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11 Best B2B Sales Prospecting Tools for Enterprises in 2024

Our sales team speaks to different companies about sales prospecting tools every day.

We help them find a solution which is the best fit for their organization whether they need:

  • Sales prospecting tools integrated with Salesforce for enterprises.
  • All-in-one B2B prospecting software to automate all the processes.
  • A global provider to power a team of 20+ reps that require bulk list-building.
  • A complimentary prospecting data for a regional office. 

This article is a list of the best B2B prospecting platforms, including Cognism, that come up in these sales discussions. It will help you narrow down your choice. Click on the drop-down below for a quick feature comparison or scroll down to review each tool's credentials.

A B2B prospecting tool is software designed to help salespeople automate the process of identifying potential buyers, reaching out to them, and converting them into customers.


Phone-verified mobiles

DNC checks


Intent data solution


✅ Phone verified mobile numbers database (Diamond Data®

✅ 12 countries


✅ Bombora



✅  Bidstream


✅ UK & US only in Enterprise package


✅ Bombora



✅ CCPA-compliant
Option to suppress EU data in settings to align with GDPR

Website visitor data

✅ UK & US only


✅ Bombora and LeadSift 


✅ 5 countries in the Enterprise package



✅ Limited on-demand research



✅ Bombora




✅ Bombora

LinkedIn Sales Navigator





✅ Bombora


GDPR and CCPA aligned

1. Cognism

Cognism is the best sales prospecting tool for companies looking to expand into global markets.

Cognism has a leading EMEA B2B data coverage within a global database. It's a great tool for sales teams prospecting in multiple territories, including the NAM, APAC and EMEA.

It will also suit outbound sales teams that need premium phone-verified mobile numbers to contact company decision-makers directly.

Your team can rest assured when considering Cognism is committed to complying with strict data privacy regulations.

Cognism has a native integration for Salesforce, HubSpot, and Outreach. We aim to integrate with your existing tech stack, not replacing it.

Check out Cognism's key features and pricing info below.

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Prospect predictably with quality, compliant, global data

Whether you need compliant prospecting data to break into new markets or speak to decision-makers' cell phone numbers, look no further. Cognism database has:

“If you are looking for a B2B provider to power the UK, Europe and North America, Cognism's got you covered”

Prospecting tool for Salesforce

Stop switching between tools when prospecting and list-building

Use Cognism Prospector to build account and lead lists and bulk export them to the tools you use in as little as two clicks.

  • Cognism integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, SalesLoft, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, and more. 
  • Two-way Salesforce integration to easily check if an account or contact is in Salesforce and avoid duplicates.
  • Customisable import mappings for Salesforce to upload lists of Leads, Contacts and Accounts. 
  • Log in using your username or SSO.
“Cognism yielded more accurate mobile numbers and email addresses than ZoomInfo. We were sold from that point onwards”
Joe Allsopp
BDM @Evalian

Speed up prospect research on Linkedin and Sales Nav

Cognism browser extension provides easy access to prospects' business emails and phone-verified mobile numbers cleaned against do-not-call lists. SDRs can use the tool as they:

  • Browse corporate websites to find employees and decision-makers for multi-threading.
  • Prospect using LinkedIn.
  • Generate contact data for LinkedIn Sales Navigator lists.
  • Enrich contact and account records in CRM or sales engagement tools.
LinkedIn prospecting app
“ZoomInfo’s plug-in took approximately 20 seconds to load a lead, and more often than not, the contact details were incorrect. This was a productivity drain. With Cognism, it’s either instant or takes four seconds. The plug-in’s velocity enables quick-fire prospecting.”
Michael Iannuzzi
Director of Marketing & Sales Development @Drift

Explore Cognism with our interactive product tour

This guided product tour will show you what it’s like to use the Cognism Web App for prospecting. 

Let's walk through how you can quickly generate a list of decision-makers enriched with high-quality contact data.

Prospecting Power Plays

2. Kaspr

If you're mainly prospecting on LinkedIn, Kaspr is your go-to tool. It's an all-in-one prospecting software for individual contributors, SDRs, and recruiters looking to automate parts of your sales outreach on LinkedIn. Kaspr’s Chrome extension can retrieve contact info from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite. However, it doesn’t have a platform needed to build prospect lists.

Key features

  • LinkedIn automation workflows.
  • Extract prospect data from LinkedIn lists, groups, events, etc.
  • Team collaboration and lead management features.
  • GDPR and CCPA aligned.


  • Free plan available.
  • The paid subscription starts at $49 per month/user.

3. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is an all-in-one sales prospecting platform known for a great volume of company profiles and contact data. It specializes in the AMER region but has recently increased its coverage in Europe.

Over the years, the company has acquired or merged with its competitors (Comparably, RingLead,, etc.) to create a robust sales workflow management solution.

However, it appears some software buyers think “the functionality, utility, and usability of [ZoomInfo’s] platform itself has degraded significantly” as a result of expanding their core offering. Others mentioned other challenges ZoomInfo faces, from lack of product innovation to pricing, especially for additional services.

Key features

  • A large volume of US-centric data.
  • Robust features and integrations (ABM, intent).
  • Complex pricing might not suit early-stage businesses.


  • Available after a consultation.

  • Tiers for sales, marketing, and recruitment.

  • ZoomInfo pricing depends on the number of seats, credits, and add-ons.

Check out a list of ZoomInfo competitors.


4. Lusha

Lusha is a sales prospecting software that lives on your Linkedin, B2B websites, Gmail and more. It’s a user-friendly email and direct dial finder tool and its advanced features are available on a custom plan. Lusha is CCPA and GDPR-compliant with DNC filtering (UK and US only) available in the highest-paid package.

Lusha designed a member Community to let them share their professional network’s contact details in exchange for extra credits and access to advanced features. When a Community user agrees to Lusha's Code of Conduct and installs one of its products, Lusha synchronizes their business email with its database. It helps keep Lusha’s database accurate.

Its prospecting platform and web extension are user-friendly, although some users say its integrations could be improved. For example, Lusha's Chrome extension doesn't work over Outreach. It offers short-term subscription plans and a self-service set-up until you want to negotiate an enterprise package.

Key features

  • Intent signals by Bombora (5 topics; add-on on the highest plan).
  • Email sequencing tool for Gmail.
  • Integrations with CRMs and the best sales tools.
  • Lusha Community Program.


  • Lusha’s pricing is based on credits per user.
  • Limited access to certain features and contact searches depending on your package.
  • Custom plans for 5+ users. 

5. LeadIQ

US-headquartered LeadIQ is a B2B prospecting software that helps outbound teams search, capture, and manage sales leads. It offers global prospect data; however, some companies like Drift struggled to find correct mobile numbers in its database. LeadIQ is CCPA and GDPR-compliant, but it limits DNC screening to 5 countries and the Enterprise package only. Check out cold-calling database providers or compare Cognism vs LeadIQ directly if accurate phone numbers are your priority.

LeadIQ doesn't provide intent data, but it allows users to track sales triggers (i.e. job changes). It also supports them in writing personalized emails with an AI email generator. Like other prospecting tools, LeadIQ reserves advanced features, such as updating contact information with one click or data governance controls for the Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

Key features

  • Integrations with popular tools, including Salesforce and LinkedIn.
  • Email formatting verification and deliverability test.
  • Salesforce enrichment.

Check out a list of the best LeadIQ alternatives.


  • Four plans, including a limited free plan based on a credit system that restricts data points.
  • Yearly or monthly subscriptions per user.
  • Optional add-ons (contact tracking, Salesforce lead enrichment) paid extra.

6. Clearbit

Clearbit is now 100% owned by HubSpot. Clearbit will remain available as a standalone product once the acquisition is complete. However, over time HubSpot will natively integrate Clearbit's third-party company data into its system of record as an offering within its customer platform. 

Clearbit's core offerings are enriching records and revealing buying intent and website intelligence. Joining forces with HubSpot means "pulling in data from marketing emails, sales calls, support tickets, website interactions, and every event associated with a company or contact" and unifying them into one record.

As an email prospecting tool, it might not be the best choice for companies relying on cold-calling mobiles. In terms of compliance Cearbit asserts "alignment" with GDPR and addresses GDPR concerns by opting to suppress all EU data in settings.

Key features

  • Native HubSpot data provider (but limited integrations with other tools).
  • Browser extension for Gmail and websites (but it currently lacks functionality on LinkedIn). 
  • Website visitor data reveal. 

Check out the list of the best Clearbit alternatives.


  • The Clearbit for Business plan is volume-based.
  • It can be customized with add-on capabilities like Forms, Advertising, and Capture.
  • Accurate pricing available after a consultation.

7. is currently building an end-to-end B2B prospecting tool, following ZoomInfo's footsteps. Both tools help identify and engage prospects and automate multi-step touchpoints with leads. The main difference between and ZoomInfo lies in their customer base.

Apollo's self-serve plan makes it a good option for SMBs or even consultants. And lead intelligence tools like lead scoring, routing and pipeline forecasting, its solution can be scalable to meet growing organization’s needs.

Apollo grows its database through a "living data network". This prospecting tool collects data mainly through the network of data contributors, email engagement tools, and public data crawling. 

Despite a large contact database, prospects in an independent survey mentioned it needed better cell phone numbers and email verification. Check out alternatives with better mobile data coverage.

Key features


  • Apollo pricing includes a free plan with limited features and three credit-based paid plans.
  • The hidden cost of using Apollo instead of ZoomInfo is that you grant them a license to access and use your customer-submitted data to improve’s data assets.

8. SalesIntel

SalesIntel is a US-centric sales prospecting database. The company claims to have every direct dial number and email tested and re-verified every 90 days. Users praise the platform’s intent data, provided by industry leader, Bombora.

SalesIntel gets its data from crowdsourcing, in which users of its apps and services contribute contact data to its Business Contact Database

Key features

  • Bombora intent data. 

  • Website visitor tracking. 
  • List and CRM enrichment (including form-complete).

  • Technographic, firmographic data.


  • Credit-based pricing for individuals and small teams.
  • Custom pricing for 5+ teams.

9. Seamless.AI

Seamless.AI is a B2B prospecting software that uses artificial intelligence to crawl the web and discover sales prospects’ data. It also collects personal information from any accounts its customers choose to link. These include websites, professional networks, CRMs, social media platforms, email and mobile contacts. The data is CCPA-compliant, however, it's GDPR compliance status isn't clear.

The vendor is considered an affordable tool. However, Seamles.AI charges extra for additional credits, job change alerts, data enrichment, autopilot and intent data, while priority support is only offered on Pro and Enterprise plants.

Key features


  • Three packages are based on a set number of credits and seats.

10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the sales prospecting tools and part of every salesperson’s workflow. It allows users to create lead and account lists based on one of the largest professional databases, but it isn't a data vendor. Recruiters and SDRs use its advanced filters to research prospects and companies and contact them via  InMails. The tool offers saved searches, profile view tracking, a relationship builder, buyer persona segmentation, etc.

Sales Navigator complies with CCPA and has been working on GDPR compliance.  However, some companies switch to GDPR-compliant prospecting tools because of personal emails included with Sales Navigator. Many contact data providers, like Cognism, integrate with Sales Nav to enrich its lists with emails and cell phone data.

Key features

  • Personalised lead recommendations based on a user’s search history and LinkedIn activity.
  • InMail messaging.
  • Buyer interest alerts. 
  • CRM integrations.


  • Three packages: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus.
  • Free trial available.

11. Lead411

Lead411 is a research platform with features for sequencing and email automation. This email prospecting platform offers email verification via SMTP, manual methods, and email open validation. Users can also benefit from built-in sales enablement and automating email and SMS campaigns. Like other prospecting tools, Lead411 provides leading Bombora's intent data.

Key features

  • Contact enrichment.
  • Lead scoring.
  • Bombora intent data.
  • Growth triggers.


  • Three packages.
  • Free trial with an email/SMS automation add-on. 

What is the best prospecting tool to get mobile numbers?

The best prospecting tool for teams relying on cold calling is Cognism's Diamond Data®. It’s a global database with:

  • 10m+ global phone-verified mobile numbers.
  • Verification service on-demand.
  • 87% of accuracy.
  • Compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations.
  • Checked against DNC lists globally.

With Diamond Data®, your outbound teams eliminate endless hours of searching for contact data and dialling wrong numbers. You can expect:

  • 5x increase in reach.
  • 7x increase in conversation rate.
  • 80% less calls needed for better results.

“Diamond Data® is a game-changer because Cognism’s data team manually checks and validates the mobile numbers on our behalf. It’s reassuring to know that the data I’m exporting to our internal database is on point.”

What is the best prospecting tool for Salesforce?

Cognism has a native Salesforce integration and a browser extension that works over Salesforce, which makes it a perfect prospecting tool for Salesforce.

Revenue teams won’t need to break their operating rhythm to access the data they need.

The two-way Salesforce integration allows users to:

  • Check if an account is in Salesforce to avoid duplicates.
  • Customise import mappings for Salesforce.
  • Enrich Salesforce records with accurate data.

“We’ve invested heavily in Salesforce, and any new tools we buy must be native to it. B2B prospecting used to be a drain. With Cognism, I can export lists at the click of a button directly into Salesforce. It’s that simple. ”

What is the best platform to prospect in Europe?

According to the CB Insights report, which evaluated sales prospecting tools, “UK-based Cognism wins out for its European data and GDPR compliance”.

With Cognism, you'll find:

  • Unbeatable EMEA coverage and quality.
  • Instant access prospecting data through our simple web platform, browser Extension, or integrations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and your CRM.
  • Strict commitment to GDPR compliance.

Often, companies that use ZoomInfo or Lusha in the US as their primary provider turn to Cognism when their reps find gaps in EMEA coverage.

European teams choose the Cognism platform for prospecting in Europe because privacy regulations are much stricter in Europe. And Cognism is known for its commitment to GDPR compliance.

“We tested a US competitor vs Cognism for EU data. Cognism converted 60% better.”

What are the best tools to prospect on LinkedIn?

While many B2B prospecting tools have browser extensions that let users access a prospect’s contact details and company profiles on LinkedIn, Cognism's browser extension is the best tool available because it lets users enrich contacts with verified mobile phone numbers and emails. 

To enrich LinkedIn Sales Navigator lists, enter your search criteria and open Cognism's browser extension.

By filtering prospects with a verified mobile mobile (contacts with a diamond icon), reps can increase response rates and accelerate sales.

You can then export the lists with accurate contact information into your CRM or sales enablement tool.

“ZoomInfo’s plug-in took approximately 20 seconds to load a lead, and more often than not, the contact details were incorrect. This was a productivity drain. With Cognism, it’s either instant or takes four seconds. The plug-in’s velocity enables quick-fire prospecting.”

3000+ teams chose Cognism as their prospecting tool

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