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Generating More Sales Calls With Cognism’s Mobile Data

Allego, an established sales enablement platform, uses Cognism’s B2B data to: 

  • Book ⅔ of Allego’s European pipeline with Cognism’s mobile data.
  • Help attain overall target and pipeline quota.
  • Enrich missing data points from inbound leads.
  • Smoothly integrate with Outreach and Salesforce.
  • Gain consultative advice from the customer support team.
Number of employees: 250
Industry: Software Development
HQ: Massachusetts, USA 
Teams using: Sales 

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The company

Founded in 2013, Allego is a sales enablement and readiness platform helping organisations onboard salespeople faster and more effectively. 

Serving customers globally, the solution makes it easy for salespeople to learn and understand information that helps them to be successful in their roles. This is done through content management and coaching, both in practice situations and real-life frontline sales conversations.

The challenge

We interviewed Richard Smith, VP of Sales EMEA at Allego about his experience with Cognism. 

How did Allego discover Cognism? 

“I’ve known Cognism for years from operating in various circles in the UK tech sector. Cognism was always on my radar.” 

“A year ago, I received a cold call from a Cognism SDR and it came at the perfect time. As I was familiar with the company anyway, it was a very easy conversation to have.” 

What B2B lead generation tools were they using prior to Cognism? 

“We signed with LeadIQ a few years ago because we needed a data provider in the UK and EMEA. While we were satisfied, over time the quality and quantity of the data lessened, especially the mobile phone data.” 

“As an outbound sales organisation, having accurate mobile phone data has always been the foundation to success. Without this, the team cannot generate the right level of conversations to build a pipeline.” 

“In addition to this, we also had minimal customer support from LeadIQ which was a challenge when seeking advice. This combined with the insufficient amount of phone numbers led to frustration in the sales team.” 

Richard described the evaluation process Allego underwent to displace the existing provider.

“We had a very pleasant and supportive sales experience with Cognism. We were given a data sample to trial and test the quality between the two providers. The difference in the data sample was night and day.” 

“We were ultimately very compelled by Cognism and have now been a customer for over a year.” 

The solution

Richard manages a team of ten in the UK. The team is split into two, with the SDRs solely generating meetings and the Account Executives (AEs) self-generating meetings and closing deals.

What is Allego’s target market? 

“We sell to sales, enablement and marketing leaders in mid-market and enterprise companies that have growing sales teams. Our core industry verticals are high-tech, life sciences, financial services and manufacturing.” 

What are the different workflows that the sales team use with Cognism? 

“The SDRs use the WebApp to accelerate list building. At the start of the month, they’re given a set of accounts and are tasked to generate the relevant contact details from these accounts using the WebApp’s granular filters.” 

“The SDRs and AEs spend the majority of their time using the Chrome Extension for day-to-day prospecting. They will find the contacts in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, generate the contact details in the Chrome Extension and sync these into Outreach sequences - the data is routed to Salesforce via the  integration.” 

What channels do the sales team use to acquire new business? 

“Our core channels for engaging with prospects are the phone, email and LinkedIn. However, the majority of our line share is sourced from meetings booked over the phone.” 

“We want to avoid gatekeepers and dead numbers as much as possible. In Cognism, if a contact detail has a phone mobile number attached to their name, the reps will prioritise these contacts as they’re more likely to get a speedier response from them.” 

“Plenty of sales teams lose productivity from poor data and office numbers. Cognism’s mobile numbers enable the reps to have faster, direct conversations with prospects. It’s a big win.”

Richard explained how the SDRs also use Cognism to generate inbound leads

“Cognism is highly valuable to our inbound lead funnel. Leads come in and are classified as an MQL. However, the contact details are sometimes missing in the inbound form. The SDRs are tasked to enrich these contacts with the data that we get from Cognism.”

“Firstly, the marketing team will upload the leads to Salesforce and allocate a set of leads to each SDR. The SDR will find the contact’s profile in LinkedIn Sales Navigator and use the Chrome Extension to generate their mobile numbers and email addresses. These will be used by marketing for nurture campaigns.” 

“Cognism is at the essence of our inbound and outbound lead generation. Our sales performance would not be made possible without its excellent data.” 

The results

What results has Allego seen since using Cognism?

“In the UK, our SDR team’s goal is 12 meetings per month. Two thirds of meetings booked are over the phone. They can’t have conversations without accurate data. So much of this pipeline is attributed to superb data from Cognism.”

“Cognism is an integral tool to hitting our pipeline quota.”

The top reasons why Allego would recommend Cognism

1. Excellent customer support

“We didn’t have a customer success manager at our previous provider but at Cognism, we have a dedicated customer success manager and account manager. The team has a genuine desire to analyse how we’re using the tool and point out blind spots I don’t see.”

“It’s important to work with a partner that helps you understand your data strategy and how to get the most out of the tool.”

2. Accurate EMEA data quality

“Conducting a data sample in the sales process can be a risk as it’s unknown whether the business has cherry-picked the best quality contacts for the sale. For us, excellent UK and EMEA B2B data is imperative.” 

“Having used the platform for over a year, we’ve continued to see high-quality data in these regions past the initial trial. We’re very happy with the quantity and quality of data that we get from Cognism. Plus, I never hear complaints from the sales team which makes my life easier!” 

“Cognism’s data has exceeded all expectations.”

We asked Richard to sum up his feelings about Cognism:

“If your business has an outbound go-to-market strategy then you need high-quality data to increase the number of connections and conversations for your sales team. If having conversations with prospects is desirable to you, then you should invest in Cognism.” 

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases.

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns.

✅ Power up their social selling.

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets.

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