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How JOMA Packaging Uses Cognism for Targeted Outreach

JOMA Packaging, a manufacturer of smart plastics technology for sustainable packaging solutions, uses Cognism's B2B database to:

  • Achieve ROI within the first year of using Cognism.
  • Identify the right contacts within its ICP.
  • Segment target markets more accurately.
  • Increase lead volumes by 30 to 40%.

Number of employees: 65
Industry: Plastics industry/chemical industry
Headquarters: Brunn am Gebirge, Austria
User team: Sales, Marketing

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The company

JOMA is an innovative and sustainable manufacturer of versatile, high-quality and highly functional plastic products.

The company uses state-of-the-art injection moulding and assembly machines to produce high-precision and future-proof packaging solutions for its customers from over 50 countries.

The challenge

We spoke with Paul Weissenstein, Area Sales Manager at JOMA, about his experience with Cognism.

How did JOMA discover Cognism?

Paul Weissenstein cites more precise targeting as the main reason for looking for a data provider:

“We approached Cognism because we were looking for a prospecting tool that would allow us to develop the market in a more targeted manner with valid prospect data.”

Accurate segmentation is also crucial for the relevance of the company:

“Sometimes we have packaging solutions that are only interesting for certain niches. Market segmentation is essential for us so that we can work in a targeted and efficient way in sales and marketing.”

The solution

Paul Weissenstein is responsible for sales in several regions and, along with other Area Sales Managers, is one of the main users of Cognism’s B2B database.

Why did JOMA choose Cognism?

“We compared different providers, including Cognism and its competitors.” 

“With Cognism, we received excellent support through onboarding meetings and a project introduction to the tool. We also really liked the user experience, so in the end, we chose Cognism.”

How does Cognism’s data quality compare to other providers?

“We found Cognism’s data quality to be more targeted.” 

“For example, we also work with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, where we import and merge target customer lists. The scoring rate was extremely satisfactory for us.”

Paul Weissenstein emphasises the user experience positively:

“Cognism’s interface is very intuitive, so we could onboard all our other colleagues very quickly. That was very important for us. As an SME, we have a relatively small team, so rapid implementation was essential for us.”

The possibility of precise lead routing is also of particular importance for the development of the sales organisation of Area Sales Managers:

“Segmentation criteria were important to us, and Cognism provides them – from revenue level to precise geographic segmentation. Because we have to be able to assign the different leads to the appropriate sales managers.”

In which countries and regions does JOMA use Cognism, and who is the main target group?

JOMA uses Cognism in all countries, based on its market analysis and market evaluation.

“The USA and Canada are our priority target markets, but we also use Cognism for European markets, where we have already gained a fairly good foothold, but still have some market potential.”

“In Europe, it’s difficult to get a person’s contact information without a tool like Cognism. An important criterion for our sales team is not only having access to accurate target contact data, but also the fastest possible way of making contact with them.”

What Cognism features does the company predominantly use?

JOMA uses Cognism for its sales activities in the following ways:

Cognism Prospector:

“The Prospector is our most used function to build our lead lists and identify market potential.”

Export of lead lists:

“After we’ve segmented the market and calculated market potential, we pull the corresponding data from Prospector. Then the sales department uses the data to drive targeted campaigns, for example via LinkedIn."

What does the workflow with Cognism look like at JOMA?

After the team has defined their target markets, they work on them in detail with Cognism’s help.

“When it comes to identifying the right contacts in new target companies or even those we already know, Prospector definitely brings us added value.” 

“According to our segmentation criteria and our ideal customer profile, we select the most appropriate contacts in the companies and subsequently reach out to them by phone or email.”

Due to the small size of the company, marketing and sales activities run in parallel:

“We then load the data into CSV lists and enrich it with further lead information. At this point, only sales is responsible for prospecting.”

The results

What results has JOMA achieved with Cognism?

“The first successes with Cognism’s help were quickly noticeable. We achieved an increased ROI in the first year of implementing the tool.”

Paul Weissenstein positively emphasises the significantly increased number of accounts in the pipeline:

"We sometimes have an average of 30 to 40 percent more leads in our pipeline than we did three or four years ago."

“Cognism is central to our digitisation and optimisation of marketing and sales.”

Cognism is also a valuable asset in terms of the quantity and quality of leads:

“Cognism has particularly helped us with the quantity of leads and with cultivating and assessing our target markets.”

How was the customer support at Cognism?

For JOMA, the implementation of a tool like Cognism was a novelty, which is why Paul Weissenstein highlights the support provided by Customer Success:

“The support was one of the essential reasons why we chose Cognism, because we felt that the implementation was very fast.”

Why JOMA would recommend Cognism to others

The easy integration of Cognism into its tech stack was another step towards digitising the company’s sales operations.

The high user-friendliness of the tool and its quick integration into JOMA’s prospecting workflow convinced the company they’d made the right choice:

“With Cognism’s help, we have greatly expanded our sales funnel at the top. The tool definitely saves us time getting to the right contacts.”


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