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25 Best Sales Tools & Software Used by B2B Sales Leaders

The amount of B2B sales software out there today can get overwhelming, right? 

But every B2B business needs sales tools in their tech stack to streamline operations, boost efficiency across the entire sales process, and save reps time by handling mundane tasks.

This way, sales teams can focus on what they do best - selling!

To help you make sense of the best sales tools on the market, we spoke to Cognism's sales leaders: Jonathon Ilett, David Bentham, and Nancy Newman-Oller.

Scroll 👇 to see our list of the must-have tools they use to hit revenue targets in-house.

1. Cognism

LP Screenshots-1

Every sales team needs a sales intelligence tool to help them prospect effectively. Cognism is sales software that does just that! It provides 3,000+ revenue teams with a database of GDPR-compliant phone numbers and emails of prospects they want to do business with.

With Cognism's Diamond Data®, a premium dataset composed of phone-verified cell phone numbers, reps avoid gatekeepers and pitch directly to company decision-makers. Additionally, they can combine intent data with hiring, funding, and job join sales triggers to close deals faster.


Best features:

How much is Cognism?

Cognism pricing is seat-based and depends on your workflow:

  • Licences suitable for individual prospecting with unrestricted views and individual and page-level exporting*.
  • Licenses for enterprises with operational workflows that require list-building.

*Subject to fair use

2. QuickMail

QuickMail a sales tool that helps you start more conversations using email automation.

QuickMail is a cold email tool that helps you personalise your outreach at scale and generate more warm leads. You can add as many team member inboxes to QuickMail as you need to hit your sending volume targets, which makes it perfect for fast-growing B2B sales teams who need to book more meetings with their target market.

It’s also low-risk, as there’s a completely free Lite plan that allows you to send 3,000 cold emails per month.

A tip for using QuickMail:

“Take advantage of attributes to personalise your emails. The extra personalisation in your emails will show your sales prospects that you’ve spent time researching them before you reach out.”

3. trumpet


Supercharge your entire sales cycle with auto-personalised and interactive microsites that close more deals, quicker.

From cold outreach all the way to onboarding, teams are shortening their sales cycle by up to 40% through the power of actionable data insights and collaborative digital workspaces where sellers and buyers can collaborate through one link, a trumpet Pod.

A tip for using trumpet:

“93% of Pods are created using our Templates for a few reasons. They take 30 seconds to create, are auto-personalised with name, company name and other customisable variables and auto-branded with your prospect’s company logo, colour palette and banner image."

“All you need to do is drop in a quick voice note or video recording to make the Pod pop!”

4. Gong

Sales software, Gong is a fantastic tool for monitoring team performance, sales training and more! This is a screenshot from its homepage.

The undisputed leader in revenue intelligence software, Gong is a truly awesome tool for outbound sales teams. It captures and analyses every touchpoint in the sales process to deliver real-time insights on meetings, calls, and emails.

David’s tip for using Gong is:

“Take snippets from your high-performers' calls and share them with your ramping SDRs. I’ve found this results in shorter ramp periods.”

5. LeadSquared


LeadSquared is an end-to-end lead management and sales automation platform. Its sales suite covers everything from lead capture and distribution to sales performance management.

The tool can be used to automate sales activities, monitor the pipeline, track on-field sales, and generate reports to forecast revenue.

Here are some tips for using LeadSquared:

“In sales, a lot of deals fall through because of missed follow-ups or a long turnaround time. LeadSquared’s reminders and notifications ensure that 100% of your deals lean towards closure.”

“Managers can also monitor their team’s performance to identify their team’s strengths and weaknesses and step in to improve the sales process.”

6. Vidyard


Vidyard is so much more than just a video hosting platform! It’s one of the best sales tools for sales targeting and easy video prospecting. SDRs can use it to record and send personalised videos to leads, clients, and colleagues.

Jonathan’s top tip for using Vidyard:

“After every demo, send a short bespoke video summary of the meeting. Share it with stakeholders who couldn’t attend but have influence over the deal.”

Beyond the Sales Floor images_CTA

7. Salesloft


Salesloft is a top-rated B2B sales software that helps revenue teams close more deals faster. It provides everything from cadence automation, an integrated dialler for cold calling, and powerful reporting and analytics.

Here's another tip from Jonathon on increasing engagement with this tool:

“Salesloft is great for post-demo nurturing. After you’ve conducted a demo, create a personalised cadence for the prospect, sharing relevant content. My team has seen very high levels of engagement with this approach.”

8. Slack


Slack is the ultimate company communication and collaboration software for sales. But it isn’t just for sending memes and cat videos!

Sales teams can also use Slack to connect with prospects and current customers and grow those all-important business relationships.

Slack is also useful for SDR training, as David explains:

“We’ve created Slack channels for best (and worst!) sales calls. These are updated daily, and we use them to coach our new starters in cold calling. I don’t think our sales team would be as good without that ability to easily share knowledge and best practice between us.”

9. Mailtastic

Image of sales platform, Mailtastic's homepage. The text reads reach your audience in bold. Your buyers spend over six hours a day in their email inboxes. So why not take your ads to them? Right where your competitors can't go.Mailtastic is the world’s leading email signature marketing and B2B sales platform. Its solutions are also useful for sales managers.

With Mailtastic, you can centrally manage your employee email signatures, transforming them into a powerful B2B lead generation channel in their own right.

David is a big fan of Mailtastic:

“Think about the number of cold emails your SDRs send daily. It’s probably in the thousands or tens of thousands! Now think about everything you can promote using those emails - everything from webinars, whitepapers, events and more. That’s what Mailtastic offers!”

10. Zoom

Zoom is the best sales tool to connect with prospects. This image is taken from its website and says in big bold letters one platform to connect.Zoom is the best sales tool to connect with prospects and colleagues. After many businesses went hybrid because of the coronavirus pandemic, the software has become indispensable to every B2B team. 

David is a Zoom super-user. He says:

“From 121s with your line reports to those Monday morning team meetings and company-wide townhalls, is there anything Zoom can’t do?"

"Now that many companies have a hybrid work model, it’s essential to maintain company culture and communication. Best of all, there’s a free option, so anyone can use it.”

11. Reachdesk

Screenshot of Reachdesk's website. The white text on a purple background reads what other marketing channels guarantee ROI?

Looking for the best sales software to help close deals?

Reachdesk might be what you need. It's a direct B2B marketing platform that drives prospect engagement and customer loyalty. Sales professionals can use it to send virtual and physical gifts to key stakeholders. Gifts can be anything from vouchers to cupcakes!

Nancy shared her review of this sales tool: 

“Meeting a new stakeholder for the first time? Why not use Reachdesk to send them UberEats vouchers or a coffee to enjoy during the meeting? Or to prospects who've returned from holiday, been ill, or had too many on Thirsty Thursday!”

12. Chili Piper

Sales applications like Chili Piper are great for getting meetings booked! The image is of its homepage and reads double your inbound conversion rates.

Chili Piper is a smart scheduling sales application that automates and accelerates the booking process. It lets prospects book meetings or start live calls with a single click.

Jonathon says:

“Chili Piper automatically sorts new opportunities into enterprise, mid-market or ramping teams based on persona and deal size. Ensuring fair distribution across the board.”

13. Huggg

Sales software Huggg makes it easy to reward SDRs and build relationships with prospects. This is a screenshot of the Huggg homepage, and the title reads gift teams and clients at scale in a couple of clicks.One of the best interactive sales office tools available, Huggg makes it easy to reward SDRs and sales teams for a job well done. It also helps you to build better relationships with clients by sending them treats.

For example, you can use Huggg to send prospective clients a birthday hamper, keeping your product or service top of mind when they make a purchasing decision. 

14. Salesforce


It almost goes without saying, but Salesforce is an essential B2B sales tool for SDRs. A global, world-beating player in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space, Salesforce is trusted by many SaaS companies to manage and align sales and marketing activities like Account Based Marketing (ABM).

Jonathon explains how he uses Salesforce at Cognism:

“Create dashboards that are easy for your team to access and visualise. Consult them weekly, if not daily. This allows you to make quick adjustments and optimise your B2B sales strategy.”

Did you know that Cognism integrates with Salesforce? Find out more 👇


15. Drift

A bright and colourful screenshot of Drift's website. In capital letters, the text says every solution starts with a conversation.
Drift has developed a suite of conversational sales software tools designed to make prospecting easier and quicker. It provides website visitor analytics, AI chatbots, personalised content, and real-time notifications.

Jonathon has this to say about Drift’s chatbot feature:

“Chances are, if you’re a scaling company, you won’t have the manpower to oversee the live chat on your site. Drift automates this function, replicating the behaviour of your top SDRs. The chatbot is always there, handling the workflow and driving conversions.”

16. Seismic

A screenshot of the homepage for sales software, Seismic. The text reads ready to track?

The best software for sales isn’t always client-facing. Seismic is a sales enablement tool that helps sales teams manage content that assists in closing sales, training new SDRs and setting up sales cycles with personalised content.

17. GetAccept

Sales tool Get Accept has a green, orange and white homepage. In this screenshot the text reads make room for deals.

GetAccept is an all-in-one sales enablement platform for sales professionals. Speed up your sales strategy by deploying personalised videos, live chat, and e-signature features.

GetAccept’s B2B sales tools have been shown to increase closed-won rates by up to 42%.

Nancy shares this tip:

“With GetAccept’s deal tracking, your AEs receive real-time notifications whenever a prospect views, downloads, prints, forwards, or signs your sales assets. This helps them follow up at the most optimal times.”

18. Kluster

One of the best sales tools for your team is Kluster. This is a screenshot of its homepage. The text reads beat target every quarter.

Kluster is a smart forecasting and pipeline management system. It interprets CRM data, producing insights that streamline your sales operation and make it more predictable. This sales forecasting software is available on the web or mobile or as a seamless integration with your CRM.

Jonathon says:

“Kluster is very useful for identifying which teams are struggling vs their forecast. Once you’ve identified the struggling areas of your business, you can take steps to help them, such as upskilling or providing more training.”

19. Kaspr

A screenshot of sales tool software's website. The text reads the contact details of your prospects in 1 click.

Similar to Cognism, is an easy-to-use B2B sales tool that helps you generate qualified leads and build a sales pipeline with downloadable contact data in 1 click. The best part is that you can try their LinkedIn Chrome extension for free! 

💡Intercept prospects earlier in their buyer journey. Discover how to use software sales tools like Cognism or Kaspr to identify companies searching for your solution.

20. Turtl


Turtl is an innovative, intuitive content creation and management software in B2B sales. You can use it to design trackable proposals and other collateral, improving insights into stakeholder priorities and strengthening conversations.

Jonathon is a keen advocate of Turtl:

“We use this tool at Cognism to create sales decks, presentations and slides. The best thing is that it provides analytics for the most viewed sections of our collateral and for how long, so we can improve them going forward.”

21. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder tracks visitors to your website. It gives insight into which companies click on your site, how they found you in the first place and what areas they’re interested in. All useful intel for the modern B2B sales pro!

Jonathon shares some best practice advice when using this sales tool:

“One great feature is the ability to follow specific companies. When you follow a company in Leadfeeder, the platform automatically sends you email notifications whenever the company revisits your site.”

22. Lead Forensics

This screenshot of LeadForensics's website says identify your B2B website visitors. It's one of the best sales tools for creating sales opportunities.

Lead Forensics is the best sales tool for visitor identification. This software gives insight into who is visiting your website and what they’re most interested in. 

It’s great for identifying new opportunities and understanding what potential customers want so you can personalise their outreach.

23. PandaDoc

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 09.53.51

The B2B SaaS industry’s number one proposal, contract, and document solution. PandaDoc simplifies the contract creation and signing workflow. It makes the process predictable, repeatable, and scalable.

Nancy’s advice for using this sales software is:

“Use PandaDoc’s content library to store information that your team will repeatedly use, like Testimonials or Ts and Cs. It's a great way to ensure consistency across your paperwork.”

24. Meltwater

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 14.50.34Meltwater is an indispensable tool for B2B sales teams, particularly in the domain of sales prospecting. Automating competitive intelligence with real-time alerts, it streamlines research, identifies trends, and offers customizable dashboards.

This time-saving tool ensures relevant insights reach inboxes or CRMs, optimizing overall sales efficiency.

Quick tip for using this B2B sales:

"Dive into the Meltwater Help Center for loads of helpful resources. Find free video tutorials and certifications to level up your skills and knowledge."


We hope you found this list of the best sales tools in B2B useful. 

Sales tech stacks are constantly evolving. Which is why it's important to keep up with new sales software that can streamline workflows and solve customer pain points.

But that doesn't mean you should sign up for the hottest, latest, most advertised software. Take a look at dark social media to see what leading companies are using and the benefits they get. 

What are sales tools?

Sales tools are solutions that help sales teams improve productivity, their ability to close deals and increase incoming revenue. Sales software examples include sales intelligence tools like Cognism, sales automation, lead generation, sales forecasting and CRMs like HubSpot. 

Why use sales tools?

Sales software can transform manual processes that slow sales teams down.

Productivity, efficiency, communication and lead prioritisation are all elements improved with the use of sales applications. By expanding your sales tech stack, you're delivering the tools your team needs for success.

Here's how using a sales tool like Cognism has helped three top B2B companies win in sales:

ROCI agency:

  • Consistently reach 8-15% click-through rates and 4-7% reply rates

  • Spend less time manually finding leads

  • Steadily book meetings on behalf of its customers

  • Create personalised outreach by leveraging event triggers

“Cognism does the legwork that you'd otherwise have to do manually. If time is precious and you want to spread the word about your business with world-class sales data, then Cognism is your go-to.”


  • Increase conversion rates by 3x

  • Power 50-60 calls per day on average

  • Fast-track access to accurate contact details with the Chrome Extension and WebApp

  • Support the satisfaction and retention of their clients

“Previously, we were generating opportunities after 10 to 12 touchpoints. With Cognism, opportunities are created after 4. The tool has revolutionised the output of our sales team, making prospecting easier and more fun!”


  • Achieve better results than previous B2B data provider

  • Uplift engagement rates by 3x

  • Boost connections to prospects using Cognism’s Diamond Data®

  • Increase their coverage of EMEA contacts

  • Seamlessly integrate Cognism with Salesforce and Outreach

“While we use other data providers globally, we’ve had far more engagement using Cognism than any other provider. Cognism has always yielded better results.”

What is the best sales tool?

Successful sales start with a quality B2B contact database.

So before you consider any other sales software, invest in Cognism.

The tool that offers you:

  • Mobile numbers that are verified and factually correct
  • Bigger focus on quality B2B leads
  • Unlimited access to data
  • Simple, intuitive interface and reliable tech
  • GDPR and CCPA-compliant data
  • A fast and friendly support team who can assist you in real-time

How about we help you get started with 25 free leads? Click 👇 for more information.

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Experience the Diamond difference.

See how our phone verified contact data can increase your connect rate by 3x. Book a demo today.

Skyrocket your sales

Cognism gives you access to a global database and a wealth of data points with numbers that result in a live conversation.

Find customers ready to buy

Cognism intent data helps you identify accounts actively searching for your product or service – and target key decision makers when they’re ready to buy.