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Generating Over 200 Opportunities in 6 Months With Cognism

A fast-growing AI-driven sales software uses Cognism’s premium B2B data to:

  • Gain approximately 200 opportunities since October 2021
  • Verify mobile numbers using Diamond Data® 
  • Facilitate between 50-100 calls each day per rep
  • Enrich their existing mobile phone data for maximum coverage
Number of employees: 70
Industry: Software Development
HQ: Zurich, Switzerland 
Teams using: Sales 

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The company

Founded in 2021, Unique AG has since secured a $12 million seed round and grown to a 70-person company in just one year. 

Unique’s AI-powered sales platform records and analyses customer conversations in real-time to generate useful insights that will help win more deals and build reliable revenue forecasts. 

Their ethos is to support salespeople and customers so they can better understand each other and build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

The challenge

We interviewed Patrick Trumpi, Chief Sales Officer at Unique AG about his experience with Cognism. 

What prompted Unique AG to invest in a B2B lead generation platform like Cognism? 

“I started at the business in September 2021. Before joining my role, I knew that having a strong tech stack in place was essential to scaling the team and meeting our goals as a fast-growing European tech start-up.” 

Aside from Cognism, what other B2B solutions did they evaluate? 

ZoomInfo and Cognism. I did a thorough evaluation between both providers to determine how many contacts were available in each database. Overall, Cognism had more widespread contact details in Europe -  our core target market.” 

“We also looked at Kaspr for the French market. We were very impressed but as we were just about to go to market, we required a tool that covered Europe extensively rather than just a few countries.” 

In April 2022, Cognism acquired Kaspr. The platform has an extensive database of over 160 million email contacts and 30 million mobile phone numbers across France, UK, USA, Germany and Spain. 

“Ultimately, we chose Cognism due to its vast data coverage and its reputation for being the European market leader.” 

The solution

Patrick heads up a large team of SDRs and AEs across Europe. 

What is their target market? 

“Senior B2B sales and marketing leaders that have a growing sales team in the tech space. As we are very new, we’re focusing on penetrating the European region for now, with future plans to expand to the US.” 

Patrick told us about the onboarding process and their sales workflows with Cognism.

“The tool was very easy to understand when we were initially onboarded. We were up and running in a week!”

“The SDRs and AEs apply a multichannel approach to their outreach - cold calling, email and LinkedIn. We use SalesForce High Velocity as our sales engagement tool and the cloud-based software Aircall for cold calling.” 

Patrick explained why they use Cognism in conjunction with Lusha to maximise their cold calling efforts. 

“We are a very cold-call-happy team. Having as many mobile numbers as possible is essential to booking more meetings and closing new business. To double down on mobiles as much as possible, we bought Lusha as well as Cognism to augment that database ” 

Patrick told us about their workflows with Lusha and Cognism. 

“Firstly, we use Cognism's database for email sends as it’s fully GDPR compliant, which gives our reps confidence when pitching to prospects via email.” 

“We use Lusha for B2B contact numbers and Cognism’s Diamond Data® for phone-verified mobiles.”

“The sales reps use the Lusha LinkedIn extension and Cognism’s LinkedIn Chrome Browser to find prospect’s mobile numbers. Once the contact information is retrieved from either tool, the data is synced to Salesforce ready for prospecting.”

“We use the two providers to complement one another for maximum dial-to-connect rate.”

The results

Patrick explained the benefits Unique has seen since they started using Cognism’s Diamond Data®.

“Cognism’s highly-accurate mobile numbers have helped fill the diary, generate opportunities and spark more conversations with prospective customers.”

“The ability to automatically sync Cognism’s contact data to the CRM immensely helps us to save time.  Without this functionality, the team would have to manually insert contact details into the CRM.”

“The automation combined with the data accuracy enables our reps to make a minimum of 50-100 calls per day. We’re noticing that the numbers’ quality is steadily increasing and is getting even better!”

What results have they seen since using Cognism? 

“Overall, we’ve gained over 200 opportunities since October 2021.” 

“I don’t calculate exact ROI from the tool but the value is a no-brainer.” 

The top reasons why Unique would recommend Cognism

1. Superb customer service

“The personnel at Cognism are a pleasure to work with. Whenever we’ve had  minor technical issues, the Cognism product and customer service teams have always been quick and attentive.”

2. Slick integration with the Salesforce CRM

“The ability to sync contact data from either the WebApp or Chrome Extension at the click of a button straight into Salesforce is a great feature. It hugely speeds up prospecting time.”

3. Database enrichment

“The Enrich feature allows us to update and refresh stale data in our CRM. I haven’t come across this additional service from any other provider.”

4. Remarkable data accuracy

“All the results boil down to the correctness of the data. Cognism’s European data is the best on the market, and the opportunities we’ve obtained prove it.”

“A premium data platform is the most influential tool in the tech stack when growing a sales team. Cognism is a must-have if you want to scale a sales organisation with more than two salespeople.”

“There are certain tools which don’t need a proven ROI  to warrant buying it. Cognism is one of those and is a must-have for any business.”

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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