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Achieving £410k ROI in One Year With Cognism’s Premium Data

An outsourced sales enablement firm used Cognism’s sales intelligence solution to: 

  • Achieve £410K ROI in 12 months  
  • Book on average 100 meetings per month on behalf of their clients
  • Reach decision-makers directly through Cognism’s Diamond Data® 
  • Save time when prospecting 
  • Build out their sales funnel
Number of employees: 13
Industry: Outsourcing/Offshoring
Founded: 2020
HQ: London, UK 
Target market: SMEs

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The company

SalesDRIIVN is an outsourced sales company booking meetings with prospects on behalf of its US and UK SMB clients. Their mission is to deliver breakthrough results for their customers who aspire to dominate the market.

The challenge

We interviewed Shane Mahi, CEO of SalesDRIIVN about his experience using Cognism. After initially discovering Cognism from Daniel Disney’s partnership page, Shane was curious to find out more.

Prior to Cognism, what problem were you trying to solve?

"We’re a start-up company founded in June 2020. We were starting from scratch and needed to generate B2B leads in order to build a predictable sales pipeline and grow our business."

"We looked at other providers like ZoomInfo but at first glance Cognism stood out to us the most as our core target market is the UK."

How was the sales process? 

"When we watched a demo of the Cognism platform, we were blown away!"

"I’ve been in B2B sales for most of my career. While hunting for new leads, I’d have to search for them by going on websites, finding the team members, searching and guessing their emails, calling the switchboard and manually finding their mobile numbers. That’s five different touchpoints."

"With Cognism, you can simply apply one search and find the desired person to contact. It was mind blowing."

The solution

Shane and the SalesDRIIVN sales team use Prospector, Engage and the Chrome Extension to generate meetings and accelerate their sales process.

How easy was it to get up and running?

"In the first month, our CSM was a big driver in helping us set up campaigns. Within two months we got into the flow of things and had a steady amount of daily campaigns running, so overall it’s an easy and intuitive process."

Which departments use Cognism?

"We all use the platform as it’s crucial for our business to book meetings on behalf of our clients. This couldn’t be done without Cognism’s premium B2B data."

"In terms of workflows, the team generates the data in the Cognism platform and syncs the leads into Salesforce. These prospects are then passed to the Connect and Sell platform for the team to call. All of these calls are recorded in Refract, a conversational intelligence platform which allows us to coach the SDRs."

They have recently hired a Head of Marketing, and he told us more about how they plan to use Cognism.

"I will write the content and they will send the email sequences on behalf of our clients and for SalesDRIIVN. They will also work with our CSM to segment the target market for each client and source the appropriate data from Cognism. This data will then be passed to the SDRs to book meetings in."

Which features have been most beneficial?

"Without a doubt, the event triggers. The fact our reps already know that a company has recently received funding or are actively hiring makes our opportunities far more qualified. It gives you much more ammunition when going into a sales pitch."

The results

How many meetings per month have you booked for clients?

"Our team of ten books approximately 100 meetings per month across all ten client accounts. On average, that’s ten meetings per month for each rep!"

What ROI have you seen from Cognism?

"We have made £410K in one year from using Cognism’s data. The ROI is huge and we are so excited to see what’s next!"

Shane explained how Cognism’s data has been invaluable to this achievement.

"The direct dials in the UK and Europe are phenomenal. The SDRs no longer have to manually spend time sourcing the data."

"The fact they’re able to reach the decision-maker in one touchpoint massively boosts team morale and increases performance."

What other benefits have you seen from Cognism?

"Learning how to create sequences and segment data with specialised criteria has empowered the team to be self-sufficient with the product and reach more decision-makers in a shorter amount of time."

What result are you most happy about?

"Being able to reach our client’s requirements has led to increased customer satisfaction, which in turn has resulted in higher retention rates and more recurring revenue."

What’s the biggest reason you’d recommend us?

"If you need a fast-track pass to contact details, get Cognism!"

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Over 1,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

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✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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