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How Scompler Built €1m+ Pipeline in 3 Months With Cognism

Scompler, an editorial tool that combines strategic communication management with operational content, social media, campaign and project management, utilises Cognism’s B2B data to:

  • Accelerate research for outbound processes.
  • Identify relevant contacts in the DACH market.
  • Enrich B2B data obtained through marketing activities.

Number of employees: 100
Industry: Software solutions
Headquarter: Munich, Germany
User teams: Sales, Marketing

Cognism Demo

The company

Scompler was founded in May 2018 and combines everything to do with content on one platform like no other tool - topic-centred, strategic, transparent and cross-team.

The Munich-based company now has over 300 corporate customers, including seven DAX-listed companies. The best-known names include Deutsche Bahn, Commerzbank, ADAC and AOK.

The challenge

We spoke to Toni Liebetrau, VP Sales at Scompler, about his experiences with Cognism.

What prompted Scompler to look for a sales intelligence tool like Cognism’s?

"In the past, we have worked a lot with high-quality inbound leads, but I see great leverage in the area of outbound."

"As a start-up on the way to scaling up before taking the step of further scaling and internationalisation, we have to move quickly, which is why we looked around for tools in the area of new customer acquisition."

How did Toni Liebetrau discover Cognism?

“I wanted a solid contact database in order to be able to tackle the topic of outbound in a sensible way. Due to the company’s market positioning, we quickly came across Cognism.”

When selecting a provider, the evaluation factors were usability, rapid implementation and price:

“We clearly defined our use cases, did a test with Cognism for sales and marketing and the results convinced us. The sales process was swift and customised to our needs.”

The solution

Toni Liebetrau heads the sales team consisting of five account executives and is one of the main users of Cognism. The five-person marketing team also uses Cognism.

What is Scompler’s target market?

“We’re currently using Cognism for the DACH market, but are also planning to use it for internationalisation in the EMEA region and globally.”

“Our main target group is very broad. We support companies in making communication better.”

“Regardless of the industry, our central platform is used to bring teams and topics together and, above all, to strategically plan and implement communication.”

How does the Scompler sales team use Cognism?

"We use Cognism Prospector in sales, where we have started to roll out sales campaigns. We look at markets and sectors based on our existing customers and use Cognism to identify the key contacts."

“One example of utilisation in the first quarter is the energy sector; at the same time, we are targeting NGOs, as we have great strength and presence here based on our existing customers.”

How does the Scompler marketing team use Cognism?

The marketing team at Scompler is enriching B2B data to track leads faster and better:

"Marketing can enrich data from various channels, including whitepaper downloads and webinar registrations or event attendance, by searching for contacts in Cognism Prospector and adding any missing data."

How does Cognism integrate with existing workflows and tech stacks?

Both sales and marketing integrate Cognism with HubSpot:

“We work with HubSpot as a CRM, which is why the connection is absolutely essential in order to be able to use the data there. Cognism’s seamless integration was therefore one of the most important points for us.”

Cognism fits seamlessly into the existing workflows of the sales and marketing teams:

“We think about this as a team: which target groups and industries do we want to target? I summarise everything in the tool and transfer it to HubSpot, where we assign the individual contacts to the employees.”

"The marketing team uploads stock lists from various activities and measures, enriches them and plays them back again."

"In the area of tracking, we can shorten paths with Cognism: if an email address, telephone number or job title is missing, we can enrich this data."

The results

“Since we started using it, we have been able to build up over one million pipelines in three months.”

This pipeline growth was made possible by a considerable reduction in the search effort:

"We no longer need several days and numerous sources to research and analyse potential."

"Thanks to the specific contacts provided by Cognism in HubSpot, we now have the opportunity to implement ideas directly."

The top reasons why Scompler recommends Cognism

1. Increased efficiency

With the help of Cognism’s B2B database, Scompler can prioritise target accounts more easily:

"We can mirror our ideas about markets that we want to address with contacts that are actually available: To what extent are certain industries even digitised and how useful is it for us to target them?”

2. Accelerated acquisition

Cognism shortens the time that the sales team at Scompler spends preparing for new customer acquisition:

"The options that Cognism offers in its tool shorten the path and make the preparatory work much easier. We can act much faster."

"We can save ourselves all the research work that is necessary but tedious for sales staff."

3. Better market analysis

Scompler uses the contextual information in Cognism’s B2B database to find more customers that match the company’s ICP as part of its market research:

“Regardless of details such as the telephone number and email address of a particular contact, we can also recognise hidden champions among companies. This allows us to exploit the potential that we have not yet recognised.”


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