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Why Wavestone Chose Cognism to Fill Their Contact Data Gaps

A global management consulting firm selected Cognism’s Premium Sales Intelligence solution to: 

  • Build accurate target contact lists and expand its prospect database
  • Supplement its data from other providers
  • Leverage telesales with GDPR-compliant data
  • Increase cold and warm sales outreach by engaging target audiences
  • Deliver ROI and track marketing contributions
Number of employees: 3000+
Industry: Management Consulting 
Founded: 1990
HQ: Paris, France 
Departments: Marketing & Sales 

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The company

Wavestone is a global management consulting firm that supports leading companies and organizations in delivering their most critical transformation on the basis of a single, central conviction: there can be no successful transformation without a shared culture of enthusiasm for change. That’s what they call “The Positive Way."

The company is focused on driving positive transformation for its clients by creating an environment of trust in order to succeed together.

With more than 3,000 current consultants across 4 continents, Wavestone aspires to continue its global growth and serve the business and technology needs of multinational clients.

The challenge

After initially discovering Cognism from downloading our e-book on the Ultimate Guide to B2B Lead Generation, we interviewed Laura Gordon, Senior Marketing Manager and Charlotte Suhit, Marketing & Communications Senior Officer at Wavestone about why they selected Cognism as their vendor of choice for compliant data and how they plan to leverage our platform to support their business goals.

How is Wavestone succeeding in its outreach process?

Laura explained:

"A lot of our business is driven from word of mouth and repeat business from excellent existing relationships with clients and internal teams leveraging their networks. Our sales outreach relies largely on our existing accounts. Now, we are increasingly incorporating telesales into our workflows to accelerate our cold sales outreach process."

Charlotte added:

"The Marketing team is focusing on demand generation efforts to create pipeline for sales. We’re deploying multi-touch persona-based campaigns and targeting the right audience is key."

Laura told us:

"We have created a clear strategic alignment between marketing and sales to achieve our revenue goals. One core piece to maximising our success is the ability to leverage credible company and contact data for laser-focused targeting."

"In order to support both marketing and sales as we scale, we need access to a large database of compliant data, and that’s why we found Cognism."

The goals

How will Cognism help both Marketing and Sales reach their departmental goals?

Laura explained:

"Our mutual goal as Sales and Marketing, is to generate leads and meetings that will convert into pipeline and sales for our sales teams from the data we get from Cognism. From a marketing perspective, we want to show that marketing is an engine that drives impact by opening doors to accounts where we were previously unengaged."

"Cognism will help us widen our network to identify the right people, in the right companies and at the right time."

"Our sales cycle usually takes three to six months depending on the size of the client. We mostly target large private and public companies, as these typically have requirements for multiple active projects across various teams, and that’s where we can add the most value."

"Cognism will help identify more of the right contacts that fall under our target demographics and accelerate our sales process."

Why did Wavestone choose Cognism?

After their initial engagement, Wavestone was impressed with the overall quality of email and mobile data.

Laura explained:

"It ticked all the boxes for us. The platform is really easy to use, the functionality met our requirements, and the overall platform can help us reach our goals." 

What's next for Wavestone and Cognism?

Charlotte explained:

"We are going to leverage Cognism’s complete and powerful prospection tools: the different functionalities will allow us to identify relevant contacts, find in-market accounts and track the level of buyer intent. Our aim is to continuously improve and refine our processes for success."

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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