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Reducing List Building Time by 99.5% With Cognism

Sales on Demand, an agile sales team helping small businesses grow, uses Cognism’s B2B data to:

  • Decrease lead list building time by 99.5%.
  • Leverage top-quality prospect data for their clients.
  • Gain significant cost savings due to the time-saving benefits of the platform.
Number of employees: 1-10
Industry: Business Consulting & Services 
HQ: Birmingham, UK
Teams using: Sales 

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The company

Sales on Demand helps SMEs across the English-speaking world sell like enterprise giants. From best-in-class prospecting data (Cognism) to cutting-edge dialling software, through to data-driven call analytics. They’ve got you covered.

The team specialise in outreach, CRM management and improvement and sales process automation. As well as increasing bottom-line activity and building robust sales processes. The service is perfect for businesses that want to grow their sales team but don’t want to commit to a full-time salesperson.

The challenge

We interviewed Jake Hampson, Founder of Sales on Demand. 

Jake explained why he explored a B2B lead generation provider like Cognism to help develop the business. 

Hector Forwood, a former Cognism employee and Founder of Comtura, showed me the tool. I was so impressed by the amount of data available as well as the UX of the platform. After establishing the business in July 2022, seeing a demonstration of the tool came at the best time.”

What other providers did Jake explore in the vendor assessment process? 

“I evaluated Cognism against ZoomInfo. After an initial call with Cognism, the Account Executive presented a number of searches related to the specific criteria I provided. I was very impressed by the usability of the platform and understood the concept straight away.”

“In comparison to ZoomInfo, the Cognism customer experience was by far the best. The response rates were prompt and the team were very happy to answer any questions I had.” 

“As a small business starting off, I felt assured that Cognism was the best lead generation tool to help us grow.”

The solution

The sales team consists of four experienced salespeople. However, Jake is the end-user of Cognism.   

Sales on Demand leverage the best prospect data from Cognism to source prospects for their clients and for their own business. 

Jake told us how he uses Cognism to get data for Sales on Demand. 

“Firstly, I build our ICP in the WebApp and push the data into our Three60 CRM. We rely on cold calling to book meetings, so prioritising mobile numbers in the searches is key. Within the CRM, the data is uploaded to specific lists and the leads are actioned.” 

“On occasion, I use the LinkedIn plug-in Chrome Extension to find impromptu contact details. It’s my go-to when I want to connect with potential buyers.” 

He told us more:  

“We have 15 clients on our books who individually have their own ICP. During the onboarding process, we have a call to fully understand the customer's target market. I refine a search in the WebApp according to the criteria. Then I generate the data and export the lists into each of their separate CRMs to track lead activity.”

What approach does the sales team use to spark conversations with prospects?

“Our sales team completes all the prospecting in Hubspot. Our ethos is that having direct conversations with potential buyers leads to higher conversion rates. Once the lists are in Hubspot, our AI dialling software Orum rings the leads and call notes are automatically stored within the software. The notes get pushed back into the CRM for analysis.”

“Understanding which ICP is receiving the most traction allows us to guide our customers' sales processes based on real facts and it all starts with Cognism.” 

The top reasons why Sales on Demand would recommend Cognism

1. Five-star data source 

“Our customers mainly target the US and UK. The email and phone data have been nothing but exceptional in these regions. For example, I ran a search with VPs of Marketing in Toronto, Canada and we booked a number of meetings for our client because of the phenomenal phone data.”

“Once in a blue moon, one of the SDRs might say they dialled a wrong number. I haven’t used another sales prospecting tool that has the same level of accuracy as Cognism.” 

2. Enhancing productivity

“I formerly used Apollo which was cumbersome. I’d go on every LinkedIn profile and individually save each page in the platform. Per client, I’d spend approximately 4 hours exporting 100 contacts. With Cognism, it takes me 60 seconds”

“My list building time has decreased by 99.5%. If Cognism disappeared, I’d have to hire someone to do it which involves the added expenditure of paying a salary."

"Cognism not only saves a tremendous amount of time but it also reduces overhead costs. As a small business, this is huge.”

3. Results! 

“Each connection powered by Cognism is a step closer to revenue for our clients. Sales on Demand’s customers get their prospecting lists through me and I get my data from Cognism. So any sales they close is purely attributable to Cognism.”

We asked Jake to sum up his feelings about Cognism: 

“Cognism is the factory for generating prospects. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to grow my business effectively. It’s the backbone of our business.”

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 1,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases.

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns.

✅ Power up their social selling.

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets.

Why not see for yourself? Book your live screen share here. 👇


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