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Why Chose Cognism as Its EMEA Data Provider, a virtual agent provider in the health tech sector, used Cognism’s data to:

    • Double the number of meetings booked.
    • Reduce prospecting time from weeks to hours.
    • Integrate seamlessly into HubSpot and Salesflare.
    • Increase their coverage of EMEA contacts.

Number of employees: 40
Industry: Software Development 
HQ: Birkirkara
Teams using: Sales

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The company

EBO stands at the forefront of addressing critical business challenges by using bespoke Virtual Agents tailored to meet the unique needs of each company. With a focus on diverse sectors such as Gaming, Healthcare, and Financial Services, EBO’s Virtual Agents are reshaping the landscape of customer engagement not only in the UK but also beyond. 

By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, EBO enables companies to forge valuable, enduring relationships with their customers, ensuring sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

EBO’s overarching goal is to reduce customer churn, enhance the overall customer experience, expedite problem-solving, minimise costs, and positively impact their customers’ bottom line. By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, EBO enables companies to forge valuable, enduring relationships with their customers, ensuring sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

The challenge

We interviewed Zak Heath, Al Development Application Specialist, about his experience with Cognism.

How did EBO discover Cognism?

“I’d been doing a lot of research online into who we could use to improve our data searching because previously, we’d not used anything. After looking at a few competitors, I was instantly drawn to Cognism, a UK-based company, and we were looking for UK data.” 

What were the challenges that led EBO to evaluate Cognism?

“We would attend events and be given a long list of the attendees, sometimes including email addresses but never any direct dial phone numbers.”

“It’d then take me two to three weeks to find the correct contact information for these people. But of course, by the time we’d gotten to that point, much of the momentum from the event was lost.”

“So it didn’t feel like we were maximising the value of the events we attended. This was a huge problem for us, and, of course, any time not spent on the phone with prospects in this type of role is time wasted.” 

Zak explained EBO’s evaluation process:

“When we evaluated Cognism, we also looked at ZoomInfo, Lusha and” 

“We took a test of around 100 contacts and asked, ZoomInfo, Lusha and Cognism to provide data for each. We compared them to each other to see what the results were.” 

“Cognism won hands down.”

He added:

“While ZoomInfo’s pricing was similar to Cognism, the key difference was that ZoomInfo’s data in the US was good, but in the UK, we found it to be quite poor.”

“There was no comparison in terms of the Cognism’s data and ZoomInfo’s. Anything cheaper, like Lusha and, felt pointless. You might save on the price, but it completely negates the point of getting the software because the data isn’t there.”

The solution

Zak told us about EBO’s target market. 

“We prospect into the UK and Europe, targeting the health tech sector, specifically the public sector, so selling to the NHS.”

“Our target audience is more diverse than most. There are up to 30 different contacts that I’m looking to speak to in each of the accounts that we work with. We target everyone in the C-suite, including Operations Directors and Medical Directors. But we also look to speak to lower-level positions, such as Service Managers, Service Leads and Transformation Teams.”

How does EBO use Cognism day-to-day?

“We use a combination of Prospector and the Chrome extension.”

“I tend to build lists using LinkedIn; this is where the Chrome extension is so useful as I can quickly populate lists without leaving the LinkedIn page. Later, I can go through the lists at my own pace. It’s a simple and efficient workflow.”

“Prospector’s great; there’s a lot of functionality in what you can do with the filtering options. That’s really useful.” 

“I’ve found that sometimes LinkedIn doesn’t pick up contact information, or my prospects are private. So once I’ve finished, I’ll go into Prospector, and usually, I’ll pull a huge amount more information from there.”

Zak told us about the integrations has in place:

“The field-mapping that you can do with Cognism makes integrating with HubSpot incredibly easy.” 

“We also use a CRM called Salesflare, and where a direct integration didn’t exist, Cognism’s ability to integrate with Zapier meant that we could create that integration link ourselves. So for the lesser-known systems, there’s a straightforward workaround through Zapier.”

The results

What success has seen since using Cognism?

“Cognism has helped us generate so many more leads. In fact, since introducing Cognism, I’ve been able to book twice as many meetings, and that’s been consistent month on month.”

“It’s my single source of data - I find that looking online for other bits of information tends to be too long-winded to make it worthwhile. So, almost all of our pipeline is due to data we’ve found on Cognism.”

The top reasons why would recommend Cognism

1. Time-saving

“Cognism’s helped us get great results from the events we attended. So instead of spending 3 weeks researching all the contact information for attendees to our events, I can finish that work in an afternoon.”

“I’d recommend Cognism to any SDR team. It’ll help them stop wasting valuable time, do their job better, and hit their quotas by getting through to people faster.”

2. Quality data

“Before Cognism, I was unable to hit my target meetings booked and conversations had at any given time over six months.”

“That’s not been a problem since we implemented Cognism. I’ve hit KPIs and quotas every single month for both meetings booked and conversations had.”

“Cognism is a crucial piece of software for me in my role.”

3. Support

“The support that you’ve got available to you at Cognism is far superior than you’ll find with any of the competitors.” 

“So if you’re worried about spending the money and not seeing the results, Cognism won’t let that happen. They’ll do whatever they can to ensure you and your organisation are successful.”

Zak concluded:

“It’s easy to look at Cognism and look at some of the cheaper data providers and think, I’ll just get something cheaper and get a similar result. You won’t get a similar result. You’ll get a far worse result.” 

“If you want your sales team to get in front of more buyers, then you need to do that properly with the right software. That software is Cognism.” 

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