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Booking Outbound Meetings in APAC With Cognism’s Data

A global SaaS company supplying accounts payable automation software uses Cognism’s B2B data to: 

  • Identify ICP prospects in APAC
  • Increase call-to-connect rates with accurate contact data
  • Book all APAC cold outbound meetings solely with Cognism’s data
  • Close two large APAC deals within six months of using the platform 
  • Seamlessly sync contacts straight into Salesforce and Outreach
Number of employees: 600
Industry: Software Development
HQ: New York, USA
Teams using: Sales

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The company

This organisation is a leading global provider of cloud-based spend management solutions turning manual, paper-based invoices to digital workflows. 

Nearly 4,000 customers and more than 500,000 unique users worldwide use their software for spend management solutions, managing transactions worth over $160 billion annually.

The challenge

We interviewed Lee, a BDR in the APAC region about his experience with Cognism. 

Lee explained what B2B lead generation challenges the business experienced prior to Cognism.

“I was not behind the purchase of Cognism but the contacts in our Salesforce CRM were outmoded and mobile numbers were in short supply globally. These issues prompted the senior leaders to look for a suitable data provider to meet these needs.”

“We signed with Cognism after a successful trial and sales process.” 

The solution

The APAC, UK, US and Scandinavian sales teams all use Cognism, with the largest sales teams being in the UK and the US. As Lee is based in Australia, he is solely responsible for targeting prospects in the APAC region.

What demographic does Lee target using Cognism?

“I use Cognism to find finance decision-makers at firms based in APAC that have a $50 million revenue or above. The other sales teams use Cognism to target the same persona but in EMEA and the US.” 

Lee uses Cognism in two different ways. He told us more: 

“The majority of my time is spent using the Chrome Extension but occasionally I use the WebApp to source and create prospect lists.” 

“Firstly, I input the necessary filters for my target audience and generate the data lists within the platform. With the click of a button, I can trigger the whole list to sync to Outreach automatically, which we use as our sales engagement platform for actioning sales cadences and Salesforce, our CRM for tracking leads.” 

“The Cognism contact data integration with our CRM is seamless.”

What WebApp feature does he find the most valuable?

“Filtering verified emails is a game-changer. When formulating the lists, I have the option to filter them by the highest email quality. This is especially important because Outreach will lock me out if too many email addresses bounce back.” 

Aside from using the WebApp, Lee explained his usage with the Chrome Extension. 

“I spend much of my day prospecting in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Targeting businesses that have a $50 million revenue or above is a vital sales qualification criteria for us. In LinkedIn Sales Nav, you can filter and search accounts based on revenue.” 

“Once I’ve found the most relevant contacts that match our criteria, I’ll then use Cognism’s Chrome Extension to acquire the contact details.” 

Lee elaborated on how the Chrome Extension has hugely lifted his efficiency levels. 

“I no longer have to individually type lead details one-by-one into Salesforce. Now, I can import contacts directly to Salesforce and Outreach from the Chrome Extension, removing the bottleneck of manually doing it myself.”

“Secondly, the breadth of prospect information the API picks up is also fantastic. The prospect’s name, LinkedIn handle, mobile number, location, office address, company industry, company revenue, employee headcount and company revenue can all be automatically exported to the CRM.”

“It’s astounding how much prospect information the API plug-in can generate in one go. I love it.” 

Lee explained why they use Cognism alongside Lusha and Signal Hire to maximise their prospecting efforts.

“We bought Cognism to supplement the gaps of these two B2B data providers and to double down on verified contact details as much as possible. Having as many emails and mobile numbers in APAC is essential to booking more meetings and closing new business.”

Lee praised the quality of Cognism’s phone numbers. 

“I make around 30 calls per day and 95% of these phone numbers are from Cognism’s business contacts database.” 

“Compared to the other two providers, I rarely ring the wrong mobile number with Cognism. The dial-to-connect ratio is by far the best. It’s the most advanced tool on the market when it comes to prospecting.”

The results

What success has Lee seen since using Cognism? 

“Since joining the business six months ago, I’ve booked 40% of meetings from inbound leads and 60% from cold outbound. All of the outbound meetings I’ve booked have come from Cognism’s data. Two of those companies have now become clients and signed on a £40k and £120k per year package.” 

“The ROI has gone above and beyond what we expected, and that’s just based on what I’ve generated.”

The top reasons why Lee would recommend Cognism

1. Excellent customer support

“The personnel at Cognism have been first-class from the moment I joined. As an SDR, having a highly attentive support team is integral to solving my issues quickly so I can get on with what matters: seeking new leads. It’s been a 5* customer experience.”

2. Ease of use

“The capacity to generate a contact’s email and phone number straight away makes the entire lead generation process manageable and painless.”

3. Streamlined integration with Salesforce and Outreach

“The ability to export multiple contacts into Salesforce from Cognism saves a cosmic amount of time.”

“If Cognism was not in my tech stack, my job would be much more productivity-draining and tiresome. Cognism’s advanced sales technology enables me to spend more time speaking to prospects and booking meetings. It’s really amazing!” 

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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