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Streamlining Outbound With Cognism’s Real-time Data

The world’s top provider of part-time CFOs used Cognism’s sales intelligence platform to:

  • Target their ideal customers with real-time B2B contact data 
  • Send high-deliverable emails to a wide audience 
  • Streamline their email marketing workflows
 Number of employees: SMB
 Industry: Financial Services   
 HQ: Swindon, UK 
 Teams using: Marketing

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The company

The CFO Centre is part of The Liberti Group and is an award-winning global provider of part-time CFOs to small and medium-sized businesses. 

The CFO Centre enables these businesses to access premium FD/CFO skills and experience at a significantly lower cost than hiring full-time with no up-front recruitment fees or tie-ins. 

The FDs/CFOs have helped more than 10,000 businesses scale and 4,000 entrepreneurs exit by having a solid business exit strategy. The service is rated 'excellent' by 91% of their clients. The CFO Centre’s ethos is to focus not just on business numbers but also the business owners, by helping entrepreneurs lead the life they choose while also delivering the results that matter to them.

The challenge

We interviewed Nyasha Nhamo, Marketing Executive at The CFO Centre about her experience with Cognism. 

The CFO Centre discovered Cognism through Spotler, an AI-powered lead generation software and Cognism customer. 

What lead generation challenges did they experience prior to Cognism?

"We were previously using other B2B data providers but we found with these platforms that the user access was minimal, giving us less autonomy in our searches."

"After an initial trial with Cogism, we found the data samples to be valid and the platform easy to use. Cognism credits clients for invalid email addresses which is not something other vendors offer. The cost per lead also made financial sense to us. Taking into account these benefits, The Liberti Group collectively decided to make Cognism our core lead generation partner."

The solution

Nyasha is the main user of Cognism. The CFO Centre targets any UK-based CxO in a small to medium-sized business that has a need for a strategic finance person.

What is Nyasha’s workflow with Cognism? 

"Our ICP is very defined so my personas rarely vary each month. The CFO Centre’s primary outbound channel is email. Once the data is generated in the platform, I sync the verified contact details into our CRM where the emails are sent from. Once a prospect responds to an email or visits the website, our telesales team will call the individual using Cognism’s phone-verified data."

What platform features does Nyasha find most valuable?

"Cognism’s postcode filter is integral to validating my searches. Location is crucial to matching a company with the best CFO expert in their region. It’s encouraging to know that the list of leads generated are automatically qualified and worth the money."

Nyasha explained how she found the onboarding process.

"The tool is incredibly user-friendly and simple to understand. Our CSM brought me up to speed with the platform in only one training session. We were up and running the next day!"

The results

What’s the biggest reason Nyasha would recommend Cognism? 

"For four reasons: 

"One, the user interface is very straightforward to use, making prospect searches fun and enjoyable!"

"Two, as a marketer, I’m very attuned with email marketing. Naturally, not all emails will be 100% valid as individuals move jobs so regularly. I find that the beauty of Cognism is you get credited for these bounced emails. I have the security that I will be reimbursed for an invalid email which is not something I’ve experienced with other vendors."

"Third, specifying high deliverability emails on the platform is really valuable. I’m given the choice to either expand my search and have lower deliverability emails or have higher quality emails and a lower lead count."

"Lastly - the data quality. Every month I generate a fresh new persona and there’s always new contact details available for our ICP. As a marketer, I can always rely on Cognism’s real-time data to generate new leads. Cognism is a real asset to our marketing mix!"

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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