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Why you need email marketing automation

December 11, 2020

When was the last time you withdrew cash from an ATM, went into a bank, filled out a deposit slip, stood in a queue waiting for a teller, had your slip stamped, signed, and returned to you...all so that you could transfer some cash? 💵

We’re guessing it’s either been a while, or you have no idea what any of that is…depending on your age! 😉

This process seems outdated, right?


Because banking transformed, went online, and automated a lot of processes. Now, you can do everything we just described with a few clicks on your smartphone.

In an ever-evolving B2B world, automating your email marketing will not only make your life a lot easier as a marketer, but it’ll allow your content to reach your customers at the right time too.

So, why should you consider automating your email marketing? 🤔

“Email is great for direct and personalised communication. You can reach people, directly in their inbox and elicit direct responses. They’re easy to personalise to create a connection between your company and the customer. You can create personalised offers that are highly-targeted to the customers’ needs.”

- Liam Bartholomew, Global Head of Demand Generation, Cognism

Sounds great, right?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the basics. What is B2B email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation - a SparkNotes version ✉️

Email marketing automation is a B2B marketing strategy. Marketers send triggered/timed emails to subscribers on their mailing list as a form of B2B lead generation.

B2B email marketing automation allows marketers to send out personalised emails to prospects and customers on a schedule, or when they have followed certain steps to trigger the next email.

A series of emails are written up, conditions attached, and this information is then put into an automated platform and sent out to subscribers.

The best part? It does all the hard work for you!

You don’t have to sit there clicking send all day long. And you don’t have to manually enter a list of recipients each time you want to reach your Total Addressable Market!

Much like doing your banking online, automating your email marketing process will save time and cut costs for your company.

Email marketing automation - the benefits for B2B marketing and sales 🎖️

“Email is great for sending ungated content because you already have their details, so you don’t need to ask again. You can send ungated content to prove value regularly and nurture existing leads.”

- Liam Bartholomew

Sending ungated content, nurturing leads, sending personalised messages - what more could you need? 🤔

Probably to understand more about why email marketing benefits you. So here you are! 👇

Sending ungated content 📚

If your company has a library of valuable content, then automated email campaigns are a great way to increase its reach.

Nurturing leads 🌱

Automated email marketing moves prospects through the funnel, engaging and delighting them, until they’re ready to make a purchase.

Unique opportunities for personalisation 🙋

Studies have shown that personalised emails increase customer engagement by up to 74%. Email marketing automation software enables you to send personalised emails at scale to your ideal buyers.

Unparalleled reach 🌎

Email is still one of the most accessed forms of digital media, with almost 3 billion users worldwide. Although social networks are becoming increasingly popular for engaging with prospects, nothing beats the directness of your message popping up in their inbox.

Cutting costs and increasing traffic ✂️🚙

Even though you’ll pay for automation software, sending the actual emails does not cost anything, making for an impressive ROI.

You can also increase traffic to your website by including links to landing pages, blog posts and any other value-adds for your client/prospect.

Continuous improvement 🛠️

With A/B testing at every stage of your campaign, automated email marketing gives you the freedom to micro-revise as you please!

More free time to do the important stuff

The best part of B2B email marketing automation is just that - it’s automated! No more worrying about email technicalities - you’ll be saving resources and increasing efficiency, freeing up your time to make your campaigns even more effective.

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Effortless email marketing automation with Cognism 🦸‍♀️

Cognism knows a thing or two about email marketing automation, and we’d love to get you going with yours!

Our relevant, compliant, and intelligent data can identify new audiences, run data driven marketing campaigns and get more emails delivered - increasing your audience match rate and conversions!

Here’s how we’ve helped some of our clients step up their email automation game 👇

Inside Sales Staff 📈

We helped Inside Sales Staff build brand awareness and gain new customers by improving their lead generation process. Through working with us, Inside Sales Staff cut down their prospecting time by 67%, increased their lead velocity by 327%, and landed their largest-ever 6-figure client.

How did we do it? 🤔

Well, it’s simple really. Inside Sales Staff used our all-in-one B2B prospecting solution to automate their email marketing, reaching their ideal buyers at the most optimal times.

“In terms of the email automation element - with Cognism, we were able to take the contact details of decision-makers and engage with them using multi-step email campaigns. We saw some immediate results in terms of low bounce rates and high response rates.”

- Joe Culotta, Inside Sales Staff

Dennis Publishing 📚

Dennis Publishing was having a difficult time with an email marketing campaign for IT Pro - they wanted to send out regular emails but needed to build their leads list up first.

So, what happened? Dennis Publishing used the Cognism platform to source a huge audience of potential buyers - 175 000 leads in the US, UK, and Europe.

“It wasn’t just the quantity of data either, it was the quality. They were exactly the kinds of customers we wanted to engage with: IT C-suite professionals working in corporates and SMBs.”

- Dennis Publishing

Not only did we get quality leads to Dennis Publishing, but automating their email got them great results too.

“We sent 1 email a week for 6 weeks. The campaign led to 26 whitepaper downloads, which was a good outcome for us. We also saw a significant increase in newsletter sign-ups.”

- Dennis Publishing

Hornetsecurity 🐝

Hornetsecurity needed to create brand awareness through email marketing automation, but first, they needed to find their ideal buyers, in a very niche market.

Hornetsecurity, supported by Cognism’s Customer Success Team, used our B2B prospecting tool to find 100,000 new prospects.

“Considering how niche most of our target buyers are, that figure is remarkable. The email marketing campaigns we launched with Cognism produced similarly strong results. We recorded very low bounce rates and above-average response rates. Our campaigns did exactly what we needed them to: get our message out there and start conversations with a highly-receptive audience of buyers.”

- Jeff Locke, Hornetsecurity

Automate your email marketing with Cognism 📤

We can imagine what you’re thinking: “Sounds great! But how do I connect Cognism and my email marketing automation?” 🤔

Here’s the good news: Cognism integrates seamlessly with your inbox. You just need to sync our prospecting tech and you’ll be sending emails and follow-ups from your personal inbox in no time.

Our simple integration will cut down time spent on prospecting by 52%, give you access to over 400M B2B contacts, increase response rates, and have you sending emails with confidence.

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