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Booking More Meetings With Cognism

An eCommerce software company used Cognism’s B2B lead generation solution to:

  • Identify a niche audience of eCommerce decision-makers
  • Outreach to prospects and A/B test results
  • Book 22 meetings a month with qualified leads
  • Substantially cut prospecting times and improve productivity

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The company

Sizebay is a software company that provides a virtual fitting room experience for eCommerce shoppers. It has developed a unique algorithm that calculates body measurements, enabling online shoppers to make informed size choices about the clothes they wear.

The business was founded in Brazil in 2014. In 2019, Sizebay expanded to Europe, setting up an office in Portugal.

The challenge

We spoke with Matheus Sartortt, Senior Account Manager at Sizebay’s Portugese office. He told us about the obstacles his business encountered - and how Cognism’s sales intelligence platform helped to resolve them.

“When we came to Europe, Sizebay had no name or brand awareness. We had no presence here and nobody knew about us. So our number one challenge was very simple - we had to find an audience.”

“At first, we started doing this manually. We were doing our own online research into European fashion brands. It was very difficult and time-consuming because we had a very specific niche to find - decision-makers working in fashion and eCommerce.”

“We knew this wasn’t sustainable. We had to find a way to speed the outbound process up  That’s when we started looking at Cognism.”

The solution

Matheus talked us through his onboarding experience with Cognism.

“It was a very smooth process. We were trialling a few competitor tools at the same time, but Cognism’s ease of use, plus their great customer support, really stood out to me.”

What did Matheus think about the Cognism platform?

“It didn’t take me long to get to grips with it. Because of our niche audience, I found that the keyword search function was best for me. You can use keywords to filter search results and find specific contacts, or you can search for more broader terms - such as ‘eCommerce’ or ‘eCom’. Cognism made finding our audience very easy.”

What other Cognism features did Matheus like?

“The revenue filter was very useful. With this, I was able to search for eCommerce companies that have made a certain amount of revenue and would definitely be in our ICP.”

“When I found those companies, I could add them to a campaign and A/B test different email styles. I really like the A/B test feature, it meant that I could really perfect my messaging over time.”

Matheus was also taken with the Cognism Chrome Extension.

“It’s a free ‘add-on’ tool but it’s incredibly useful. You can click on any LinkedIn personal or company profile and it will give you instant contact data. It’s great for finding direct dials for cold calls.”

How did Matheus find working with Cognism’s CS team?

“I’m always very satisfied with the support that Cognism offers. The relationship between my CSM and I is very open, if I have any problems they’re always resolved quickly.”

“The communication between the teams is also excellent at Cognism. They’re very open to feedback about the product. I’ve suggested some improvements and new features and sat in on calls with their product team. I can’t think of too many companies that invest in their customers like this.”

The results

We asked Matheus - what was the number one thing that Cognism did for Sizebay?

“The biggest impact is time. Working with Cognism has saved us so much prospecting time. When I was manually prospecting, I was finding 100 prospects a week. Now with Cognism, I can find 1,000 prospects a week!”

Sizebay also saw strong results from running outbound campaigns with Cognism.

“Cognism improved our outbound a great deal. We’ve been registering better read rates on our emails and have booked lots of meetings from Cognism’s data - 22 meetings per month on average. We recently closed a contract using Cognism and have several others in the pipeline.”

Matheus gave us his final thoughts on Cognism:

“If you want to find a niche audience of buyers with decision-making power, and you want to outreach to them quickly and simply, then Cognism is the best choice on the European market. The quality of their data is excellent, their products deliver great results and their whole team, from CS to product, is extremely customer-focused.”

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Over 1,000 sales and marketing teams around the world trust Cognism to:

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✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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