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Streamlining Revenue Operations With Cognism’s Database

YuLife, the tech-driven insurance brand uses Cognism’s B2B data to:

  • Contribute to sales teams hitting monthly KPIs.
  • Dial up to 70 calls per day per rep using Cognism’s Diamond Data.
  • Improve sales team morale by increasing calling efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate that a direct sales model can work effectively in the insurance sector.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Hubspot 
Number of employees: 250
Industry: Insurance
HQ: London, UK 
Teams using: Sales, Revenue Operations and Marketing 

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The company

Since 2016, YuLife has fast become a well-established insurance company with a purpose. Their flagship product transforms traditional insurance and employee benefits into life-enhancing experiences every employee will value and use. 

Working with the likes of CapitalOne, Co-op and Santander, the highly engaging YuLife app enables employees to complete everyday wellness activities in order to earn YuCoin. These can be used to buy gifts for themselves, friends or family, or to improve the world through planting trees and donating to charity.

Over a third of YuLife customers engage with the company every day, compared to once a year for the average insurer. Plus, 87% report an improvement in their well-being as a result of having YuLife as their insurer.

The challenge

We interviewed Shay Khosrowshahi, Head of Revenue Operations at YuLife about his experience with Cognism. 

What sparked YuLife to invest in a lead generation provider like Cognism? 

“We decided to grow the sales team in 2020. As a relatively new company, we didn’t have any sales technology tools in place to scale efficiently. We knew of Cognism as it’s a key player in the UK SaaS sales market.” 

What evaluation methods were conducted to help with the selection? 

“Cognism was analysed against three incumbent providers. We selected a subset of data we knew was accurate and analysed each B2B contact database based on verified contact data. The mobile number accuracy was similarly aligned across the different platforms for that data subset. However, Cognism had considerably more mailable contacts for HR professionals in the UK.”

“Ultimately, we bought Cognism in 2020 because we felt that the UK data was stronger than its competitors.” 

The solution

Shay’s role is to align sales and marketing operations to drive growth through operational efficiency. He oversees the strategic relationship with Cognism to ensure the marketing and sales teams are attaining optimal value from the platform. Marketing often uses Cognism data for nurture campaigns. However, the SDRs in the sales team are the primary users.

How long did it take the sales team to start using the tool? 

“Within a week the team was fully trained up. The whole onboarding process was painstaking and streamlined, we were really happy with it.” 

Shay told us how they use Cognism in two different ways. He explained: 

“Firstly, the WebApp is used for building lists based on our ICP. YuLife’s target audience is predominantly HR professionals in any UK business with thirty employees and more. Once the lists are generated, they’re exported into Hubspot using the integration and eventually synced to Salesloft to track sales activity. It's fantastic how simple it is to export lists to Hubspot!” 

“Cognism’s LinkedIn plug-in Chrome Extension is also used daily by the team.” 

Shay received the following feedback from one of the SDRs about the Chrome Extension:

“I love how the plug-in provides a description of both the prospect and company. It’s really helpful in terms of knowing the company headcount, location and industry. Plus, it integrates with Hubspot! This is critical as it tells you if the contact already exists in our CRM database or not. Having the integration feature is a huge market differentiator.” 

The sales team adopts a multichannel approach to prospecting - cold calling, emailing and LinkedIn. What Cognism asset has been valuable for calling?

“The Diamond Data feature. Cognism verifies Diamond Data by cold calling the mobile numbers and direct dials of these contacts to ensure the SDRs connect with the right person. Ringing legitimate mobile numbers has hugely increased our speed-to-connect rates.” 

Shay explained the impact Cognism’s Diamond Data has had on staff productivity. 

“A stumbling block we previously had was getting our SDRs to make 50-70 calls per day. This is because they didn’t have a hot cold call list of valid numbers available at their fingertips. With Cognism, they can generate a list of diamond-verified contacts within minutes.”

Shay explained how the revenue operations team use Cognism: 

“Initially, we used Cognism to identify UK companies we’d like to target. We then supplemented the data with our own data to build out our sales territories. We eventually scoped out a clear segmentation strategy to ensure we were targeting companies that matched our ICP.” 

“The revenue operations department is now very self-serving with Cognism. Here’s an example: occasionally we pull lists of diamond-verified contacts in the WebApp and upload them into Salesloft for the sales team to action. Now, however, our team predominantly uses Cognism to pull data usage reports to monitor and control the usage of our Cognism licences.” 

Shay told us more about how YuLife’s marketing team also makes use of Cognism: 

Much of the data that sales sync to Hubspot is added to nurture campaigns by the marketing team.  The aim is to get the contacts to a particular lead score through lead nurturing. Once they’ve hit a certain threshold, the contacts are passed onto sales.”

The top reasons why YuLife would recommend Cognism

1. Streamlining revenue operations

“A big conundrum for any sales team is managing data in the CRM. Cognism’s direct integration with Hubspot means the SDRs no longer need to worry about creating duplicate contacts.” 

“From a revenue operations perspective, Cognism is a key source of data and the foundation of our sales territories, which we enrich further with additional data sources.”

2. Delivering results 

“The sales team are targeted by booking a certain number of meetings per month and they consistently hit these KPIs. Cognism is a key contributor to helping us meet these sales quotas.”

3. Disrupting the insurance sector

"YuLife is a disruptor in the Insurance industry. Cognism’s data has been part of the foundation of our growth engine by providing the right data to inform our sales teams."

We asked Shay to sum up his feelings about Cognism:

“If you want to break into the UK market, you need access to data and information on your ICP quickly and reliably. I would encourage anyone to look into Cognism. It’s a must have for UK lead generation.”

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 1,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases.

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns.

✅ Power up their social selling.

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets.

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