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12 Best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Alternatives & Competitors

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a data intelligence solution that helps sales professionals discover prospects on LinkedIn.

But is it the right solution for your business? 

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to research LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternatives - Thankfully, this article has done all the hard work for you.

Scroll 👇 to see how Sales Navigator compares to other sales tools, including features, pricing, and reviews.

The top Sales Navigator alternatives on the market right now

1. Cognism

Cognism is sales intelligence software that helps sales and marketing teams identify key accounts, hit quota faster and build a successful pipeline. It offers an easy-to-use interface and accurate GDPR and CCPA-compliant B2B data.

Most sales reps spend 20% of their time researching prospects, and bad data causes them to waste another 30%. Cognism solves this with an extensive quality-driven database of mobile numbers in the US and the most complete data in EMEA.

How does Cognism compare to LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

Sales Nav helps teams find and connect with decision-makers in their ICP and provides emails and phone numbers if they have been made public on the global LinkedIn network.

Cognism is data provider. The tool provides teams with cell phone numbers, direct dials and emails across the US, EMEA, NAM and APAC. Its browser extension works across all corporate websites, including LinkedIn.

Even better, its phone-verified mobile number accuracy helps you connect with 87% of your list while LinkedIn has to rely on the data input by users, which, according to Sales Navigator reviews, can often lead to data inaccuracy and frustration.

💡 Find out more about how Cognism vs LinkedIn Sales Navigator compare. 

Top features: 

  • Phone-verified mobile number accuracy.
  • Exclusive on-demand verified mobile data set Diamond Data®.
  • Unrestricted access to person and company-level data*.
  • Instant and scheduled CRM enrichment and on-demand CSV enrichment. 
  • Intent data by Bombora.
  • International coverage: EMEA, NAM, APAC.
  • Easy platform setup.
  • Integrations with CRMs and sales engagement tools.
  • Focus on quality GDPR and CCPA-compliant data. 
  • Database checked and cleaned against global DNC lists.
  • Fast and friendly support team.

What customers say: 

“We bought LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Cognism at the same time. The difference in data quality is immense. Cognism is not just a B2B lead generation tool. The platform replenishes data every day, is very easy to use and has slick integrations. Cognism is miles ahead of the other vendors in the market.”  

“Cognism is so embedded in our workflows that we cannot do our jobs without it. Not having Cognism in your tech stack is like going to a demolition site without a sledgehammer.”

- Team Sunday


Cognism offers packages for individual contributors with unrestricted views and page-level exporting*. However, while pricing is a key factor when shopping for a LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative, Cognism wants to factor in your desired workflow and company goals before providing a proposal you’re comfortable with. 

For more information, check out the Cognism pricing page, or skip ahead and test our data with 25 free leads 👇

Increase conversations with decision-makers. Click to get 25 free leads.

2.  Kaspr

Kaspr - a LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative

(Source: Kaspr)

A good alternative to LinkedIn Sales Navigator is Kaspr. You can use this tool to access emails with unlimited email credits*, phone numbers, and the relevant data you need to convert leads into long-lasting partnerships. 

Top features: 

  • Accurate, real-time contact data.
  • LinkedIn Integration.
  • Enrichment API.
  • GDPR and CCPA-aligned.
  • Chrome extension.


You’ll find up-to-date Kaspr pricing on its website. Package options include Free, Start Up, Enterprise, and Custom. 

3. D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers - a LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative

(Source: G2)

D&B Hoovers™ is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitor that uses sales data and analytics to help B2B businesses grow. While its GDPR status is unclear, this tool does offer intent data. 

However, note that it doesn’t provide a phone verification or research on-demand service either.

Top features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Customisable lead list building.
  • Risk management analytics.
  • Intent data.


You’ll need to fill out a form on the D&B Hoovers™ website for pricing information.

4. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo - a LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative


ZoomInfo is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitor providing access to real-time account and contact data. Its suite of business intelligence tools includes detailed company profile insights, including revenue, technology usage, number of employees, and more. 

With that said certain features and credits to view data come at higher-priced packages.

Top features: 

  • Suite of tools and add-on packages.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Intent data.


You can request ZoomInfo pricing from its website. 

ZoomInfo subscription packages follow individual pricing tiers for sales, marketing, and recruitment. Seats, credits, and supplementary tools play a factor in cost.

💡 See how sales intelligence tools like ZoomInfo and Cognism use intent data to identify accounts searching for a solution like yours. 

“Our sales cycle is typically 6-8 months long. With Cognism, we saw ROI in 8 weeks from intent data and direct dials. One deal pays for a year’s Cognism subscription.”

5. Crunchbase

Crunchbase - a LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative

(Source: Crunchbase)

Crunchbase identifies high-growth startups and industry trends for investment opportunities. The tool includes contact data to help B2B companies connect with decision-makers at these companies and is GDPR and CCPA-compliant. 

Access to contact data is only available on Pro and Enterprise packages.

Top features: 

  • Company information.
  • Saved lists and alerts.
  • Salesforce, Outreach, and HubSpot integrations on higher packages.


Choose from Strater, Pro and Enterprise plans. The most up-to-date pricing information can be found on the Crunchbase website. 

6. Seamless.AI

Seamless.AI - a LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative


The next sales navigator alternative is Seamless.AI. It identifies and qualifies leads in real-time. Access to contact data is restricted by credits, and the tool is CCPA-compliant.

Top features: 

  • Enterprise security.
  • Job change functions.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Data enrichment add-on.


Seamless.AI packages include Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The pricing is based on credits and your required number of user seats, depending on the plan.

“In just three months, we’ve closed two deals worth our two-year contract value. We’ve already made back what we spent and couldn’t be happier.”

7. Demandbase

A LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitor

(Source: G2)

Demandbase (formerly InsideView) is a Sales Nav alternative and go-to-market tool. It offers a suite of solutions, including account-based advertising, personalisation, and sales intelligence, to help improve customer engagement.

Top features: 


For detailed pricing information, you must contact Demandbase.

8. Amplemarket

A LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitor

(Source: Amplemarket)

Next on the list of LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitors is Amplemarket. It’s a sales tool that helps B2B teams access B2B contact data that’s GDPR & CCPA-compliant.

When considering this tool, bear in mind that it offers a Chrome extension that can only be used with Gmail, CRMs, Outlook & LinkedIn.

Top features: 

  • Multi-channel selling.
  • Buying intent signals.
  • Automated sales workflows.


You’ll need to fill out a form on the Amplemarket website for pricing information.


A LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitor


TAMI is a Sales Navigator alternative and data vendor that provides B2B data via easy-to-use software. 

Unlike LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other tools on this list, it does not include intent signals. What’s more, you’ll have to pay for monthly company credits with TAMI.

Top features: 

  • Industry mapping.
  • Twelve unique search filters.
  • Lead enrichment.


TAMI pricing includes two packages - TAMI Professional and TAMI 360. You can find the most up-to-date pricing on the website. 

Why is intent data important to consider when choosing a LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative?

Cognism’s intent data helped Kelly Services increase its B2B mailing list from 0 to 28,000 contacts:

“Cognism’s intent data plays a key role in identifying these companies. Intent gives them the ammunition for a more tailored, targeted approach.”

10. DiscoverOrg

A LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitor

(Source: DiscoverOrg)

Despite merging with ZoomInfo in 2019, DiscoverOrg makes this list of Cognism alternatives because it stands apart from ZoomInfo regarding some features. It allows businesses to connect with executives via its community-verified and GDPR-aligned database.

Top features: 

  • Website visitor tracking.
  • Intent data sourced from devices across the United States.
  • Department-level org charts.


DiscoverOrg has multiple plans at different price points. You must submit a form to get a quote.

11. UpLead

A LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitor

(Source: Uplead)

Another alternative to LinkedIn Sales Navigator is UpLead - a B2B prospecting platform that helps you to find accurate B2B contact data. It filters contacts by job title, location, company size, and industry.

When considering this alternative, be aware that lower pricing tiers only allow one user to log in at a time.

Top features: 

  • Data enrichment.
  • Technographics.
  • Intent data.
  • Chrome Extension. 


UpLead provides annual single-user pricing tiers, including Essential and Plus, and a multi-user package called Professional.

Request precise pricing information for UpLead from its website.

A LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitor

(Source: g2) is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative that helps teams uncover leads quickly and efficiently. It may be unsuitable for dial-heavy users as it has a dual credit system that charges users once per mobile and once per email.

Top features: 

  • Free account option.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Automated persona lists.
  • Call recordings.

Pricing: sets its pricing per user per month, and you’ll need credits for access to data. You can choose between Free, Basic, Professional, and Organization packages. 

You’ll find accurate Apollo pricing information on the website.


Tips for choosing a quality LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative

When looking at LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternatives, consider if your favourite tool has all the features you need for successful sales. 

Some sales tools cost more than others but offer better data coverage and features. Some are more affordable but might lack the features your business requires for success. 

For example, phone-verified data (a feature LinkedIn Sales Navigator doesn’t offer) helps you connect with more customers rather than reaching dead numbers over and over again. 

Some solutions, like Cognism, offer an on-demand verification service that can help you connect with 87% of your list. 

This might not be an essential part of prospecting for you. Instead, you might want a prospecting tool focused on a global database or unrestricted access to contact data

It might also be important to consider using LinkedIn Sales Nav in conjunction with a data provider for even better prospecting. Kinaxis does this, and they’ve seen an increase in MQLs:

“Cognism’s such a time-saver, and it’s improved our workflows so much.”

“The integration with Salesforce is fantastic as it makes it much easier to pull contacts into our CRM. But also having the Chrome Extension and using it in conjunction with LinkedIn is so useful. I think the whole team loves both those elements of it.” 

Don’t forget to check out customer reviews and case studies to better understand how each platform works in the real world and how it compares to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Which LinkedIn Sales Navigator alternative is the best? 

If you’re looking for a LinkedIn Sales Navigator competitor, that gives you:

✔️ More mobile numbers that go through to the right contacts. 

✔️ More confidence when prospecting. 

✔️ More targeted leads.

✔️ And more incoming revenue.

Then Cognism is the best alternative to Sales Nav. Click 👇 to book your demo today! 

Choose Cognism as your new data provider. Click to book a demo.


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