia, and Australia to support customers’ plans for international expansion. Since 2021, ZoomInfo has grown its company profiles by 6 times and business contacts by 3 times outside the US.

To access ZoomInfo’s international data, businesses must buy a Global Data Passport (Global, Europe, North America Plus). Companies that find gaps in ZoomInfo’s European data or find additional charges for expanding into global markets hard to justify, look for an EMEA data provider to supplement Zoominfo's international coverage or replace it with a global vendor.

European coverage: Make net new contact acquisition in Europe easy

Cognism is the European expert when it comes to Data Enrichment and net new Contact Acquisition.

With over 200 million European contacts, you'll have the data you need to scale, expand and win more deals in Europe. 


“We are well-established in the US, India, and Israel, and a few years ago, we decided to penetrate the EMEA market. We knew that Cognism would be the perfect fit for targeting the UK as it’s the market leader in EMEA and the results speak for themselves.”


“ZoomInfo’s plug-in took approximately 20 seconds to load a lead, and more often than not, the contact details were incorrect. This was a productivity drain. With Cognism, it’s either instant or takes four seconds. The plug-in’s velocity enables quick-fire prospecting.”

Get EMEA B2B data you need in the platforms you use. FAST!

Instantly access the data through Cognism's simple web platform, Google Chrome Extension, or integrations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, CRM and Sales Engagement Platforms.

Filter by job title and company, or just upload an account list to generate lead lists enriched with mobile numbers and emails for your dream prospects. Then export the data into Salesforce or Outreach in 1 click.


EMEA revenue teams 👋 fed up of using ZoomInfo in Europe?

Stuck in a contract with ZoomInfo but need better European contact data? Click through to see how we can help you exit your contract.

How is ZoomInfo GDPR-compliant?

ZoomInfo employs data privacy experts to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. The vendor monitors its data and research practices and only processes business contact information for EU contacts.

ZoomInfo notifies its email database and supports 4 European do-not-call lists (France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK).

Cold calling phone numbers of EU-based contacts that opted out from receiving unsolicited calls and signed up with a national Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry may result in steep fines, such as the £20M fine given to Experian in 2020.

GDPR Compliance: Go-to-market in Europe with confidence

As a UK headquartered company, Cognism meets the highest GDPR compliance and information privacy standards. It's ISO 27001 & ISO 27701 certified and achieved SOC2 type II compliance.

Cognism checks 12 global and European DNC registries.

Cognism collects, processes, and shares its data under the lawful basis of legitimate interest and is one of the few data vendors that has notified all its database.

Cognism also notifies any new individual that is added to its database within 30 days, allowing data subjects to exercise any of their rights (including the right to opt-out).


“Partnering with a fully-GDPR compliant data vendor was a key requirement in the vetting process. From the get go, our Managing Director was far more confident with Cognism because of its compliant reputation and ISO 27701 accreditation.”

Evaluating ZoomInfo’s European data and GDPR compliance in an independent study

According to the independent 2023 CB Insights survey, software buyers who have evaluated ZoomInfo and its competitors found ZoomInfo’s “EU data coverage needs improvement”. Out of 7 data vendors mentioned in the survey, Cognism won out for its UK and EU market data coverage and GDPR compliance. 

One of the survey participants, a Marketing Director of a $1B+ market cup manufacturer, who considered using ZoomInfo in Europe said:

"The big strength that Cognism has is that European data that we weren't seeing from some of the other vendors, which are quite limited in terms of European footprints... They key point that we needed to make sure of is compliance for Europe.

We have some strict legal issues with regards to GDPR, and Cognism was able to give us the certainty that we would be compliant if we were using their data, whereas the other vendors weren’t in that position."

What is intent data in ZoomInfo?

It's believed ZoomInfo relies on bidstream intent data. The vendor surfaces intent insights at the company level through capturing and analyzing large volumes of web traffic data (without relying on cookies) and employing proprietary technology.

Intent DataGain a competitive edge across Europe by prioritizing in-market accounts

Cognism partners with the Forrester Wave Intent Leader, Bombora, to give you insight into accounts searching for solutions like yours RIGHT NOW.

Bomobra provides consent-based data. It collects intent signals from a cooperative of 5,000 B2B sites where B2B buyers search for solutions. It provides a holistic view of European markets.

It also considers the historical baseline or typical content consumption when calculating intent for more accuracy.

70% of its dataset is exclusive to Bombora and you can track more than 12,000 intent topics (vs ZoomInfo's 4,000).


“Our sales cycle is typically 6-8 months long. With Cognism, we saw ROI in 8 weeks from intent data and direct dials. One deal pays for a year’s Cognism subscription.”

Does ZoomInfo provide Data Enrichment?

Despite having 145 million contacts in markets outside of the United States, ZoomInfo has expanded from its data root with one ZoomInfo customer citing that the company’s core product has remained in stand still.

ZoomInfo also verifies it's mobile numbers with a community-based system rather than in-house human verification. This could result the likeness of obtaining inaccurate information when enriching contact records with mobile phone numbers.

Thanks to it's human-verified mobile dataset and extensive European coverage, Cognism's Enrich functionality arguably delivers more accurate and enriched customer contact data than other providers. 

Data Enrichment: Convert more inbound leads into opportunities.

Having access to the highest quality data in Europe is key to increased conversion rates and most importantly, revenue attainment. 

With Cognism Enrich, you can fight off data decay and proactively append and correct contact records in your CRM or instantly enrich new data entering your CRM .

Cognism is also a partner of LeanData and integrates directly into it's lead routing platform. This integration allows revenue teams to increase lead response times and maximize their chance of turning inbound leads into opportunities.

  • Increase meetings booked by 50%
  • Increase MQL to opportunity conversion rates by 67%
  • Boost seller productivity by 20%.
  • 67% increase in MQL to Opp conversion rate
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Reviews: Why global revenue teams choose Cognism for European contact data

Tech giants, Fortune 500s and other Enterprise grade organisations have made the switch from ZoomInfo to Cognism. 

Here are some examples of why 👇

data accuracy
leads enriched

“Cognism defeated all the other lead generation providers by a huge amount. Its database had an 80% accuracy rate and the highest coverage of mobile numbers”

Read the full case study
Michael Iannuzzi
Director of Marketing & Sales Development @Drift
increase in conversion rates
worse performance if Cognism is removed from SDR workflow

“We did a split test between a well-established US competitor and Cognism for data quality in Europe. Side-by-side, we saw a really big difference between the two providers. Cognism had a 60% improvement in conversion rates”

Read the full case study
Paul Thomas
CEO @Lead Forensics
opportunity win rate from outbound sourced deals
monthly meetings booked per rep

“Cognism yielded more accurate mobile numbers and email addresses than ZoomInfo. We were sold from that point onwards”

Read the full case study
Joe Allsopp
BDM @Evalian

Switch to Cognism: Ready to dominate the European market?

Don't let a lack of quality, compliant contact data slow down your European market expansion.

If you're currently using ZoomInfo and looking for industry-leading European data to complement your international data, using both Cognism and ZoomInfo together can help you skyrocket your revenue.

Book a 15 minute call with our team and see how Cognism can help you scale and win more deals in Europe.