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Why Lead Forensics Chose Cognism as Its Global Data Provider

An industry-leading global MarTech company uses Cognism’s sales intelligence platform to:

  • Raise conversion rates by 30%  
  • Accelerate team performance by 50% 
  • Generate consistent annual ROI 
  • Reduce employee churn in the sales team
Number of employees: 400-500
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
HQ: London, UK
Teams using: Sales 

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The company

Lead Forensics is the industry-leading solution in turning anonymous B2B website visitors into high-quality, actionable opportunities for businesses. 

Working with customers such as Barclays, FedEx and ADP, Lead Forensics has clients in over 30 countries with a large market presence in North America and Europe. Its data increases conversions from cold outreach by 4 or 5x. The organisation is on a mission for businesses to get more out of their marketing expenditure. 

The challenge

We interviewed Paul Thomas, CEO of Lead Forensics and Luke Baker, Head of Sales about their experience with the platform.

What B2B lead generation hassles did they experience prior to Cognism?

Paul explained: 

“We’ve used a number of different data providers over the years, but prior to Cognism, we were using a large American provider whose data coverage in Europe and the US was often scarce and inaccurate, creating inefficiencies in the sales team. This prompted us to start looking for a provider with a more reliable global database.” 

How did they find the sales process? 

“Our CMO originally discovered and purchased Cognism. The sales process was absolutely excellent. The team have been delighted with the product and even more satisfied with the service ever since. I can confidently say that the service has not been overpromised or undelivered.” 

Paul explained the data assessment techniques they undertook in their vendor evaluation process.

“We firstly looked at Cognism to support the European market. The original plan was to use an additional US data provider to supplement Cognism’s data in this region.” 

“In the evaluation process, we compared Cognism against five other competitors. We naturally expected Cognism’s data to not perform as well as the others being a UK-based company. However, our results showed that the coverage of US mobile data far outperformed the others.”

Paul outlined how Cognism’s B2B data significantly compares to other providers. 

“In 2021, we did a split test between a well-established US competitor and Cognism for data quality in Europe. Side-by-side, we saw a really big difference between the two providers. Cognism had a 60% improvement in conversion rates.”

“We constantly split-test other providers but Cognism outperforms every time.” 

“As an organisation, Cognism ticked all the boxes to be a global supplier for us.”

The solution

Lead Forensics has a large UK and US sales team. The SDRs in both geographies use the platform to target their ICP.

What is the sales team's standard workflow with the tool?

Luke explained: 

“The sales managers assign a target vertical to each SDR. The SDRs create personas according to their criteria, generate a suitable prospecting list of accounts and sync the contacts directly from Cognism into Homegrown, our CRM.” 

“The SDRs complete their sales cadences in the CRM using a multichannel approach consisting of cold calling, emailing and LinkedIn.” 

Luke elaborated on the importance of using a compliant sales intelligence platform when pitching to a prospect. 

“Often prospects ask the SDRs where they found their contact data from. The SDRs have the confidence to say that their data is from a reputable, B2B compliant data source - Cognism.” 

Paul explained the impact human-verified mobile numbers have on sales output.

“More than ever, mobile numbers are imperative to booking meetings as fewer people are in the office. By using credible mobile phone data, the SDRs now book far more appointments in a shorter amount of time.”  

“Overall, they are a game-changer for our go-to-market strategy and have revolutionised the way the SDRs prospect. No other players in the market provide such a vast array of mobile numbers.” 

Luke concluded:

“Overall, if we removed Cognism from the SDRs’ workflow, performance would reduce by more than 50%.” 

The results

Luke told us about the positive effects Cognism has had on team performance. 

“We’ve hit our quota so much faster than we would’ve expected to if we didn’t have Cognism on board.” 

How has Cognism contributed to higher conversion rates? 

“Our conversion rates have improved by 30%.”

Following these high conversion rates, Paul is really pleased with the ROI gained from Cognism.

“I can’t disclose exact figures but if we went to market without Cognism, we’d see a very different outcome. Our sales volumes each year are significant and Cognism has definitely played a big part in that. The ROI is exceptionally good.” 

The top reasons why Lead Forensics would recommend Cognism

1. Sales team morale 

“Salespeople are a heavily targeted group. Keeping your sales team happy with excellent data results in more qualified opportunities, higher performance and overall engagement.”

2. Employee retention 

“Giving your sales team premium B2B data is not only critical for improving results but also employee retention. The better they perform, the more they earn and the happier they are. Cognism has played a large part in reducing staff churn.”

3. Exemplary customer service

“The support is phenomenal. On the rare occasion that we have a problem, it’s resolved very quickly. Cognism is there every step of the way.” 

“Additionally, even though we've been with Cognism for a good number of years now, they haven't been difficult with pricing, even where the opportunity presented itself to be because our reliance on them has increased heavily. So, despite us adding more licences, they've always been very fair.”

4. Consistent product developments

“The product is truly excellent. In SaaS sales, people are often more concerned with the go-to-market strategy but with Cognism, the staff are really enthusiastic about the product. It’s inspiring to be a part of.”

5. World-class data quality

“From a conversion standpoint, Cognism beats any other data provider. If you want to accelerate your lead generation efforts for sales and marketing then you are going to need Cognism.”

Paul concluded that: 

“If you are looking for one B2B data provider to power the UK, Europe and North America. Cognism’s got you covered.” 

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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