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How a BDE at Planixs Saves Ten Hours a Week on Admin With Cognism

Planixs, the leading real-time treasury software platform, uses Cognism’s B2B data to:

    • Achieve ROI by saving 10 hours worth of admin each week.
    • Track 100% of their outbound efforts through the Hubspot integration.
    • Identify prospects showing intent to buy.
    • Reduce campaign execution time from weeks to 24 hours.
Number of employees: 70
Industry: Information Technology & Services
HQ: London, UK 
Teams using: Sales 

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The company

Planixs is recognised as the leader in real-time treasury software solutions. With its market-leading product suite, Realiti®, the company caters to the banking and financial services industries, offering real-time intraday cash, collateral, and liquidity management capabilities.

Realiti® encompasses a comprehensive suite of modules designed to provide intelligent insights across treasury operations, including Funding, Liquidity, Compliance, and Risk, even when dealing with vast data volumes.

The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence has earned it numerous accolades. In 2018, Planixs ranked 22nd overall in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100, solidifying its position as the UK’s top 'Enterprise Fintech’​ and the foremost technology company in the North West region.

The challenge

We interviewed Jonathan Broadley, Marketing Director at Planixs.

How did you first discover Cognism?

“The first time I came across Cognism was when I stumbled across some marketing content online. I’m a marketer, and I found the content resonated with me. It was inspirational stuff. It’s innovative, modern, and different from many companies, which gave me a good impression of the company from the offset.”

“This is my third time implementing Cognism at a company since then. I’ve used it at two other companies, and I’m a huge advocate of the platform.”

He added:

“At my last company, I got rid of ZoomInfo in favour of Cognism because the data is so much better.” 

What problems was the company trying to solve?

“We didn’t have a sales intelligence tool in place, as outbound was new to us. We didn’t have a defined outbound process in place and demand generation had relied heavily on networking and events.” 

“But because we have ambitious growth plans, and I want to become more process driven, in the way of cold emails and phone calls that lead to conversations that lead to expression of interest, that lead to opportunities that lead to sales.”

Why Cognism?

“Previously we’d have to add contacts manually, from researching on LinkedIn. This also meant the contacts we could find were limited because there were a lot of positions we didn’t know within these businesses, and unless their profiles were publicised, we had no way of finding them.”

He added:

“So we were pulling the most obvious contacts based on job title, while there were a lot of people missed that we should potentially have targeted.”

Did you evaluate any of our competitors?

“I didn’t need to. Due to using Cognism in previous roles, I knew what it could give us and that it was the best option out there.”

The solution

What is Planixs’ target market?

“Our target market is banks. We don’t sell to corporate businesses, so it’s quite small. There are probably about 400 businesses we’ve identified that we’d like to do business with. That’s why it’s so important to us to be able to uncover the 10 or 20 contacts that we should be engaging with within these companies. They might not necessarily buy from us in the short term, but we should at least ensure they’re aware of us.”

Who are you looking to speak to?

“Previously, we would have been looking to speak to Treasury Managers, Head of Liquidity, Risk Managers and the like. However, due to how quickly we can find contacts in Cognism, we can search for those who work more broadly in finance or have ‘treasury’, ‘liquidity’ or ‘risk’ in their job title. It allows us to skim through a lot of people who may not all be relevant. Some won’t be relevant, but some will be good contacts to add to our CRM anyway so that we can make them aware of our solutions.”

“Now that it only takes a couple of clicks, rather than being an arduous manual process, we can spread our net much wider to potentially less qualified or less relevant contacts. But it gives us a greater chance of having success in our outbound.” 

Planixs has one Business Development Executive using Cognism. Jonathan told us how she leverages Prospector to find contacts within their ICP.

“She’ll typically use LinkedIn to find contacts at a bank we want to prospect and pull their contact data into Hubspot using Cognism. She’ll then create bespoke messaging for that prospect and put them into a sequence from there.”

How do Planixs use Enrich?

“I use Enrich to update the contact data for anyone registering for an event. Many registrants will have only given us their job titles, and around half of our registrations are brand-new contacts. We’ve never engaged with them before.”

“Around 20% of contacts will have a phone number, but by using Enrich, we can add that in post-event and follow up, not just via email, which would be the obvious thing, but by phone call too.”

He told us how they’re seeing value from intent data:

“We’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, but because we’re very niche in what we do, the intent data is so valuable to us.”

“Being able to specify an interest exclusively in banks is incredibly valuable. Although it reduces the number of intent signals we receive, it’s crucial for our focus. This week, we’ve seen intent signals from about nine banks. While it may seem small, it’s significant for our narrow target market. This insight is a game changer, allowing us to prioritise our efforts and direct resources towards potential opportunities, even if our previous engagement with these banks has been limited. Although we’re still refining our process, this approach has immense potential for us, as each opportunity is potentially worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

The results

We asked Jonathan what success Planixs has seen since using Cognism.

“The biggest result for us has been the increased speed at which we can now execute a campaign. Previously, a few weeks in, we’d still be in the planning stages, but now we can execute them within 24 hours. We assemble the message, gather the necessary data, and start the campaign immediately, bypassing the weeks of research and contact gathering typically required. This agility empowers us to focus on creativity rather than being limited by data constraints. Trustworthy data is crucial, and now that we can rely on it, we’re free to explore new markets or easily target different personas. This level of agility is a significant advantage for us.”

He told us how much time Cognism is saving them:

“Manually creating a contact in Hubspot would take us a couple of minutes, then you have to check the information using another app, adding 30 seconds. So that’s 2.5 minutes per contact, and we’re pulling around 250 contacts weekly. That’s around 10 hours of just pulling in contacts for the Business Development Executive! With Cognism, these are done with a click. I don’t think any company would argue that that isn’t a good investment.”

“This also means we previously only tracked around 20% of our outbound activity through Hubspot. Now it’s 100% because there’s no reason for that contact to not be in Hubspot.”

The top reasons why Planixs would recommend Cognism

1. Efficiency and productivity

“Companies not using Cognism are limiting their sales reps from tapping into this amazing source of prospecting data, and therefore, they’re at a massive disadvantage. Choosing to do things the ‘old-fashioned way’ or manually when Cognism exists doesn’t make any sense.”

2. ROI

“If you’re paying your sales reps to enrich your CRM with data, and it takes 2.5 minutes per contact to do that, they’re not going to be able to add many contacts, and you’ll essentially be paying a skilled sales rep to do basic admin.”

“Cognism allows you to save 10,000 contacts to your CRM with the click of a button. There’s such a clear ROI.”

“So, if you’re doing any outbound, if you want to be able to reach multiple people within a business, and you don’t have every single contact you possibly could, then you need Cognism.”

3. Intent data

“The platform’s additional features, such as Intent, offer a distinct advantage depending on your industry. It could open up a whole different opportunity because it helps you move away from throwing mud against the walls when prospecting to being much more laser-focused on a smaller group of businesses but with a significantly higher chance of them turning into an opportunity. That can be a bit of a game-changer for businesses like ours.”

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases.

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns.

✅ Power up their social selling.

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets.

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