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30+ qualified conversations and B2B leads | Case Study By Cognism

December 9, 2020

Find out how a certified ActionCOACH used Cognism’s standalone platform and Chrome Extension to:

  • Give their BDMs actionable B2B data and reach prospects within their ICP 
  • Book meetings with more than 30 prospects, leading to at least £100k in estimated revenue over the next few years
  • Enrich their database with direct dials, increasing connect rates

Read our latest case study below!

The company

Jamie Goral is a business coach based in London. As an ActionCOACH franchisee, Jamie has been helping small and medium businesses develop and implement actionable business strategies and grow their profits.

The challenge

Jamie’s target audience is very specific. He explained:

“We have a very specific target market - we target business owners in London with 1-10M turnover.”

Jamie and his team previously tried finding B2B prospects using a call centre, but then they learned about Cognism.

Jamie explained:

I came across Cognism by chance while browsing the internet. It looked interesting, so I booked a demo to see how their software collects the data and makes it available to users.

“Ultimately, I was looking for a solution that gave my BDMs accurate, actionable data, and made it possible to send emails and find out who engages and who doesn’t.”


The solution

Jamie signed up with Cognism and very quickly saw the benefit of it. The platform helped his team get the data they need to have conversations with the right people within their ICP. 

“What I really like about Cognism is that it gives me and my business development team lots of information to work with like the website, the LinkedIn profile, the email address, the phone number and so on.”

How easy was it to start using Cognism?

“Getting started with Cognism was easy, especially since their support function is very good.

Jamie expanded on his good relationship with Cognism’s award-winning CS team.

“Even if you don’t know how to use some of the features, you’re able to eventually get the results you want because you have online chat and someone like my customer success manager Sam, who is very responsive.”


The results

Since starting with Cognism, Jamie and his team were able to book meetings and engage with more than 30 qualified leads.

“Being able to access the email addresses and phone numbers of business owners within our target market has made reaching them a lot easier.

“Our sales process is long but using Cognism’s data we were able to engage with 30-40 people who are open to a more detailed conversation. My guess is that the leads from Cognism’s data will add at least £100k to revenue over the next few years.”

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Jamie especially likes Cognism’s Chrome Extension.  

“I absolutely love the Chrome Extension. It makes finding new opportunities easier by giving us the best phone numbers to reach our prospects at.

We asked Jamie to explain how he uses the extension.

“First, we get the data from Cognism and import it into Salesforce. Then, we send everyone an email referring them to a link with our business information. Whoever is interested in our offer will get a call from BDM. If the number’s incorrect, we then use Cognism’s Chrome Extension to see if there’s a better one.”

By being able to get accurate phone data and using Cognism to find net new leads and enrich his existing database, Jamie has been able to get a hold of people who are in need of help and are open to help, especially during this time.

“For us, helping the community is very important.

Finally, Jamie gave other business owners within their niche some advice:

“Growing your business is all about having the desire to do it, knowing what kind of business you want, and how much money you want to make. Often, you need to work with someone to help you on that journey and achieve the results you want.” 


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