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Generating Closed-won Deals After 2 Months With Cognism

Find out how GWI got a closed-won deal in an incredible turnaround time and used our sales intelligence solution to: 

  • Deliver a Total Addressable Market (TAM) analysis project
  • Further develop their sales strategy 
  • Reduce prospecting time by 83.3% 
  • Speed up their sales cycle
Number of employees: 600
Industry: Marketing & Advertising 
HQ: London, UK
Teams using: Revenue Operations & Sales

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The company

Headquartered in London and New York, GWI offers data market research with an edge. 

GWI helps brands understand their consumers: what consumers are doing online, how they interact with brands, the social media platforms they use, and their general online behaviour. 

The platform allows brands to build very complex audiences to look into.

The challenge

We spoke with Josh Silvera, the Sales Enablement Manager at GWI. 

Josh told us that GWI had a great source of inbound leads prior to using Cognism. However, they wanted to ramp up their outbound capabilities and hand-pick the companies they went after. 

“We wanted to focus on more than just great inbound leads. We wanted to pick the companies we went after. Initially, we went with a competitor who had great data for the States but when we looked at the rest of the world, and particularly our UK-based SDRs and AEs, the data was lacking.”

“I started actively looking for a lead generation company with better data and that’s when I found Cognism.”

The solution

GWI’s sales team uses Cognism every day. Their marketing team also uses Cognism on an ad-hoc basis to run campaigns. 

“When our marketing team publishes a new piece of content, like a report, we gather data on who’s downloading the piece. This data, however, can be incomplete and that’s where marketing uses Cognism to gather all the data we need.”

GWI is now also using Cognism to look at how they can update and re-engage with their current CRM leads. GWI plans to use Prospector as a complete lead generation solution for sales and marketing going forward. 

Josh told us GWI loves Cognism’s native Salesforce app! 

“The reason we love the Cognism app is because of its native integration into Salesforce. It allows our reps to get all the information they need, without leaving Salesforce.”

“Being able to jump into an account on Salesforce and have the Cognism widget right there to lookup more accounts and more contacts just makes things so easy.”

This integration meant that GWI’s reps didn’t have to learn anything new and it was perfect for working from home, as reps could just use the tool without having to spend hours searching for contact information.

GWI enjoys the fact that they can customise Cognism to fit the needs of each team by creating personas that can be saved and used time and time again.

Josh explained: 

“It’s great that we could build out the tool to suit the needs of each team and that they could use the tool differently. Now everyone can find the companies they’re looking for.” 

With Cognism, GWI has access to contact and company data ranging from small to enterprise. This was a big pull in GWI choosing Cognism.

“You can look at the big enterprise companies but what’s even better is that you can look at the smaller companies which are based in difficult to find markets.” 

Josh gave kudos to our customer success team as well.

“Cognism’s customer success team has been incredibly helpful.”

“If we have an issue with something, it always gets sorted very quickly, and there has never been a time when we haven’t been able to run a project, even on difficult timelines. This has made me very confident in setting someone else up with Cognism.”

“Cognism has made my life a lot easier and it’s very useful to have the customer success team’s support.”

GWI also uses our Chrome Extension. Josh told us that being able to download their searches into Salesforce is incredibly helpful for GWI’s reps. 

The results

GWI saw speedy results with Cognism, with a closed-won deal coming through in just two months. 

“Bear in mind that this was during a pandemic. We had to bring on the tool, train our reps, and reach out to prospects who had never heard of us. The fact that we closed a very large brand was a great testament to using the tool.”

This early win kickstarted GWI’s reps to use Cognism more efficiently and follow Cognism’s best practice. More wins came in for their team. 

Josh explained that they managed to speed up GWI’s sales cycle and open up to companies that they wouldn’t typically look at for cold outreach. 

“We’re talking to companies now that we wouldn’t typically have gone after and this is only because Cognism allows us to find companies outside of our usual realm.”

Within the first couple of months of using Cognism, GWI ran a TAM analysis to determine their total addressable market for the next few years. They were able to determine the size of their market, globally, in terms of personas and companies they would normally sell to. 

Josh said:

“Cognism was super easy in helping us deliver that project. It wouldn’t have been possible before we used the platform.”

GWI were also able to reduce its LinkedIn prospecting time by 83.3% by using Cognism’s Prospector. 

“The difference is night and day. It used to take us half a day to prospect 50 new leads and input all of their data in our CRM. Being able to download lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and seamlessly and directly download them into Salesforce, through Cognism, now takes 10 minutes.”

Josh had some final words to share:

“I’d recommend Cognism to anyone in the market research industry. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the platform and it seamlessly integrates into the tools you’re using already. Best of all, it delivers fast results. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!”

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 1,000 sales and marketing teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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