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50% of Outbound Meetings Booked with Cognism Data

A leading digital-native firm uses Cognism’s premium B2B data to:

    • Book over 50% of meetings.
    • Help each Account Executive generate around 45k of opportunities.
    • Achieve an 80% connection rate.
    • Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CRM.

Number of employees: 320
Industry: Software Development
HQ: NY, United States
Teams using: Sales

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The company

This leading company in the software development field aims to enable a positive societal impact through its innovative approach. The organisation offers sustainability measurement solutions to different stakeholders, enabling entities to effectively evaluate, analyse, and report on crucial compliance factors. 

The company caters to a varied range of stakeholders, assisting investors in measuring the impact of their ventures in the ESG domain. However, they’ve recently expanded their efforts to engage with the corporate and consumer sectors.

The challenge

We interviewed an Account Executive about her experience with Cognism.

How did they discover Cognism?

“Last year, our Head of Sales introduced Cognism to the team. When I joined, it was being integrated into the team, so I’ve used it as an associate and an Account Executive.”

What problems were they trying to solve? 

“As a young company that’s growing quite fast, the main challenge was a lack of leads in our CRM, but also the quality of those leads that did exist.”

“So we were looking for a system rich in data across a high number of accounts, and also something that integrated with our CRM, Salesforce.”

Did they look at any other tools? 

“Yes, I believe we compared Cognism to Lusha.”

The solution

What is the company’s target market

“I target the investment sector, so my ideal persona to speak to would be Heads of Investment, Portfolio Managers or ESG Managers, anyone with decision-making power or an interconnection with ESG.”

She added:

“I prospect into French-speaking markets, such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. However, the company uses Cognism globally across the US, EMEA and in Asia.”

How do they use Cognism day-to-day?

“I use Prospector a lot. I start with a list of my top 100 accounts and then browse them, adding my ideal personas from these accounts to a list. I’ll then export this list to Salesforce, through the integration, and then Salesloft to add them directly to cadences. I then filter by Assets Under Management (AUM) and territory.”

She then told us how they use intent data:

“I use intent to search for specific topics like net zero or ESG, climate initiatives or taxonomy. These are buzzwords for us, so we’d search for anything surrounding ESG regulation or ESG-related topics. Using intent data allows us to be more targeted and efficient with our outbound strategy by engaging with companies that are already researching our key topics.”

How do they use Cognism’s Chrome extension?

“I do a lot of work on LinkedIn Sales Nav, but sometimes it doesn’t have all the information I need.” 

“So if I find a profile that I think looks interesting, I use the Chrome Extension to export the contact information from that account into one of the lists I’ve made.” 

The results

The company has seen quantifiable results since using Cognism. 

  • Over 50% of meetings booked through Cognism.
  • €45k of opportunities.
  • 80% connection rate.
  • 50% conversion rate to opportunity on inbound.
  • 36% inbound opps created, 26% of outbound booked through Cognism. 

“35 out of the 72 meetings I’ve booked in the last ten months were outbound. I use Cognism for all of my outbound - it’s helped me book 80% of my outbound meetings.”

“In the past year, I’ve generated about €45k in opportunities through Cognism.”

“This is all down to Cognism giving us the right leads, contact numbers and emails, plus helping us to understand our buying  persona better.”

She explained why having enriched data helped to increase sales productivity. 

“Having everything enriched by Cognism has been incredibly useful. We have the right information; we can see which accounts are target accounts, who the decision-makers are, and who is likely to buy in the current economic climate.”

“So, it’s helped clean up our qualification process. But it also helps the outreach itself. We have more information on these prospects and can have better-informed conversations.”

“Cognism also cleaned up the data on our CRM.”

The top reasons they recommend Cognism

1. Data enrichment

“I find Cognism’s data enrichment and the frequency of updates to be particularly impressive and valuable.”

“I don’t think any competitors are on the same level when it comes to the regularity of fresh, new B2B data.” 

“For instance, when reviewing a list, I’ve noticed that each time I revisit a person’s profile, there often appears to be additional information such as an email or phone number.”

2. Ease of integration

“A huge benefit of the software is how seamlessly it integrates into your day-to-day workflows. You can use it with the Chrome Extension, you can integrate it with your CRM, and it’s easy to adopt as a new user. It significantly accelerates the prospecting process.”

3. Intent data

“Intent allows you to discover new accounts, identify new decision-makers, and track job changes. This capability lets you stay current with the market you’re concentrating on and actively engage in.”

“Cognism makes your prospecting a lot more timely.”

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