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PeerNova Excels With Cognism in the US & EMEA

PeerNova, a Silicon Valley data and analytics management company that recently announced the launch of ClearConsensus, a transparent, high-fidelity consensus network for independent price valuation.

The company  uses Cognism’s premium B2B data to accelerate its growth and global presence to:

  • Gain 12-15% open rates
  • Facilitate laser-focused targeting through technographic and job join search filters
  • Have qualified conversations with prospective customers in the US & EMEA
Number of employees: 50
Industry: Financial Services, Software 
HQ: California, USA
Teams using: Marketing

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The company

PeerNova was founded by entrepreneurs with deep expertise in data and financial infrastructure with sales offices in New York and London. 

Their mission is to empower firms to make confident and timely decisions using high-quality data. PeerNova’s Cuneiform® Platform provides reconciliation, data quality monitoring, and client onboarding products that reduce manual processes and improve operational efficiency across complex workflows. Users can monitor data quality metrics, identify and resolve high-impact exceptions and outliers, and perform faster root-cause analysis across the enterprise and network landscapes in real-time. 

In partnership with Parameta Solutions, the ClearConsensus™ solution establishes a mid-market high-transparency consensus view of derivative prices in the OTC markets. This enables market participants to optimize for risk capital allocation.

The challenge

We interviewed Navid Jafari, VP of Marketing & Communications, Reneé Molin, Marketing Coordinator, and Sonia Chopra, Marketing Manager at PeerNova, about their experiences with Cognism. 

Reneé explained the B2B lead generation challenges PeerNova experienced prior to Cognism.

“As a US-headquartered business with a global presence, our target audience is spread worldwide. We have used other tools in the past. However, we wanted a tool that had a broad coverage.”

Why did PeerNova invest in Cognism? 

1. Straightforward product features

Reneé explained:

“The breadth of filters available allows us to be very granular with our targeting. Cognism is the perfect fit for us.” 

2. Transparent sales process

Navid told us more: 

“Cognism is an expansive, feature-rich, and easy-to-use tool that we employ regularly. The Cognism sales process was upfront from the beginning. This eliminates any future budget conversations and concerns with add-ons.” 

“Cognism does exactly what it says on the tin!” 

The solution

Reneé is the primary end-user of Cognism, while Navid and Sonia supervise the overall success of the platform. 

Navid told us about PeerNova’s target market.  

“Mid-level and senior management decision-makers in large financial institutions globally. We typically target the enterprise space.” 

Navid explained their typical workflow with the platform. 

“We use Cognism to find contacts for outreach. Reneé builds and generates the target lists for this purpose within Prospector and syncs the contacts to our integrated CRM.” 

What is their approach to creating tailored marketing emails? 

Navid explained: 

“As marketers, it’s crucial we find the right people by targeting both the end-users and decision-makers. Both parties require different messaging.”

Navid shared an example:

“As our product is a data platform, the implementation may require different departments such as IT and business, who may be end-users but not the decision-makers. Therefore, it’s very important that we target various positions with tailored messaging relevant to their role.” 

What Cognism filters have facilitated PeerNova with laser-focused targeting? 

Reneé explained using an example:

“The technographic filter is a fantastic telling signal for us being a data monitoring technology. If a financial firm has digital tools in their tech stack, we know the organization is technically astute enough to go through digital transformation effectively.”

“If a business is using a data visualization tool, for example, then  we know they could be a good fit as a customer.” 

“The job join filter is equally beneficial. In order to move a product across the sales cycle, we know the prospect has to have enough seniority to bring different stakeholders to the table for solutioning. It’s a valuable way to predict the sales cycle length.”

Despite predominantly using Cognism for marketing purposes, Navid explained how Cognism helps the PeerNova sales team as well. 

“Like most well-functioning organizations, our marketing and sales teams are heavily aligned.” 

The results

We asked Navid what success PeerNova has seen since using Cognism. 

“One of our goals is to reduce the time of B2B sales cycles. With remote work, digital marketing has never been more prevalent and important. Today, the volume of emails in inboxes is significantly higher.”

“Now more than ever, it’s critical to find the right people to reach out to and effectively communicate how our product can help solve some of their challenges.” 

“With Cognism, our open rates are 12-15%, with little to no bounce rates. These statistics are fitting for the enterprise space.” 

“For us, it’s not a numbers game. It’s talking to the right people at the right time and solving their data challenges. As marketers, we measure the success of our outreach based on the quality of leads generated. Cognism has played an integral role in this endeavour.”

The top reasons why PeerNova would recommend Cognism

1. Ease of use

Reneé told us:

“The simplicity of the filters, the seamless CRM integration, and the ability to pull high-quality contacts make generating data from Cognism a breeze.” 

2. High-quality leads

Sonia praised the quality of Cognism leads: 

“It’s a no-brainer that Cognism’s high-quality contacts are resulting in far more fruitful conversations with prospects.”

3. Attractive UX/UI

Both praised the look of the Cognism product: 

“As B2B marketers, we like using tools that are enticing. When you use a software regularly, it’s not just the ease of use that’s important, but it’s also the user experience.” 

“To me, if you’re going to use a tool every day, why not have something that actually looks nice, it’s easy to use, and integrates well into your workflow?” 

“The elegant UX proves that Cognism pays close attention to its product and customers’ needs. We are really pleased with Cognism.”

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

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