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ZoomInfo Chrome Extension Not Working: How to Fix It?

ZoomInfo’s Chrome extension is a tool that helps sales and marketing professionals streamline their prospecting and outreach efforts.

But, like any software, ZoomInfo’s extension can sometimes encounter issues that prevent it from working properly. This is frustrating when you rely on it for your day-to-day work. 

In this article, we’ll list some common reasons why ZoomInfo ReachOut (the ZoomInfo Chrome extension) may not work and provide tips to help you get it up and running again.

Whether the ZoomInfo plugin doesn’t start, runs slowly, crashes, or you’re experiencing problems with data accuracy, we know how to fix the issues!

Tired of ZoomInfo's ReachOut Chrome Extension not working? 

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Issues that may affect the ZoomInfo Chrome Extension

Here’s a list of the most common issues affecting Chrome extensions, like the ZoomInfo extension:

  • Incompatibility with browser or operating system.
  • Slow loading times.
  • Difficulty with updating contact information.
  • Occasional crashes.
  • Lack of certain functionalities, e.g., limitations on the amount of data that can be exported at one time.
  • Integration difficulties with existing workflows or systems, e.g., Salesforce.

Choose Cognism Chrome Extension instead?

Tap into Cognism's compliant database with coverage in EMEA, APAC, and the US as you are:

  • Browsing corporate websites.
  • Prospecting using LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Managing contacts and accounts in your CRM or sales engagement tool.
Try Cognism when ZoomInfo Chrome Extension is not working.

ZoomInfo Chrome Extension troubleshooting steps:

When ZoomInfo Chrome Extension stops working, try this:

  1. Check for extension updates.
  2. Clear browser cache and cookies.
  3. Re-enable malfunctioning ZoomInfo’s extension.
  4. Disable other extensions.
  5. Restart Chrome browser and computer.
  6. Check the internet connection.

Check out these two quick tours to compare the Cognism Browser Extension to the ZoomInfo Extension👇

ZoomInfo Chrome Extension FAQs

ZoomInfo provides its users with Engage and ReachOut Chrome extensions that come with different focuses and features.

The ReachOut Chrome extension is designed for ZoomInfo SalesOS and TalentOS subscribers to help them find and connect with prospects and candidates directly from a web browser. It also allows users to access ZoomInfo's database of business contacts. It has a daily and monthly threshold of contact views.

The Engage ZoomInfo extension is focused on improving outreach efforts. It includes features like email templates and auto-dialling that make it easier to personalize outreach and track performance.

Cognism is a powerful sales intelligence platform that helps revenue teams find and connect with decision-makers in EMEA, the US, and APAC.

It provides accurate company and contact-level data, including business emails and cell phone numbers.

It has 2x more mobile numbers in its database than other providers, the best European coverage, and a premium mobile numbers asset called Diamond Data®.

Cognism has the best European data and focuses on increasing cell phone number coverage and accuracy in NAM, EMEA, and APAC.

It’s also a compliance leader, adhering to CCPA and GDPR laws and scrubbing broader DNC lists.

Our goal is to make prospecting as efficient as possible by removing barriers and offering unrestricted record viewing and individual and page-level exporting. 

Cognism aims to integrate with your current tech stack instead of replacing it.

View our Cognism vs ZoomInfo direct comparison page to learn more.

Diamond Data® is a premium phone-verified B2B mobile numbers database.

Diamond Data® is manually validated by our data research team through several proprietary methods that ensure you connect with 87% of your list.

We offer a few simple data license types that are priced per user. All come with access to Web App and Chrome Extension

We offer custom packages for:

  • Individual contributors with unrestricted views, individual and page-level exporting (subject to fair use).
  • Teams with operational workflows to allow for building and exporting large lists.

Visit our pricing page or schedule a call with our sales team to learn more.

“ZoomInfo’s plug-in took approximately 20 seconds to load a lead, and more often than not, the contact details were incorrect. This was a productivity drain. With Cognism, it’s either instant or takes four seconds. The plug-in’s velocity enables quick-fire prospecting.”
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