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How an Austrian Agency uses GDPR-compliant data from Cognism

A consulting agency that supports international companies with market entry and expansion in Austria uses Cognism's B2B data for:

  • Planning information events for new customers
  • Identifying target customers and their relevant contacts
  • Accelerating and hyper-targeting of outreach campaigns

Number of employees: 33
Industry: Consulting
Headquarter: Vienna, Austria
User teams: Consulting, Communications

The company

The consulting agency supports international companies with expansion potential in entering and expanding in Austria.

We spoke to a Regional Director of the company, who discovered Cognism and is the main user.

With Cognism, his agency is primarily looking for companies in the ICT sector (information and communication technology) as well as in the life sciences sector with topics such as pharma, biotech, digital health and medtech.

"Our target group is very diverse, from small to large companies and across all sectors, and Cognism helps us immensely in our direct approach."

The challenge

In addition to Cognism, the agency also uses other data providers and has worked with lead generation agencies in the past. In order to save costs and conduct targeted outreach in-house, the agency considered Cognism as a complement to the other data providers.

"The GDPR was one of the most important factors in our decision to opt for Cognism."

The solution

The agency mainly uses Cognism to conduct precisely pre-filtered, targeted outreach to the target group and to work exclusively with GDPR-compliant data for this purpose.

As establishing a subsidiary in Austria is a very strategic decision for companies, longer projects are standard at the agency. Ideally, an expansion takes three to six months, but on average 12 to 18 months.

With Cognism, the agency can identify new customers more quickly and support them in setting up a location in Austria.

Which Cognism Functions does the Agency use?

The agency uses the company and industry filters and searches for the country of the company headquarters, the company size, and the location and level of decision-makers such as executive, C-level and senior.

Of particular interest to the agency are the filters for financing rounds and some of the intent data.

The results

With Cognism, the agency can find GDPR-compliant contact details of relevant contacts in no time at all. This results in more leads and initial meetings.

"We were able to attract 50 participants at the last minute for a site event and around 70 participants for a webinar in a very short time using Cognism."

"Cognism is an important element in our overall marketing mix and 10% of our leads come from activities supported by Cognism."

"In our scale-up campaigns, Cognism helps us to regularly generate at least five qualified appointments with potential leads per month."

The top reasons they recommend Cognism

The agency's main use case is the creation of targeted lists of contact persons. Cognism is used in various workflows:

  1. Planning networking events

    To invite potential new customers to a local event, the agency uses Cognism to research the companies to be invited. Using the filters for the title of people, the agency identifies the contacts who should be invited to the event and creates a contact list.

    After importing the data into the CRM and comparing it with the data already available there, the media campaign for the event is set up.
  2. Planning webinars

    For a Europe-wide webinar, the agency used Cognism to create contact lists in order to play out a media campaign and successfully attract participants.

"The webinar was very successful with 200 participants and at least a third of the participants came via Cognism's contact details.

We were able to realise the campaign in a short time with the help of Cognism."

How is the user experience and how was the onboarding?

"The Champions programme is an absolute highlight, customer service takes care of every request immediately and the onboarding was flawless."

"The user experience is excellent and Cognism is one of the easiest platforms to use that I know of."

"I can recommend Cognism with a very clear conscience. I recently gave a presentation to 60 Master's students who work part-time at companies, where I also presented Cognism as part of the Champions Programme."

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