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How MindBridge used Cognism to generate thousands of leads and create an effective outbound sales system

May 12, 2020

Find out how an AI-powered financial risk assessment solution provider used Cognism’s all-in-one B2B lead generation platform to:

  • Identify up to 10,000 new contacts per month
  • Book meetings with 5 Fortune 500 companies
  • Improve their data quality and build an outbound sales channel

Read our latest case study below.

The Company

MindBridge is the world's first AI-powered financial risk assessment solution. Founded in 2015 and with offices around the world, MindBridge leverages advanced machine learning and AI techniques to detect errors in financial statements for auditors, corporations, central banks, and other financial institutions.

MindBridge provides cutting-edge risk assessment capabilities for a variety of different audiences.

From accountants to CFOs to payment system operators, the MindBridge solution serves the needs of employees working directly with vast amounts of financial data and the organizational leaders that drive strategy, market penetration, and customer retention.

The Challenge

We interviewed Tom Huffman, Account Development Manager at MindBridge. He told us about the challenges that led MindBridge to work with Cognism.

“Our priority was to open up a strong outbound sales channel at MindBridge. For that, we needed validated business emails and phone numbers. We also wanted to build prospect lists based around our target sectors. To speed up the process, we started looking at adding to our existing technology stack.”

Tom’s business development team trialled a few competitors before settling on Cognism.

“We looked at a number of different products, but none were as impressive as Cognism. The great thing about Cognism, the thing that sets it apart, is that it has its own database and all the tools you need to action the data. It had everything we wanted, all in one platform.”MindBridge Case Study 1

MindBridge Case Study 1

The Solution

Tom told us about the onboarding process with Cognism.

“It was super-easy. Within a week, our business development team was generating leads, building prospect lists and creating email campaigns. Cognism also integrated into our existing tech stack very well. It really was no work at all.”

Tom also had plenty of positive words to say about Cognism’s Customer Success team.

“They’re a very helpful and diligent group of people. They’ve assisted us with so much, from providing email templates to resolving queries. I don’t think I’ve ever waited longer than 1 hour for a response. They’re a key factor as to why Cognism has worked so well for MindBridge - they’ve been very nice to work with.”

MindBridge Case Study 2
The Results

Tom gave us a list of benefits that Cognism has provided for MindBridge.

“Cognism has delivered a lot for us. First of all, it’s saved us a great deal of time. Pre-Cognism, it took us 5-10 minutes to find a single prospect; now we can find hundreds of leads in seconds. On average, we’ve been able to identify 10,000 new contacts per month from Cognism’s data.”

Tom was very impressed by the quality of Cognism’s data.

“We have a very broad span of target industries and roles at MindBridge, but we’ve always been able to source prospects for them using the Cognism platform. Cognism’s data is very versatile and can be applied to many different sectors.”

Were there any other benefits to working with Cognism? Tom replied:

“The knowledge that the Cognism team has is exceptional. They’re experts in lead generation, business data and the GDPR. The latter was particularly important for us - we wanted to move into the UK market, so Cognism’s expertise in that area was very beneficial. We worked with their Compliance Officer and CS team to make sure that we were generating only the best, GDPR-compliant data.”

Tom had some final thoughts for us.

“I’d recommend Cognism to any business that wants to improve their data quality and find new customers, fast. At MindBridge, we booked meetings with 5 Fortune 500 customers with the help of Cognism. It’s an awesome sales and business development tool.”

MindBridge Case Study 3
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