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Younium Books 50% More Meetings With Cognism

A leading subscription management firm’s BDR team uses Cognism’s B2B data to: 

  • Target the Nordics and Western Europe in full GDPR compliance
  • Enable the sales team to book 50% more meetings
  • Leverage technology filters to identify potential prospects and personalise outreach 
  • Seamlessly integrate with HubSpot
Number of employees: 60
Industry: Software Development
HQ: Stockholm, Sweden
Teams using: Sales

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The company

Founded in 2017, Younium has offices in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and the US. Serving over 120 customers in Europe and America, Younium is an all-in-one platform for running a scalable subscription business. 

The tool integrates into existing systems to streamline subscription management, invoicing/billing, financial reporting and data insights. Their customers now have full control of subscriptions, can easily implement scalable processes, and harness more accurate metrics - spending less time on manual administration and never missing an opportunity to secure revenue.

The challenge

We interviewed Ruël Sturk, Account Executive at Younium based in Amsterdam, about his experience with Cognism. 

What B2B lead generation tools did Younium use before Cognism? 

“We previously used ZoomInfo for finding contact details. We typically obtained company information from Crunchbase, inputted the company domains into the ZoomInfo platform, filtered the list with the most relevant job titles and imported these contacts into HubSpot.” 

“Despite having a succinct workflow with ZoomInfo, the mobile phone numbers were in short supply and after a while we exhausted the database. It was clear that we needed to find a new B2B data platform.” 

“We knew of Cognism from the European SaaS industry and decided to demo the platform. In the sales process, the team and I were given a data sample to test the quality of phone numbers and email addresses in our target market.”

“Cognism had a plethora of phone numbers. After this positive result, we switched providers and signed with Cognism nearly a year ago!”

The solution

Who at Younium is using Cognism? 

“Our sales teams in Stockholm and Amsterdam use the platform. We have Business Development Representatives (BDRs) who are solely prospecting to their assigned regions while the Account Executives prospect and close deals as part of a 360 sales role.” 

Ruël told us about Younium’s target market. 

“We use Cognism to prospect to finance teams and C-suites in any SaaS company that has a subscription model. The Stockholm office is focused on the Nordics whereas the Amsterdam office targets Western Europe, in particular, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.” 

As an Account Executive, Ruël described his workflows with Cognism.

“I often apply an account-based approach to my prospecting. From my own research, I  have a list of companies I’d like to target. I insert these company domains in the WebApp, filter the list by job titles relevant to our ICP and push them into HubSpot.” 

How does Cognism support their outbound strategy?

“We have a multichannel approach when prospecting - emailing, calling and LinkedIn.” 

“Once we’ve synced target contacts into HubSpot using the integration, we leverage the email addresses Cognism provides and add them to HubSpot sequences; these vary depending on the region, job title and industry of the prospect.” 

“Additionally, we often use Cognism’s phone and mobile data to ring prospects that have opened or clicked on an email; this gives us more ammunition when going into a cold call pitch.” 

Ruël explained which WebApp feature he finds most valuable. 

“The technology filter has been superb as our solution integrates with many CRM and ERP systems. While we can guess that the majority of our prospects use the common ones, it’s helpful to know exactly which ones they use.”

“As a result of this highly granular information provided in the Cognism platform, we’ve been working on specific HubSpot sequences for companies that use certain technologies. By knowing what technologies they use, we can tailor the sequences with content related to their technology, making the outreach as personalised and value-led as possible.” 

Ruël elaborated on how the BDRs use the Chrome Extension.

“The BDRs find relevant prospects in LinkedIn, generate the contact details using the Chrome Extension plug-in and push these contacts to HubSpot.” 

“The best part of the  Chrome Extension is the extensive amount of prospect information available.” 

“Here’s an example: not only is the email address and mobile number provided but so is the LinkedIn bio. It’s really handy because when I go into Hubspot, I immediately know something unique about the prospect and what language they speak before calling them.”

“At the click of a button, my outreach is immediately more personalised.”

The top reasons why Younium would recommend Cognism

1. Attentive customer support

We’ve had a very personable experience ranging from the day-to-day technical support teams to the account management and commercial teams. The Cognism staff have consistently been helpful and pleasant.”

2. Remarkable, compliant data quality

“The feedback about the data from the teams in Stockholm and Amsterdam has been incredibly positive. Additionally, the contact details are compliant!”

“Whenever we get pushback from a prospect about where we’ve obtained their data from, we can confidently say it’s from Cognism’s globally compliant database of strictly B2B profiles.”

3. Results!

“On average, our sales team books 50% more meetings with Cognism’s data, having a significant impact on Younium’s overall revenue growth.” 

We asked Ruël to sum up his feelings about Cognism: 

“Our sales team needed GDPR-compliant data that would help us create more pipeline in Europe. Cognism delivered exactly that. What more could we ask for?"

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 1,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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