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Creating £5.8 Million of Pipeline in One Day With Cognism

A fast-growing EdTech company uses Cognism’s sales intelligence platform to:

  • Book 30 new business meetings in a day with Cognism’s Diamond Data®
  • Generate £5.8 million of pipeline in a day 
  • Produce hyper-personalised emails 
  • Seamlessly sync leads into the CRM
Number of employees: 600+
Industry: EdTech 
HQ: London, UK
Teams using: Sales & Sales Operations

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The company

This organisation is on a mission to drive diversity and provide an alternative to university and corporate training via professional apprenticeships. Working with small start-ups to enterprise brands such as the NHS, Google, Amazon and Facebook, this company ensures that workforces have the digital skills needed to succeed in the modern economy.

The challenge

We interviewed the Sales Operations Executive about her experience with Cognism.

What B2B lead generation issues were they experiencing before Cognism? 

“We used to primarily use email outbound as a method of acquiring meetings. This naturally created challenges when booking meetings with C-suite executives. The prospecting search strategy was also very cumbersome and time-consuming.” 

“Cognism was brought on before I joined the business. My senior management discovered the platform via doing research on B2B lead generation.” 

The solution

The business ICP is C-suite decision-makers, mainly within large enterprises in any industry. 

The interviewee told us about the data tools they currently have in place.

“Cognism is used in conjunction with Lusha and ZoomInfo. We use multiple providers to supplement one another. This is so we have the most amount of data possible across EMEA and North America.” 

“However, Cognism is our primary data provider for the EMEA region because of its volumes and quality.”

What are the SDRs' everyday workflows with the platform? 

“The SDRs have a multi-channel approach when they prospect - cold calling, email and LinkedIn.” 

“Firstly, they will scope out their pipeline generation plan for the month. Once completed, they will start prospecting through their territory using Cognism’s human-verified Diamond Data® feature. The relevant prospects are then synced into the HubSpot CRM.” 

She told us more about their workflows with Diamond Data®

“SDRs are statistically more likely to book meetings over the phone. When we do specific initiatives, I filter the prospects to only obtain Diamond, phone-verified contacts.”

They conducted a call-out day using Cognism’s Diamond Data®. She told us more: 

“The sales team were tasked to promote a new product in the UK. They identified a niche ICP that would buy this product, created a list of job titles that would convert and filtered them to Diamond contacts. All records were inputted to a tracker sheet for senior management to monitor success.” 

Cognism’s highly-accurate data had a phenomenal impact on the team’s efficiency. 

“Before Diamond Data®, we connected to fewer numbers and had fewer conversations. People rarely picked up the phone on the landline or switchboard. Finding mobile numbers at the click of a button on Cognism has massively accelerated our team’s output and its ability to hit quota faster. We are really pleased.”

The results

The results from the call-out day were significant.  

“Before Cognism, the record number of meetings booked in one day was 26. With Cognism, our record is 30 meetings booked in a day and 33% of these meetings are with C-Suite Executives!”

“On that day alone, the team generated £5.8 million pounds of revenue.”

What’s the biggest reason you’d recommend us to another company?

1. Cognism’s Chrome Extension

“The LinkedIn plug-in is very slick and the team uses it daily!”

2. Ability to create laser-focused lists 

“Our sales process really lends itself to hyper-personalisation which Cognism allows us to do. The flexibility of Cognism Prospector enables our sales team to create highly-targeted prospect lists en masse.”

3. Syncing contacts into the CRM 

“Cognism’s integration with our CRM allows the sales operations team to have insights and visibility into Cognism opportunities. This enables us to run regular analysis on the progress from first meetings booked to closed-won deals. We now have clear oversight and visibility on lots of other aspects that we’re interested in; this helps us to scale up and generate more revenue as a business.”  

Finally, she praised Cognism’s market-leading data accuracy. 

“Previously, the biggest challenge the sales team raised on these call-out days was the limited amount of mobile numbers available. Now, the sales team are calling prospects with genuine mobile phone numbers. This gives them a tremendous amount of confidence and ammunition when delivering a pitch.”

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✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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