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25+ Best Lead Generation Tools and B2B Software

Lead generation is the lifeblood of business; you need a steady stream of quality leads to generate sales.

There’s a plethora of lead generation software for B2B and e-commerce on the market today. We’ve done the hard work for you and picked out over 25 of the best.

Whether you want to build lead lists, create landing pages or invest in a conversational marketing - we’ve got you covered.

Let’s look at the best lead generation tools👇

1. Cognism

Cognism is a B2B lead generation platform that provides sales intelligence and lead contact data (verified mobiles and B2B emails).

Various filters in Cognism’s web application let you build highly targeted lead lists that you can later use to create matched audiences on LinkedIn or launch an email campaign.

Top features:

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Providing 2000+ revenue teams with a global B2B lead database

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Cognism defeated all the other lead generation providers by a huge amount. Its database had an 80% accuracy rate and the highest coverage of mobile numbers
Michael Iannuzzi, Director of Marketing & Sales Development
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Cognism pricing


Packages suitable for individual prospecting with unrestricted views and individual & page-level exporting (up to 25 records at a time)* in all packages.

Flexible workflows

Custom packages with add-on credits for teams with operational workflows which need bulk-list building and exporting.

Global data

Access to global and regional company and contact data — NAM, EMEA, and APAC included in all packages.

Premium add-ons

Phone-verified cell phone numbers (Diamond Data®) and intent data powered by Bombora.

2. ​​Paperform

Paperform is a versatile form builder that helps small businesses cut down on busy work. It can take payments, make bookings, connect with customers and sell products. 

The powerful editor eliminates the clunky menus in favour of a fully customisable free text interface and drag-and-drop functionality.

Top features:

  • Lead scoring
  • Template gallery
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Connects with Google sheets, Mailchimp, Notion and Asana


(Source: G2)


  • $20-$159 p/m and a 14-day free trial, no credit card required

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful sales lead generation tool for B2B sales. It helps you find and connect with the right leads, saves leads to your CRM, and recommends leads based on your website visitors.

Top features:

  • Recommendations for leads and accounts
  • Advanced search
  • Account tracking

Sales Navigator

(Source: G2)


  • $83 to $131+ p/m

4. Salesgenie 

Salesgenie is a lead generation tool with contact information for over 25 million businesses, with new names added weekly. 

You can build lead lists that are best for you based on specifics like age, income, home value, and more. You can choose solutions geared toward individual entrepreneurs, teams of employees, and marketing professionals.

Top features:

  • Lead tagging
  • Advanced sorting
  • Ability to add notes to every record

Salesgenie(Source: G2)


  • Not available publicly

5. HubSpot Marketing Hub 

HubSpot Marketing Hub brings all your marketing tools together so that you can run inbound marketing campaigns at scale.

It contains tools for each step of the inbound marketing process: attracting attention, converting leads, reporting, and customisation.

With the lead capture tool, you can capture and nurture leads. Forms are easy to create, allowing you to collect contact information. HubSpot’s CRM is excellent for tracking data.

Top features:

  • Marketing analytics
  • Form Builder
  • Ad tracking and management 
  • Blog Builder

Hubspot marketing hub(Source: G2)


  • £17 - £3000 p/m


Kaspr provides access to thousands of emails, phone numbers and other relevant information with just a click. It's accurate and boosts sales performance.

The lead generation software is a LinkedIn Chrome extension that displays the prospect’s contact information the moment you visit their profile.

With Kaspr, you can send your leads automated follow-up messages and enrich lead generation data.

Top features:

  • Outreach automation
  • LinkedIn extension
  • Integrate with your favourite sales apps
  • Reporting


  • $0 - €99+ p/m, per licence

7. LeadGenius

If you've ever managed an email contact database, you're probably familiar with how quickly the information can become outdated.

LeadGenius uses a mix of technology and human lead verifiers to ensure that every name on your list is up-to-date.

Top features:

  • Sourcing on-demand
  • Datasets specific to your industry
  • Personalised datasets

Leadgenius(Source: G2)


  • Not available publicly

    💡 Check out the best way to generate free B2B leads.

8. Outreach 

Outreach is a complete sales execution platform - it helps you create pipeline, close deals, and accurately forecast. 

With Outreach, you can be more efficient and effective in your sales process. Its functionality covers revenue intelligence, revenue operations and sales engagement.

Top features:

  • Automated prospecting workflows
  • Revenue intelligence
  • Forecasting 
  • AI-guided insights 

Outreach(Source: G2)


  • Not available publicly

9. Zendesk Sell 

Zendesk Sell is a CRM built specifically for sales. It empowers you to increase revenue, maximise productivity and retain pipeline visibility.

With insights from Zendesk Sell, you can build a team that consistently exceeds expectations. You can view your pipeline in real-time to efficiently plan, track, and analyse your sales process to achieve your goals.

Top features:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Real-time pipeline
  • Complete view of your customers

Zendesk sell(Source: G2)


  • Monthly plans start at £15

10. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is another CRM made with salespeople in mind. It can automate routine sales tasks, and admin work, enabling your team to sell more effectively.

Automatic alerts and reminders keep deals on track. Sales forecasts will update each time you move a deal down the funnel.

You can review analytics and use AI technology to help you identify opportunities to close more sales.

Top features:

  • Visual sales pipeline to track deals
  • Lead segmentation
  • Forecasting
  • Reporting and analytics

Pipedrive(Source: G2)


  • £14.90 to £79.90 per user p/m, billed annually

11. Drift

Drift's one of many conversational intelligence tools for lead generation that also improves customer engagement. Its chatbot can instantly engage your site visitors and be used to qualify leads, share compelling content, schedule meetings with sales, and connect your buyer and sales reps live.

You can build chatbots for specific website pages and target audiences based on who they are, where they came from, content engagement, and buyer journey stage.

Top features:

  • Round-the-clock coverage
  • AI qualification
  • Tailored messages
  • Analytics

Drift(Source: G2)


  • Starts at $2,500 p/m, billed annually

12. Intercom

Intercom allows you to engage leads in conversation whenever they visit your website.

It’s a real-time chat tool that enables an operator to speak directly with sales prospects. One of the best parts of using Intercom is consumer feedback - it’s excellent for understanding objections. 

Top features:

  • Inbox for managing conversations
  • Proactive support
  • Chatbots that use AI technology

Intercom(Source: G2)


  • Not disclosed for enterprise customers, but for small businesses, it is $74 p/m

13. ​​HubSpot Sales Hub 

HubSpot provides sales software through one connected platform to help teams close more deals, deepen relationships, and manage their pipeline more effectively. The CRM platform removes friction though bringing all your data and tools together.

Top features:

  • Sales analytics and reporting
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Conversation intelligence

Hubspot sales hub(Source: G2)


  • $0 to $1,200 p/m


14. Growbots

Growbots is an email marketing tool that identifies targeted prospects for lead generation.

You create the email, and Growbots will handle the rest. You can set your own parameters, so follow-up emails are automatic after a specific period. 

Top features:

  • AI technology
  • Personalised emails
  • Automatic database updates

Growbots(Source: G2)


  • Not available publicly

15. LeadSquared

LeadSquared helps you maximise the benefit of GoToWebinar sessions. It makes it easy to create an attractive registration page, collect attendee information, and send drip email campaigns to convert leads into customers.

Top features:

  • Lead capture
  • Assess performance
  • Understand intent

LeadSquared(Source: G2)


  • Not available publicly

16. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing tool that helps you send targeted and engaging emails to grow your business. You can use Mailchimp to create eye-catching email designs, track your results, and optimise your campaigns for better results.

Top features:

  • Automation
  • AI and analytics
  • Audience segmentation
💡 Buy targeted email lists in US and EMEA from a reputable provider.

Mailchimp(Source: G2)


  • £0 to £286.59+ p/m (depending on contacts)

17. Marketo

If you use Cisco WebEx for your webinars, you can integrate it with Marketo to capture leads. Upon registration, Marketo records users' information in its database.

Once you’ve created an event in WebEx, attendees can sign up through your Marketo landing page. Marketo will collect the information and deliver it to you for follow-up.

Top features:

  • Personalised experiences
  • Predictive audiences using AI
  • Nurture leads

Marketo(Source: G2)


  • Not available publicly

18. Wishpond

Wishpond is an effective lead generation tool - it generates valuable contact information. 

You can integrate Wishpond and Mailchimp, allowing you to create high-quality email contact lists. Additionally, Wishpond’s landing page creation tool improves your ability to gather leads.

Top features:

  • Segmented email campaigns
  • Advanced reporting
  • Many integrations

Wishpond(Source: G2)


  • Not available publicly


Reply is a lead generation tool that enables you to find emails for prospecting on LinkedIn. It takes the form of a Chrome extension and can be used in combination with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to source emails in bulk.

You can also use Reply to add new contacts to your multichannel sequence at once, manage your tasks, and directly call leads.

Top features:

  • AI technology
  • Email address finder
  • CRM integrations

Reply(Source: G2)


  • $60 to $90+ per user, p/m

20. Pardot

Pardot enables marketers to identify the prospective customers most likely to convert. It helps win these customers with scaled, personalised outreach across marketing, sales and service. 

With Pardot, you can automate cross-channel journeys and close deals faster.

Top features:

  • AI technology
  • Notify sales when leads are most engaged
  • Execute ABM campaigns

Pardot(Source: G2)


  • $1,250 to $ 2,500+ p/m, billed annually

21. ConvertKit

ConvertKit helps you quickly create visually stunning landing pages - no coding skills are required! Choose from a template library or start from scratch. It’s straightforward to add opt-in forms and integrate with Google Analytics.

Top features:

  • Collect custom data
  • GDPR compliant
  • Integrations with other tools

Convertkit(Source: G2)


  • $0 to $25 p/m, billed annually

22. Unbounce

Unbounce is a top-notch tool for creating landing pages that enable you to gather crucial information about potential customers. With its intuitive drag-and-drop builder, you can effortlessly design professional-looking pages. You can add pop-ups and sticky bars to capture leads.

Top features:

  • AI copywriting 
  • Intuitive page builders
  • Traffic optimisation

Unbounce(Source: G2)


  • $74 to $625 p/m, billed annually

23. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels allows you to create landing pages fast and without previous coding skills. Choose from a variety of page types designed for the products you’re trying to sell, set the page up, and wait for results.

Top features:

  • Analytics
  • A/B testing
  • CRM

ClickFunnels(Source: G2)


  • $127 to $208 per month, billed annually

24. Leadpages

Leadpages is a landing page and website builder that helps small businesses get online quickly and affordably. Templates speed up the design process, and each page is optimised for lead generation.

Top features:

  • GDPR compliance
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Device-specific preview
  • Automatic SSL encryption

Leadpages(Source: G2)


  • $37 to $74 p/m, billed annually

25. Optimizely

This platform helps you deliver exceptional experiences through landing page optimisation and many other capabilities. Optimizely lets you put the customer first through great content, product information, and campaign automation.

Top features:

  • Omni-channel orchestration
  • Content management
  • Digital commerce
  • Customer intelligence

Optimizely(Source: G2)


  • Not available publicly

26. Instapage

This landing page platform empowers marketers to convert more website visitors into customers. It achieves this by delivering highly personalised experiences at scale. 

With Instapage, you can create, optimise, and personalise landing pages without any coding or design skills.

Top features:

  • 500+ customisable layouts
  • Fast landing page load speeds
  • Analytics

Instapage(Source: G2)


  • Starting at $199 p/m, billed annually

Choose Cognism as your new data provider. Click to book a demo.

What is B2B lead generation software?

Lead generation platforms are hugely valuable for businesses of all sizes.


They automate the process of finding and qualifying leads - saving significant time and effort. 

Lead generation platforms fall into various categories, but the general purpose is to collect the contact information of people interested in your offerings. These qualified leads are stored, creating a pool of potential customers to target. 

You can capture this information in many ways, and it’s ultimately an activity focused on the top of the funnel.

What types of software are used for lead generation?

The truth is there isn’t a universal process for lead generation. You can use a variety of tools and techniques.

Here are some common examples:

1. B2B data providers

These companies supply the phone numbers and B2B emails of people you’d like to do business with - this can also include intent data.

2. Communication tools

These tools can help you communicate with leads and potential customers, including social media and chat.

3. On-page lead generation

This software creates opt-in forms on your website. These forms are optimised for conversions and generate leads directly from your website.

4. Email marketing

Use email marketing tools to nurture leads with engaging, value-driven campaigns.

5. Sales tools

These tools help you convert leads into customers while maintaining contact with existing customers.

Which platform is best for B2B leads?

Cognism is the best sales lead generation tool because it uses the most up-to-date data on the market, is fully GDPR compliant and accelerates the prospecting process.

Not only this, it integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator via a Chrome extension. 

See why sales superstars choose Cognism